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                     This is the ftp distribution of

                           The KDE Project 


Please note:

- The latest stable version of the KDE base distribution
  can be found in the 'stable' subdirectory. 
- You can find a plethora of KDE applications in the 'stable' as 
  well as 'unstable' subdirectories of this ftp server. 

  The author of an application determines whether his/her application
  is placed under the 'stable' or 'unstable' directory tree. The
  KDE Project itself does not in any way judge the quality or
  stability of a particular program. In general programs in the stable
  hirarchy are supposed to work with the latest stable version of the 
  KDE base distribution.
- You are welcome to upload contributions to 


Your Friendly ftp.kde.org Archive Maintainers <ftpadmin@kde.org>

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