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ToshibaPCD-1.1.tar.gz    lets Toshiba CDROMs read PhotoCDs
cave-1.0b.tar.gz         full-featured curses ascii character animation viewer.
gtnpic.0.1.3.tar.gz      gtnpic creates thumbnails of images and outputs them to a single JPEG file
iv-3.1-g++2.7.2-diffs.gz patch to build InterViews 3.1 with gcc 2.7.2
iv-3.1-g++2.7.2.tar.gz   InterViews source tree patched for gcc 2.7.2
joinpic-1.1.tar.gz       Merges split images together.
jpgtn-2.06.tar.gz        a jpeg thumbnail generator
makexvpics-1.0.1.tar.gz  creates/updates thumbnails for picture files
mensa.tgz                This program is a self-displaying graphic for Linux
modeinfo.tar.gz          reports svgalib support for your hardware
pixelize-0.9.2.tar.gz    will use many scaled down images to try to duplicate, as closely as possible, another image
pmosc-0.1.tar.gz         recreates an image out of smaller image tiles
pnminterp-1.0.tar.gz     scales up a PBM/PGM/PPM file by an integer ratio
qfract-0.0.0.tar.gz      viever for mandelbrot and julia fractals
raychase-2.05-basedata.noarch.tar.gz Random Recursive Raytracer
raychase-2.05-linux-glibc-egcs-shared.i386.tar.gz Random Recursive Raytracer
raychase-2.05-linux-glibc-egcs-static.i386.tar.gz Random Recursive Raytracer
raychase-2.05-linux-glibc-gcc-shared.i386.tar.gz Random Recursive Raytracer
raychase-2.05-linux-glibc-gcc-static.i386.tar.gz Random Recursive Raytracer
raychase-2.05-linux-libc5-egcs-shared.i386.tar.gz Random Recursive Raytracer
raychase-2.05-linux-libc5-egcs-static.i386.tar.gz Random Recursive Raytracer
raychase-2.05-linux-libc5-gcc-shared.i386.tar.gz Random Recursive Raytracer
raychase-2.05-linux-libc5-gcc-static.i386.tar.gz Random Recursive Raytracer
rippuken-0.07.tar.gz     extracts sprites from the .spr files found in the Lose95 port of SS2
tnimage-3.2.6.linux.static.tar.gz Scientific image viewing and analysis program.
tnimage-3.2.6.linux.tar.gz Scientific image viewing and analysis program.
tnimage-3.2.6.src.tar.gz Scientific image viewing and analysis program.
tnpic-2.4.tar.gz         tnpic makes indexes of GIF/JPEG files (output as JPEG)
zoom-1.tar.gz            view thumbnails and zoom to full size

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