Index of /public/ftp/pub/Linux/apps/editors/vi

../                      Parent directory
!INDEX.html              Long index format
celvis.tar.gz            8-bit clean elvis (can be used with cxterm)
color-elvis-0.2f.tgz     elvis-1.8pl3 patch adding color syntax highlites
color-elvis-0.2g.tgz     patch to elvis to provide syntax highlighting
elvis-2.0.tar.gz         GNU clone of the world's best editor, vi
nvi.1.49-Linux.tgz       new vi - from BSD [ALPHA]
nvi1.34.tgz              new vi - from BSD
vil56bin.tgz             [71] % toftp vil56*
vile-9.0.tgz             a vi like editor
vim-4.5.tar.gz           a vi clone with tag stack, multiple undo/redo, etc
vim-4.6-hebrew.i386.rpm  vim support for Hebrew editing
vim-4.6-hebrew.src.rpm   vim support for Hebrew editing [src]
vim-X11-4.6-hebrew.i386.rpm Hebrew editing under X11 with vim
xvi.tpz                  vi w/ multi-windows & online help (not for X-Windows)

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