Index of /public/ftp/pub/Linux/apps/editors/emacs

../                      Parent directory
!INDEX.html              Long index format
clones/                  emacs clones
emacs-19.34/             binaries of emacs-19.34
lemacs-19.10/            lucid emacs
xemacs/                  successor to lucid emacs
ce-4.3-src.tar.gz        Chet's Editor - very small Emacs clone
emacs                    binaries of emacs-19.34
emacs-addons.tar.gz      collections of lisp programs for emacs
emacs-stkmode-2.0b.tgz   STk Emacs Lisp Mode
emacs19.term             patches to make emacs network support term compat
hm--html-menus-5.9.tar.gz menus for html mode of emacs
hm--lemacs-menus-1.0.tar.gz general menus for emacs
hm--view-process-2.4.tar.gz emacs lisp for viewing process status
temacs.tgz               Tiny Emacs 18 on a single flopp
tet-1.7.tar.gz           Tom's Emacs Toolkit & Template
uemacs-3.8-linuxelf.tgz  micro emacs - a small emacs clone
xemacs-19.14_offix.diff.gz patch to add offix drag and drop to xemacs

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