Index of /public/ftp/pub/linux/apps/graphics/rays

../                      Parent directory
!INDEX.html              Long index format
brlcad/                  brlcad system
pov/                     point of view raytracer and utilities
BehemotEditor0.8.0.tar.gz Ray tracing program
RTED-0.6.3.tar.gz        ray-tracing renderer program
aero_1.5.0_linux.tar.gz  Xwindows based modeler front end for POV-Ray [bin]
aero_1.5.0_src.tar.gz    Xwindows based modeler front end for POV-Ray [src]
cad.4.2.patch.z          patch to compile CRL/CAD under linux
electric-8.03.jar        Electric is a powerful circuit design system that can handle IC layout, schematics
gforge-1.2b.tar.gz       fractal landscape generator
gk.2.0.tgz               simple raytracing program
hutil01a.tar.gz          utilities to convert, combine, and transform heightfields
hutil01c.tar.gz          utilities to convert, combine, transform heightfields
jawray-0.93-Linux-2.0.31.tar.gz Advanced Raytracing package with many features
jawray-0.96.tar.gz       Advanced Raytracing package with many features
kray-0.1.tar.gz          A small raytracer for KDE
povray-3.0.ELF.tgz       3.0 release of povray raytracer     docs on povray 3.0
povray-3.0.src.tgz       source for povray 3.0
pvmpov-3.1.tgz           patch to run PovRay in parallel
pvquant-1.60.tgz         a util for creating animations from povray [bin]
radiance.converters.tar  converts various formats to radiance's
ray-4.06-bin.tar.z       bins for rayshade and raypaint [jt 4.3]   ??
raychase2-bin.tar.gz     binaries for Random Recursive Raytracer
tkwm-0.9.1.tar.gz        tk interface to raytracer
trad.tar.Z               tcl/tk interface for radiance
xray-1.0.tar.gz          the xray raytracer
xrayps-1.0-3.i386.rpm    PostScript docs for xray raytracer
yart-0.70.linux-bin.tar.gz tk based raytracing shell w/ interactive frontend

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