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This directory is used as FTP site for GNU crypto software and
related stuff.

US laws place restrictions on the export of defense articles, which
includes some types of cryptographic software; this is the reason
that such software is not available from ftp.gnu.org

It is legal however, to export such software into the US.

Please contact <ftpmaster@gnupg.org> it you have any problems with
this site.  Note that ftp.gnupg.org is actually a set of 3 machines.

Software available here:

    gnupg/               The GNU Privacy Guard
    libgpg-error/        Common error codes for GnuPG, Libgcrypt etc.
    gpgme/               GnuPG Made Easy library
    pinentry/            Tool to enter a passphrase securely
    libgcrypt/           General purpose low-level crypto library
    libassuan/           The IPC library used by GnuPG
    dirmngr/             A daemon to manage CRLs and LDAP queries for GnuPG.
    gnu-crypt/           GNU Crypto for the classpathx Java libraries
    egd/                 Entropy Gathering Daemon
    lsh/                 A Secure Shell v2 implementation (work in progress)
    alpha/               Current development versions

    binary/              Compiled versions for MS Windows.

    contrib/             Other software and more translation files.

    historic/            Historic versions.  Also includes the content of 
                         the old devel/ and pgpgpg/ directories.

See http://www.gnupg.org for further information.

The programs GnuPG and Libgcrypt hosted here are Free Software packages of
the GNU Project, not products of GUUG e.V. .  We call them Free Software
because you are free to copy and redistribute them, following the rules
stated in the license of each package.  For more information, see

If you are looking for service or support for GNU software, see
http://www.gnu.org/help/gethelp.html for suggestions of where to ask.

If you would like to contribute to the development of one of these
packages, contact the package maintainer or the bug-reporting address
of the package (which should be listed in the package itself), or look
on www.gnu.org for more information on how to contribute.

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