*Account Not Used*"Who moved my cheese?"
.•´¯`•.¸¸. ><(((The difference between ordinary and extraordinary, is that little extra.
???system admin
A TrayfordTo Microsoft someone is to "Rip-off" someone !
A. Clay StephensonIf it ain't broke, I can fix that.
A. Daniel KingCommand-Line Junkie
A. Earl JacksonJetAdmin printing staircase lines
A. Earl JacksonComputer Engineer
A12312312312312312312312If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
AAhmedNo idea is irrelevant !
ABthey can tell that?
ABH"One man alone can be pretty dumb sometimes, but for real bona fide stupidity there ain't nothing can beat teamwork."-- Mark Twain
ADRIAN KILLOPSAdding a new network printer in NMMGR
AINMSIf it were all easy, we would not have anything to do.
AJ HettemaBelieve me! The secret of reaping the greatest fruitfullness and the greatest enjoyment of life is to live dangerously.
ALBERT F. STREITin hoc sogno vinces
ALCSKeep it simple
ALEX FLEMINGTONtake the day off and go paragliding
ALFONSO GARCIAwhere can I find NTP software for HP-UX 9.xx?
ALPER ONEYnever ever give up.
AOjeaQuid pro quo
APA_NNM8_IF_GUIOPENVIEW....Keeping a watchful eye on what others fail to see!!!!
ART BONARMy name is really Kathy and my email add. is kamcgoha@day.disa.mil
ASI Helpdeskhelp
ASTRUC AlexandreAlex
AZayedSuccess seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don't quit.
AakashLife is beautiful without IT.
Aaron Hersey"Trying is the first step to failure!"
Aaron HollerTempora mutantur, et nos mutamur in illis.
Aaron HuntI have never let my schooling interfere with my education.
Aaron Laingmail me at alaing@cisco.com
Aaron MildensteinI like jello.
Aaron MisseriWindows 2000 looks like ME but isNT
Aaron PelkeyIf this is all, there must be more.
Aaron Poley"People who can't change their minds, can't change anything." - G.B. Shaw
Aaron Sakovich"Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense." (Buddha)
Aaron Sheard"uh, hey... did we get a good backup last night?"
Aaron SmithI make lemonade!
Aaron TeboFull Duplex on HP900/DL370
Aaron TrocanoIf it's not HP, it's not going in my server room!
Aaron WeedDon't join them, Beat them!
AaronFordWisdom is Collective Experience Called Upon at Will
Abder BARZAQAbder Barzaq
Abdul Ahad.HHelp others,u may get help when u most want them!!!
Abdul JaffarLive to Learn
Abdul MiyanjiGreat Site
Abdul RahamanIm proud to be Indian
Abdul RahimanNo unix, no fun
Abdullah Al-LuhaibChampion
AbhilashFor any problem, there are infinite solutions
Abrar Hazarikawin98+ Win NT=0
Achille CostabileAn apple a day keep the Doctor away.....If you aim straight
Adam AtkinsonYou mean you'll put down your rock, I'll put down my sword, and we'll try to kill each other like civilized people?
Adam BradshawIt might be a quarterlife crisis
Adam C.mail me: spmace@seed.net.tw
Adam ChaffinCA772364
Adam FairhallDespite the cost of living, have you noticed how popular it remains?
Adam J MarkiewiczI do everything perfectly, except from my mistakes
Adam Kendall"No matter where you go, there you are."
Adam MaltbyA Clean Desk is the sign of a sick mind!
Adam Martinnone
Adam Moren"Don't tell him he needs a life... He might take one of ours!" -Adamczak
Adam SelfThere's always a way...
Adam VollmarA witty saying proves nothing.
Adam W.Digital communications, is the key to victory!
Ade JinaduRun Unix
Adewole OdelanaDon't jump off the edge of the cliff.
Adi B.adi
Adisuria Wangsadinatanow working, next not working ... that's unix
AdithyanKeen to learn HP UX
AdityaFate as it seems is not without a sense of irony
Admin.SIFSysd. Amin. Inforef
Adnan Al-Bualiexchanging ideas
Adolf SchwierzAdi
Adolfo BlazquezCan`t dont Exist
Adria LopourIt is not that life is too short, it is that you are dead for so long!
Adrian DunnAll views expressed are completely my own!
Adrian FalboAdrian Falbo
Adrian HallI'm an away team member in a red shirt
Adrian InzunzaSoftware is like sex, it's better when it's free .. Linus Torvald
Adrian KertonUltimate customer satisfaction
Adrian Montagnanifax com port busy
Adrian Ogden20 years of reading between the lines
Adrian Partenie?
Adrian ShawFortune Favours the bold
Adrian SinghHPUX-- Solaris++
Adrian SnymanIf it's been up and running that long, it's probably obsolete . . . impressive, but still obsolete.
Adrian Underwood"Your Heart is free, have the courage to follow it"
Adrian WilliamsTrueno
Adriana Gadboisdo you have a HP keyboard attached?
Adriano SantosAdriano Santos
Adrien Carlyle11 x 1 = 3
Ae Yong Kimmacosx
AestThere is nothing impossibe!
Afli Ilthello
Agam UpadhyayTruth is Victory
Agnes MartinezSystems Engineer
AgusMardito Openviú...
Agustin Perez G.Gusoft
AhLekModeration is the key
Aharon CherninUnix is user friendly, it's just picky about its friends.
Ahmad Waridi Haji RamliUnix Oh Unix
Ahmed"when all else fails; get sleep."
Ahmed AttiaEast or West.......Home is Best
Ahmed Attia SweilemEast or West........Home is best
Ahmed HassanHASSAN
Ahmed al biraAhmed al bira
Aidan FinnBlaa
Aimee Dara"Relax, its only ONES and ZEROS !"
Aivars MazursAivars
AjayNever Say Die
Ajay BhardwajUser
Ajay JindalThere is always a hope
Ajay ShardaGood things come to those who wait!
Ajayi Bamikoledilligent hands rule
Ajdin OsmanagicReset monitor in case errors are still visible.
Ajithsipmple things should be simple complex things should be possible - Einestein
Ajith Nath.GOm Shanti Om
Ajithnath.GNo pain, No gain.
Ajitkumar RaneAmidsts difficulties lie opportunities
Akgun Ozsoykimyon19
AkhtarGod has provided bounties - Thank Him
Akihiro NomaGreetings from Beautiful Oregon!
Akonnor Charles AremuNever give up.
Akram Shaikwhen everyting is coming your way then you are in the wrong lane
AlWhat comes around goes around
Al LangenIt's not the ups and downs in life, it's the jerks. A. E. Newman
Al PillarelliOpenVMS - The Gold Standard in Clusters
Al VelaJust do it
AlHassani Mohamedthe world of unix is beautifull
Alain Pedrotti10
Alan BlaustenTrying to mix Macs and PCs
Alan BradleyCan Smeg Will Smeg
Alan F. EdwardsKlatu Barada Nikto
Alan FrayerIf it doesn't work, try again; chaos theory says the answer might be different!
Alan GiblinIt don't matter to Jesus!
Alan HilderbrandWhat ever it takes
Alan J. PerryOne way or another!
Alan MarpoleIndecision is the key to flexibility
Alan Meyer" I may not be certified, but I am certifiable... "
Alan MorrisSolutions and Support Provider to small businesses
Alan MosierIf it aint broke...... It will be.
Alan NicholsonIn time, on budget, good quality. Pick any two.
Alan SomersYour mother was a hamster and you father smelt of elderberries
Alan TrundleThe person that is afraid to ask is afraid of learning
Alan WilsonDon't let the buggers get you down
Alan WilsonIf your'e going to shoot, shoot don't talk
AlanadoTry to be helpful
AlanjonesU CAN !!! U CAN !!!
Alasdair Lockewe are the ones with the radiating eyes, we are the ones who have a fire inside
Alastair BruceRather be windsurfing....
Alastair MuirheadIf it isn't working, fix it
Albert E. Whale, CISSPSr. Systems Consultant @ ABS Computer Technology, Inc. http://www.abs-comptech.com/aewhale.html & http://www.ancegroup.com
Albert Gostick"It ain't over 'till it's over" (Yogi Beara)
Albert J. BalashA Bird in Hand is worth 2 in the Bush
Albert LeeThe truth is out there!
Albert Luongexpect the unexpected!
AlbertoUnix helps those who help themselves
Alberto MinichielloBonum Est
Alberto OchoaLearn-Share-Help, in any order.
Alberto RodriguezTo err is human, forgiveness devine
Alberto SanzAlberto
Alberto V. MendonçaMacintosh Developer
Alberto Vielma Cavielma
Alec B. Totingand HPUX keeps on runnin
AlejandroAlejandro Cóceres
Alejandro BayerLa ayuda de los otros es indipensable
Alejandro CastiglioniTake are easy
Alejandro Meneses OlguinAlejandro Meneses
Alejandro VillaAlejandro Villa
Aleksandar LazicAUREA MEDIA
Alessandro BocchinoWe work in the dark, we do what we can, we give what we have, our doubt is our passion, and our passion is our task - the rest, is the madness of art - Henry James
Alessandro Pilatiif you don't try, you'll never know if you are able to
Alessia GigliofioritoI will work harder, HP-UX is always right.
AlessioNo quote
AlexHow can I help?
Alex Mitrusthere is always someoane smarter then me
Alex ChavezAlextzin
Alex CrudenYou never now how far you can go until you go too far!
Alex Fisherlife is short
Alex GRASERcarpe diem
Alex GlennieEmail : alex_glennie@hotmail.com
Alex Green"The physicist's greatest tool is his wastebasket." - Albert Einstein.
Alex Guerraalex
Alex Gunawanwork smart and smile
Alex Gunawanthink smart work smart
Alex HammettYou can't have everything... where would you put it?
Alex KasapidisLegend
Alex Kasapidishello
Alex KnollDon't merely exist, live life...
Alex Kosak;-)
Alex Lantinghmm... 42?
Alex Lavrov.I don't give a damn for a man that can only spell a word one way. (M. Twain)
Alex Lingleyeah ok? now how much do i owe u
Alex LooLooking ForFun
Alex MerchantIf you don't like our service you don't pay.What did you feed your computer?
Alex PatonDon't tell my girlfriend I've joined a forum
Alex RamseyThat is NOT OK. :)
Alex Romillo"Do it once right" Doing it twice means you didn't"
Alex TrouchineThe good solution is the one you get when you need it.
Alex Yuensleepycasper
Alexander CekicKeep on running
Alexander CoberlyYO YO YO CHEESE PIZZA!!!!
Alexander GrafLinux is like a wigwam, no gates, no windows and Apache inside!
Alexander Grafalexgraf
Alexander HeiseHe who asks will receive an answer
Alexander LawsonMy computer's are time machines; time flies by when I sit in front of IT
Alexander M Jacksonnone
Alexander M. Ermes.. and all these memories are going to vanish like tears in the rain! final words from Rutger Hauer in "Blade Runner"
Alexander NgPushing template for NT nodes over the firewall with Network Address Translation.
Alexander OngelicoTo C is to believe;
Alexander Pino, Sr.It is, what it is!
Alexander Santamaria JimThe technology is a way to have a better life
Alexander Serkinals
Alexander Stroefhave fun, life's to short!
AlexanderHTrouble with Windows? Reboot! Trouble with Unix? Be root!
Alexandr V. ZverevAlexandr Zverev
Alexandr ZhytnetskyHP
Alexandre Augermail me at alexandre.auger@agriculture.gouv.fr
Alexandre BeaudoinHelp me
Alexandre CarrausseWho dares win!
Alexandre StefaniTant que ça marche
Alexandre Tavares PintoAlexandre
Alexcgjust trying to learn
Alexei MonastyrnyiAlexei Monastyrnyi
AlexeyAlexey Schukin
AlexeyAlexey S.
AlexeyDevil is not so black as his painted
Alexey BorchevThe fire follows shedule...
Alfonso FigueroaAlfonso F
Alfonso FigueroaFigs
Alfonso VasquezI don't know what I'm doing
Alfred EckerNever give up!
Alfred ZehetnerI don´t know anything, but that i know
Alfredo GamboaC3600 vizualize fx10, HP-UX 11.0
Alfredo MoralejoAlfredo Moralejo
Alfredo RaymundoYou are unique as everyone else
Alfredo SoaresTry harder!
Ali BajunaidAMB
Ali KouiderYou burn, you learn
Ali Turkeruse intellect to syncretize
Ali ZeiniSBGOM
AliasgarHard work always pays
AliasgharAli Asghar
Alice MooneyWhat part of "NO" do you not understand?
Alice MooneyWhat part of "NO" do you not understand?
Alicia SiIlvaBe happy
AlienRoadShowYours, Mine and Yours
Alireza BabriI Can Do!
AllForLove"im here to learn!"
Allan"You should be working"
AllanHelp with Deskjet 1600c manual
Allan DoverIf you done it, it aint bragging.
Allan KingAllan King
Allan SullivanIPAQ Microsft ~ what a team!
Allan WrightLive long and proper!
AllenHelp is the one I'm loking for
Allen ByingtonThe possibilities for disaaster boggle the mind!
Allen ByingtonThe possibilities of disaster boggle the mind!
Allen DuBeau"I'm not a guru,don't pretend to be,don't wanna be"
Allen HungHi there!
Allen KingI am trying to think but nothing happes
Allen S. BaileyI don't fuck around
Allie CarsonSet the gearshift for the high gear of your soul
Allium SistemasShare knowledge make us better
AlokHave a Problem
Alok SharmaAlok
Alonso NatividadAlonso
Alper OzdemirAlper
Alphonse G. AndrewA Job Well Done is a Job Twice Done.
Alphonso, KRighteous persistence brings success!
AltinkLooking for info
Alun TerrittSome days you fly like a bird, others your the statue.
Alun TerrittIf you make yourself indispensable - you'll never be promoted
Alvarobe yourself
Alvaro BartolomeSystem Administrator
Alvaro CorralesTechnical Support
Alvin Nghi
Alwyn TseITman
Aly ELMarsafyOverhead symptoms
AlzhyHakuna Matata
Amanda Lalli-Cafini...always going forward.... cause we got no reverse
Amarnath PALANISWAMY... ngoyyale ...
Ambika PrasadOracle DBA
Americo LopezYeah, Im learning too`
Amigot a problem
Amiel TutoloLive, love and laugh
Amin Samaraamin
Amine BennaniWhen there is a will there is a way
Aminur RizalAminur Rizal Afip
Amir Fadaghireach and touch someone
Amir Yaarihttp://www.purelan.net
Amir YusoffThere is always a lighter side of things
Amitimpossible itself says i 'm possible
Amit AhujaSlow & Steady
Amit Bandekar10+ years exp, primarily in Performance Management / HP Solutions
Amit Levincomputers is the name and coding is the game, dont play the game, just say the name
Amit ManchandaMake your own rules
Amit MehraHope is a good thing, Maybe not the best of all things but all good things never die
Amit ParuiIf Life gives u a ROCK, its upto u to build a BRIDGE or a WALL !!!
Amit kumarKeep Trying Till U Get It right!!
Amitay Ben-IshayTUBORG is the best BEER
Amjad Khan MuhammadThanks!
Ammann Nicolaj4 of the 7 summits
Amnat ChuchAmnat
AmodIf you can't change it, enjoy it !!
Amod PhadkeTomorrow never comes if you don't have today.
AmruthIf i am doing the same way you are doing to me then what is the difference between us.
Amy ChuaAmy Chua
Amy ReconnuJust because you can, doesn't mean that you should
Amy WarrenDon't you love wire heads!
Amy Woolsey"If we walk away from this pit and try to find it again, we should find our way out."
An NguyenAn Nguyen
AnaSee ya on the web
Ana Martinez Olaizolaabcd
Anan AnanthasriAnan
Anand ChauhanAndy
Anand SewpalWhazzuppaaah
Anand.NPls help me
Anatoly GavrilovWanna make CloseView?
Ancelmo RodríguezI'll keep trying
Anders Andersenhehe
Anders FreemanWouldn't life be easier without computers....?
Andi Rigauergod, root where's the difference
Andie "M ª Ð T ª Z" FGetting fired is nature's way to telling you that you had the wrong job in the first place. Hal Lancaster
Andie FinniganI
AndreSo long and thanks for all the fish
Andre Augusto FerreiraAndre Augusto
Andre Blanchettebecoming HP knowlegable person?
Andre BragancaDon't forget to breathe ...
Andre CardinalI don't do Windows.
Andre CeballosTudo que pensamos, passamos a ser
Andre L. PagamisseAndre
Andre Mostertwhat the mind can perceive you can achieve
Andre RayToday will be a good day
Andre Russelldetermination is the key to success
Andre Schmittquote
Andre SmithWinners never quit, quitters never win
AndreaCarpe diem
Andrea GiordanoAndrea Giordano
Andrea Lorenzo CarminatiAndrea
Andrea LucarelliIt will be a good day?
Andrea Pietro BoniardiNothing is impossible
Andrea RossiAndrea Rossi
Andreas BeckerBastler
Andreas BoguschewskiAndreas Boguschewski
Andreas D. SkjervoldOnly by ignoring what everyone think is important, can you be aware of what everyone ignores!
Andreas FuchsAndreas Fuchs
Andreas GrimmLook for your inner faults making the best out of it
Andreas Heinrichonly running printers are good printers
Andreas HuckHi there !
Andreas KlaerAndreas Klaer
Andreas KrohnAndreas Krohn
Andreas Luettekendon't trust something that thinks if you don't know where it has it's brain
Andreas LuettekenNever trust a thing that thinks by itself if you don't know where it has it's brain...
Andreas PitterLife is to short for drinking cheap Wine from dirty glasses.
Andreas PoeschlLife is a bad adventure game - but the graphics is great!
Andreas Spaenhauercopio ergo sum
Andreas TotlisLinux Newuser
Andreas VollmerOpenVMS Forever!
Andreas WanskiBest Regards
Andrei BondarenkoBe all you can be
Andrei KutukovBest regards!
Andres Castillo OlmoACO
Andres Suarezalsuarez
AndrewIf it ain't broke why fix it?
AndrewThe Unix Programmer's Manual, 2nd Edition, June, 1972: "The number of Unix installations has grown to 10, with more expected."
AndrewThe Sky is the Limit
Andrew: )
AndrewIt's all a state of mind
Andrew SzekelyIf something can go wrong , it will.
Andrew AdorjanExchange backup failures !!!
Andrew Brain or Yong JiI'm spinning around
Andrew BruceI Love it when a plan comes together!
Andrew Campbellhey man
Andrew CharlesworthLife is frittered away be detail, Simplify, Simplify.
Andrew CookIt beats real work.
Andrew Daviesif it ain't broke,don't fix it!
Andrew DownsEveryday is Halloween
Andrew EdmondsAndrew
Andrew Elbertwherever you go, there you are
Andrew FongHow are you ?
Andrew HarringtonAll roads lead to God knows where.
Andrew HoffmanWarning You are SuperUser......Shit Happens
Andrew J. RigsbyAll's well that ends well.
Andrew KaplanA Journey In The Quest Of Knowledge
Andrew Kingsbury"I swear by Unix. Sometimes I swear AT it."
Andrew LondonGood Question!
Andrew Luis ArruzaIt is, after all, a matter of survival!!
Andrew LuuAndrew Luu
Andrew McDonaghSenior Software Engineer
Andrew MerrittThere are 10 types of people in the world, those that know binary and those that have a tan.
Andrew MillInsanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting to get a different result.
Andrew MoodyA sobering thought: What if, right at this very moment, I am living up to my full potential?
Andrew MooreThat shouldn’t be a problem
Andrew NicolsDo be do be doh!
Andrew PorterThose who fail to plan, plan to fail
Andrew PostmaPosand@topnz.ac.nz
Andrew R.Live for the infinity life
Andrew RankineDecisive I Think
Andrew RittenburgKnowledge has no value unless its shared
Andrew RobsonIf it ain't broke......give me 10 minutes....
Andrew Sandoval"The glory of God is intelligence..."
Andrew Smith"better to have something and not need it than to need it and not have it"
Andrew Soperif it sounds bad, it normally is
Andrew TurveyWhy me?
Andrew Weiss"Gum is not a food."
Andrew YoungSi hoc legere scis, nimis eruditionis habes
AndrewAndrew"A witty saying proves nothing" - Voltaire
Andrey AgeevHow can I add a new report (another MIB value ) to the Report Presenter. Is it realy?
Andrey AkulovAndrey Akulov
AndreyKJust a moment
AndrieuxEverything's possible.
Andrzej GolebiowskiPractice Makes Perfect
Andrzej KruszynskiAndrzej Kruszynski
Andrzej NebesWhat can I do For You
Andréhey, the character is really my sister!
André BeckFrankie say: Follow the voice that says "Follow Me"!
AndyAt twenty years of age, the will reigns; at thirty, the wit; and at forty, the judgement. Franklin.
AndyGod's Speed
Andy BustamanteIf you don't have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over? Reach me at first_name + "." + last_name at sysmanager net
Andy CookThat which can lie forever....
Andy DaneIf it ain't broke don't fix it.
Andy DoranMy hovercraft is full of eels
Andy DuongHard work pay off
Andy FowlerSupport, Support, my Kingdom for Support
Andy GallacherThere is nothing more permanent then a temporary solution
Andy Lamalcw
Andy Liuandycm liu
Andy MalcolmLife's too short to stress over software bugs!
Andy McConnellIf only road sweeping was better paid!
Andy McCreathwww.kimberly-clark.com
Andy Smartandi smart
Andy TorresPower from information
Andy WanderMena re from earth; Women are from earth. Deal with it!
Andy WuIf your mind isn't open, keep you mouth shut too
Andy ZhaoNice to meet you. :-)
Andy ZybertDTS beats Dolby Digital 5:1
Andy.Gthats funny a quote?
Aneesh JosephAneesh Joseph
AngadLearn from other's mistakes - life is too short to make all mistakes yourself !
AngelTWO defaul routes configured by default
Angel Corralgoldfinger
Angel FontanaLo importante no es saber, si no tener el tlf del que sabe
Angel Tinoco PintorAngel Tinoco
Angela ChanAngela
Angela KendalThe best vitamin for making friends is B-1.
Angela ShepherdNO personal quote
AngelizerI just dont know
Angelo CollazoWhy memorize it if you can find it.
Angelo TenagliaHave a nice day!!
Angus CromeThere are 10 types of people in the world, those who understand binary and those who don't - Author Unknown
AnilWe make a living by what we get, We make a life by what we give
Anil C. SedhaIf you need to learn, now is the best opportunity
Anil Kumar Jaggianil
Anil SangamHP 64 Bit OS and Oracle 8.1.6 32 bit
Anil SedhaLive, love and let live
Animator"No matter where you go, there you are."
Animesh ChakrabortyTake a backup first
Anjan GuninThe good you do today may be quickly forgotten, but the impact of what you do will never disappear
Ankur DhawanBefore There Was Anything, There Was The Command Line
Annjust do it
Ann Della PortaI need help
Ann ShafferSoftware, Internet and Anything I can do to help
Anne FrankDogbert rules!
Anne O'DonnellThe best is yet to be
Annette DiMaggiokeepin' it real
Annette ThompsonI am new at computers and networking so be gentle.
Annie"Chacl command in Vxfs file system
Annie PonA newbie to Ntwk Mgmt...willing to learn.
Annie PonNewbie, trying learn as much as I can.
AnniedLa Vita Bella
AnoniemegebruikerLive life on the edge
Anonymous Coward"It wasn't ME"
AnshumaliDreams are not which you see while sleeping, Dreams are which doesnt allow you to sleep while you are chasing for them!!
Ansu ChandyHard work has not killed anyone, but why take a chance!
Ant=nio FarinhaAnt=nio
Anthon VervoortAnthon
Anthony AlcozerFor the alliance...
Anthony AmorteguyWho turned out the lights?
Anthony BARBEDETTEfrench user
Anthony BaldwinWisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.
Anthony BarkhuizenThere are only 3 kinds of people in the world, those who can count and those who can't.
Anthony ChengMy E-mail As new_antz@hotmail.com
Anthony DavisNever give up
Anthony FeiglI'd rather be watching the Simpsons...D'oh
Anthony GoonetillekeMinimum effort maximum output!
Anthony Gordon"Why worry about the world ending today ? It's already tomorrow in Australia."
Anthony HillBlood is thicker than water... and it tastes better too!
Anthony J. BensonBritish Bulldog
Anthony KarmayanaSuccess is a journey, not a destination
Anthony M RadzickiEat, sleep, FISH.
Anthony Provenzanoa fish smells from it's head
Anthony WongAnthony
Anthony YauI want to know more and more.
Anthony deRitoThe way one feels is directly related to how one reacts to situations.
AnthonySNYour past is forever dead but your unborn future is on your hands.
Anton DinkelmannWhen in doubt, persist
Anton SchischitzaAnton Schischitza
Anton van RuitenbeekNL: Meten is weten, maar je moet weten hoe te meten! - UK: Measuremets is knowledge, but you need to know how to measure !
Antoni JudeIf what you're working for really matters, you'll give it all you've got.
Antonio BorgesSave time, always use the right tool for the job.
Antonio CastanAntonio Castan
Antonio Chavez GaribayUMSNH
Antonio DinisAntonio Dinis
Antonio MartinezAntonio
Antonio Pradokernel on 11i
Antonio R. Allenbsod nut
Antonio ValleWhen you really enjoy your job you stop thinking of it as a business.The secret is to really enjoy it and keep it being a business.
Antonio de MartinoNever say never
Antoniov.Your SMS is sent by our VMS.
Antony CleggWhy need a quote
Antti Yli-Karhuayk
Anupam GuptaGod help those who who help themselves
Anya PrincipeKnowing where you're going is the first step to getting there......
Aravindreach me ! ... reach A T M
Aravindh RajaramJust do it
Archie SibertMick-Daddy
Archunan MuthiahGod is Artist, we are all just brushes
ArdeleanuAsk and u'll find
Ardeshir KiaieIt may takes time, but everything will be OK.
ArdonProCurve Networking Engineer
Arfa HassanArfa Hassan
ArieMoOnline technical assistance is made up for prividing everything accept support
Ariel Coronaaca
AriesFROni koji znaju, cinu; Oni koji ne znaju, predavaju - Who can does ; who can't teaches - Croatian proverb.
Arild sturesdlc
Arith HsuNothing to mentioned
Arjan van der Maas(kiss) Keep IT Stupid And Simple
Arjan van het EndeArjan van het Ende
Arman TaghianThe changes are difficult, but if they are necessary let them be done!
Armando IannoneMogli e buoi dei paesi tuoi...
Armin GeisbuschArmin Geisbusch
Armin KunaschikAnd now for something completely different...
Armin MeierThe Trouble with Troubleshooting is ... sometimes trouble shoots back!!!
Armin RöschArmin
ArnaudService Informatique
Arne Reidar AndersenJeg er her
Arnel RodriguezWhen in doubt ask, There is no dumb questions!
Arnold HausmannStuff happens...that's why Jesus saves.
Arnold Lingnothing can stop me
Arnold RicoDon't fly off the handle when you are full of baloney...
Arnu YvesYves Arnu
Art BahrsQem Meres?
Art BahrsNo Matter Where You Go, There You Are!
Art Evansevery dog has his day, and some have two
Art Gibbens"Is there anything worse than blindness? Oh, yes! A person with sight and no vision." (Helen Keller)
Art PaulExceed my clients expectations.
Art SolanoBrevity is Wit
Art WiensPut every tape drive and every printer onto a spaceship...set the course straight to the sun!! (LP2x's and 8mm's get first class seats!!)
Art WongIf it is worth doing, it's worth doing well
Arthur AlzateComputers are dumb.....
Arthur NgPerseverance will get your closer to success
Arthur PolsThe purpose of education is to replace an empty mind with an open one.
Arthur Wade"It's Microsoft..."
Arthur YangMerit equals intelligence PLUS effort.
Arthur van de Waaldivision contact...
Arturo Martínezcriminal
Arturo Muñozn/a
Arturo Perez del GallegoGogoko lekuan aldaparik ez
Artyom Voronchihin"Intel inside" is not a label, it's a warning.
ArumugamWhatever you have learned is a handfull. What is left out is the ocean
ArunArun Aroza
Arun ArozaArun Here
Arunkumar.BNecessity breaks iron
ArunvijaiNever give up
Arunvijai"A ship in the harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for"
Arvid RichterWissen ist macht.
Arvind SaxenaLove linux
Aryan HajivandiJust looking and keep in touch
AsHiSh JoHaRiAggression is My Passion
Asdrubal PichardoAsdrubal
AsgharThink before you talk
AshishNetwork Administrator
AshishWin The Match!! ;-)
AshishGo for it maan
Ashish TripathiThe best way to make dreams true is to wake up.
Ashish UpadhyayAshish Upadhyay
Ashish UpadhyayAshish Upadhyay
Ashly A Khttp://www.geocities.com/helponhpopenview
Ashwin MistryHelp Ever Hurt Never
Asif SharifIf you hide what you know, you will be supposed to know nothing.
Asim KhanIts a phoenix that rises from it ashes...
Asser SherifxXx
Atakan UcarGalatasaray & Eskisehir
Atif AslamQuestion
Atil Volkan Yildirimit's all a game
Atul ThakurUnix rules
AudreySax-ama-phone!!!!! Doh!
AugustRookie, needs help
Augusto DescroviAJD
Augusto VinhaesAugusto
Aurelia WilliamsDon't let your mouth write a check that your Butt can't Cash :)
AussanThe tongue weighs practically nothing, but so few people can hold it
Austin Walton"It's only funny 'till someone gets hurt, then it's hilarious!"
Autocross.USI drive way too fast to worry about calories.
Avi Lianiavili
Avi ShaulCheers!
Avigdor Ne'emanIt is always good to have more than one way to the target
Avinash AgarkarGreat Power Comes With Great Responsibility
Avinash V Rao"Light travels faster than sound. That's why some people appear bright until you hear them speak."
AwadheshPandeyIt's kind of fun to do the impossible
Axelalles klar
Axel Barth"The best administrator in the world is a poor guy. He has nothing to do anymore."
AyandaIf anyone is in Christ , he is a new creature the Old has gone , The new has come
Ayhanpower pack
Aykut GuvenUPS
Az ParrisWho, me?
Azieh Ndangoheveryone is free to be a slave
Azinyue Innocentlive and let die
B ClaremontOpenVMS Stealth Marketing Squad
B SridharThere is always something new to learn...
B. Hulsthttp://www.hiq.fi
B.W. BoermanBart Boerman
BD Griffithtechnology is out to get us
BEDUSi je le sais, je te le dis
BENAOUDAdebutant sous HP ITO
BHRegisterSmall IT group
BHegartyall things come to those who wait..
BINUKUTTANcust. engg
BKUMARUnix Administration Most Dedicated and Challenging Career in the World
BLADEfortune favours the brave
BONNAFOUS Jean MarcSi vous ne faites jamais de bétises, c'est que vous ne faites rien de difficile. Et ça c'est une grosse bétise.
BORRIELLOThe only way is to capitalize ENERGY
BORTZMEYERPauca, sed bona.
BT-15What good is runway behind you or altitude above?
BUPA ISHelp is out there always!!!!!
BYRON MILSAP"somebody make this thing work"
Babar Hameedinformation for everyone
Badbanchi, HosseinLife is too short to network it!!
Baiju"Truth is stranger than Fiction"
BajOh dear, have you backed up all your data?
BalajiThe word IMPOSSIBLE itself says that I'MPOSSIBLE
Balaji AlapatiA man is not finished when he is defeated. He is finished when he quits
Balaji NIts Always Important To Know, What People Think Of You. Then, Of Course, You Surprise Them By Giving More.
Balakumar MLife is a continues learning process
Bankone PatchesA handfull of patience is worth more than a bushel of brains
Baranitharan4 every problem 1 solution
Barbara BonominiMine won't recognize scanner after reinstall
Barbara FossumThank you
Barbara Kramerlive is great !!
Barbara SpadaroIf all else fails, read the instructions.
BarbieEating is a pleasant habit that grows on you
BareldsMake my day..:-)
BarryGrip the Unix Banner
Barry"Can you whiteboard that for me please"
Barry A. WilliamsD'OH !
Barry AlfordIt's better to have what you don't need than to need what you don't have...
Barry D. Clemons"There are 10 types of people in the world. Those that understand binary, and those that don't"
Barry E. BeckerNon ea sunt quae videntur.
Barry Gammell"try rebooting the server"
Barry Goldstein"The significant problems we face in life cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them." -- Albert Einstein
Barry KantBarry Kant
Barry MundayBarry
Barry Robinson"If I wanted to be creative, I would buy a Mac."
Barry Sollitt"I'm the Man"
Barry SymondsWill make this work
Barry TemplinBarry
Bartoh no.... not THAT again
Bart BeerenLife isn´t as simple as it seems
Bart Mortierproblem
Bart VannesteA brilliant idea: Something that only happens to others.
Bartek JanasBartek
Bartek StryczekOpen View Storage Data Protector
Barton DayIf I only knew as much as I've forgotten
Bas Ros-- this is not a game of kick the ouphe
BasavarajConfidence pays
Basavaraj MirjiOVSD & ITSM consultant
Bashar Hajhamadsamj3b
Basheer AzeemuddinBasheer
Basil Vizginhttp://www.megatech.com.ua
Bastings, M.M.G.keep it simple: biggest chance it will work!
Bauder, AlexanderAlexander
BayoHeloo good ones
BayoGreat Gold
Bc'tjeI didn't do it
Bc. Dagmar Bendovaxx
BeckymYum, yum
BeeBee Boatengaluta
Beernaert Rikget it
Behrouz Ahmadipeter557
Bejoy C AliasBe Always Joy ......
BenFor a problem a solution, for a solution an address, so here i am !
BenAssumptions make an ass of you and me
BenBen Kam
BenThis space intentionally left blank.
BenHelp me
Ben AdamsIf it has wires, Ben is responsible
Ben AshtonI am the One, I am the Zero, I am your Low Resolution Hero.
Ben ClarkTechnology Does Not Make Life Easyer It Just Give Me A Job To Do
Ben DehnerTrust me, I know what I'm doing
Ben DrakeMolon labe
Ben Kimmel"Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them." A. Einstein
Ben KramerDude
Ben LWhen in doubt I always asky meself, what would the Lone Ranger do?
Ben LoydUnix Rules!
Ben PaddickAt least it is not all Microsoft!
Ben Prusinski"that which does not kill you makes you stronger"- Nieschze
Ben VargasSr. ServiceCenter & Service Manager Consultant
Ben WilliamsA day in the core, is like a day on the farm!
Benedek GergelyGCS -d+ -p+ c++++ !l u++ e+ m-- s n--- h++ f !g w+++ t+@ r+ y++
Bengt KarlssonBengt Karlsson, Sweden
Benjamin GriffinKnowledge is Power!
Benjamin W. HillMeasure twice, cut once.
Benjy Feenhttp://www.monkeybagel.com
Benny ChinThe more you explore, the more you discover...
Benny GeerSame problem - media not ready - would appreciate some assistance. Ben
Benny YeungBenny
Benson LowIf you try, you lose nothing!!
Berd"Get in your home !!!!!"
Berislav VargaNever say never
Berlene Herrenhttp://www.mindspring.com/~bkherren/dobes/index.htm
Bernadette CarterIf all esle fails...ASK.
Bernadette Keohan"Today is a good day"
Bernard BravoDo good, Look Good, Feel Good
Bernd DittmarBaaN IV on HP-UX
Bernd FritzYour have to know, not fear, that someday you are going to die. Until you know that and embrace that, you are useless.
Bernd HoltiesIcon and mouse will not make a non-literate person literate. Pointing at pictures can last only so long. Sooner or later you must stop pointing and selecting, and begin to think and type
Bernd KatzlingerAn excuse is always faster than a permision
Bernd WoelkBernd
Bernhard EiblShortest IT Joke --> it´s no problem
Bernhard NeuhausBN
Bernhard Powolnyhi
Bernhard ZorneM-Workplace
Bernie AlimontiHey, bub, I'm not finished with you yet!
Bernie Vande GriendYe who thinks he has a lot to say, probably shouldn't.
Bert CalewaertI used to be schizofrenic - but we're ok now
Bert Opdebeeckrelax...
Bert Opdebeeckdegustibus et coloribus non est disputandum
Bert Van Vliet"You can trust the computer; the computer is your friend..."
Bert Woods"it's not a problem until it a problem"
Beth Muschinskimove your dupa, just a bit
Beth SlovickNo matter where you go, there you are.
Beth Wellerputting out fires
Betty Miles HaithThe programming language i like most is the one I'm coding in at the time.
Beverly James"Whose on first"
Beverly Jonessuggested points 0 = no help to 10 = answer and/or fixed my problem
Bhadresh AcharyaNothing in the world can take the place of persistence.
BharadwazNothing is impossible
Bharat KatkarYou need to know a lot to actually know how little you know
Bharat ModyKnow Thyself
BhavikHP- LooKs r Decieving
BhavnishEverything is Possible+++
BhupeshTechnical Support
Bhushan BumberThere is a solution to every problem.
BiberSystem Error 405 0002 on a Designjet 800PS
Bichmannlove is big
Bieck, RolfRolf
Biju NambisanFriendship with oneself is all important because without it one cannot be friends with anyone else in the world
Bill"He who procrastinates
BillThere's nothing fdisk can't fix
BillComputers: Can't live with them, can live without them.
Bill CioffiIt's better to burn out than fade away!
Bill BeckleyThis too shall pass
Bill BivensNot everything that can be counted counts,
Bill BrayfordThe only good cheap printer is a Pencil. Rest were invented by Salesmen!
Bill BrothersNever try to teach a pig to sing. It annoys the pig and wastes your time.
Bill ColleyHi, there
Bill DicksonGrooming: the process by which the dirt on the horse is transferred to the groom.
Bill Douglassorry, i have no quote
Bill EnglandComputers are a pain
Bill Fergusonwww.jubileeusa.org
Bill Gearingto err is human to really screw up up takes a puter
Bill GreenComputers are the way of life. Get use to it.
Bill GreenI want my MPE
Bill GreenWe can't stop here, this is bat country.
Bill HartleyHP Quality Is A Contradiction
Bill HassellYou can be replaced by a small shell script...
Bill HoffmanAlways take the shortest Route
Bill HoleWhen in doubt, RTFM
Bill HoltsonGenius has its limits but stupidity has none.
Bill J BattonThe computer is a tool to be molded to the User, not the other way around.
Bill KingIf it doesn't kill you it makes you stronger.
Bill KingThere are only two things that are infinate. The universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the first one. Albert Einstin
Bill Larsonlove many and trust few and always paddle your own canoe.
Bill LightningLife tis short, enjoy the moment now
Bill LottmanSeek first to understand
Bill McConnaugheyMPCU
Bill McLarenObjects in mirror are closer than they appear.
Bill McNAMARAIt works for me (tm)
Bill MengTime is a bird forever on the wing
Bill MiddletonYour a braver man than I Gungadin
Bill MillerIt can storm even on the sunniest of Days
Bill Nichols"Cheap is good; free is better."
Bill O'BrienCan't know everything
Bill OgleNever stop having fun!
Bill P. FanelliManage by rules, not by lists.
Bill ParkerSimplification
Bill PerezIf you can't say something nice, say something surreal.
Bill PhanBetter late than never
Bill RankinSorted! Must go top floor awaits
Bill WhittakerYou will be assimilated. Resistance is futile
Bill WilliamsonGo Wahoos!!
Bill Wrightthanx guys
Bill mrHe works best who works neither for money nor for fame nor for anything else
Billy CullenNever be afraid to ask for assistance
Billy GibbIn a world without walls, who needs gates or windows
Billy Murphyme fail english, thats unpossible ~ Ralph Wiggum
Billy SparksNo drivers for linux?? Shame on you!
Bin ZhangBin Zhang
BinubabyBinu Baby
Bipin Divakaran"To believe what has not occurred in history will not occur at all, is to argue disbelief in the dignity of man" --- M K Gandhi
Birger MadsenConsultant
Biswajit Tripathy:-)
Bjaminthere is nothing a big hammer cannot fix.
Bjarne DeinKnowlegde is not to know it all, but knowing how to get it!
Bjarne DeinKnowlegde is not to know something, but how to get to...
Bjarne DeinKnowlegde is not to know something, but how to...
Bjarne HolmeBjarne Holme
Bjorn O. AbergThere's always a way...
Bjorn Tore PaulenI'm sure I could think up a cool quote here
Björn IsebaertWer nichts von der Sache versteht, schreibt über die Methode
Blair ValentineHere I am
BlakeJust a newbie seeking information and to make friends on the forum
BlazhevDon't be smoke if you can be fire
Bo ForsbergViolence is the last refuge of the incompetent
Bo PettyThere's gotta be a pony in here somewhere!
Bo SjöholmIf you have to break the rules. -Do it.
Bo ThidéComputers in science
BoB YeskaThe only thing we have to fear is the documentation!
Bob[ Remember the Points :-) ]
BobThere is a will, there is a way.
Bobmaster of none
Bob BarrettI get by with a little help from my friends.
Bob BellThe man who never makes a mistake always takes orders from one who does.
Bob BoblaneerSuccess is not a destination, it's a journey
Bob DabolinaI prefer analog
Bob FarrellyIf it ain't broke, fix it till it is.
Bob FastThanks in advance
Bob FosterThese go to eleven.
Bob FuryHay una fiesta en mis pantalones
Bob HeadrickIf you need a duplex patch for vista see here: http://h30434.www3.hp.com/psg/board/message?board.id=Software&thread.id=43 For other issues please ask in the forum not in personal email.
Bob HelferichGive me a minute...
Bob HowellHere's 35 cents, call someone that cares
Bob InglisPlan for the future and tomorrow will take care of itself.
Bob JohnsonOld Jukebox user
Bob JohnsonHelp Stamp Out Computer Illiteracy
Bob KimbleThe situation is hopeless, but not serious.
Bob LawlerJesus Saves
Bob Leimbachso let it be wriiten so let it be done
Bob MaltbyModeration in all things, including moderation.
Bob MillsapsMay Your Future Be Brighter Byte By Byte
Bob OdorI wish I had rhythm.
Bob RoellIf you don't have time to do it right the first time, where do you find the time to fix it later?
Bob RussellThe sun doesn't go down, the world just turns away from it
Bob SachsMoving from Linux to HP UX
Bob SeelyDon't ask the question if you don't Really need an answer
Bob Simmonsendeavor to perservere
Bob Smithcarry on
Bob Smithcarry on
Bob SweeneyI want to die in my sleep like my grandfather. Not screaming like the passengers in his car
Bob Vance"The lyf so short, the craft so long to lerne." - Chaucer
Bob VandenboschHP Dinosaur (I'm 67)
Bob VerityBob
BobbyFill it, Forget it
Bobby Boothmind the little things
Bobby ChamnessMy Precious
Bobby Gillette"Those who make peaceful change impossible make violent change inevitable."
Bobby GunnFriends and forums make the world go round.
Bobby SocallS-W-E-E-T
Bobby VocqueChaos is only a perception.
BobbyBNothing is EVER easy.
Bodo SchulzB. Schulz
Bodvar BjorgvinssonWhy pray, when you can worry and take tranquillisers?
Bogdan VosnjakIf it's not broken, don't fix it!
Bolek MynarskiIt'snever too late to learn new things...
Bonny Joselet us make the world
BonnyJose"You can complain because roses have thorns or you can rejoice because thorns have roses."
Boogie Woogiewoehee
Boonchu NgampairoijpibulBoonchu Ngampairoijpibul
BoostIllegitimi Non Carborundum
Boosung KooI'll do my best !!
Borgware Supportgeht nicht, gibts nicht!
Borisbeing smart is smarter than being right
Boris ArciniegasAlways ON
Boris GegenheimerI am what i am
Boris Montiel R.Boris Montiel
Bostjan KosiNothing is impossible for those that don't have to do it themselves!
Boulé d.dominique boulé
Boyd KodamaWithout Mondays, there weren't be any Fridays
Brad AndrieseRemember, usability is key to sucessful computing!
Brad Baker"What, me worry?" - Alfred E. Neuman
Brad BocianFailure is not an option. It comes bundled with your Micr$oft products.
Brad CassadaThere's no placen like
Brad Cogswell"......Straight outta _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ......"
Brad MarksIf it weren't for you guys...
Brad ParksI'm Batman!
Brad PassmanI miss the Amiga128
Brad PedaNo such thing as a fault proof system
Brad SausserIn this world you will have trouble - John 16:33b
Brad ShervingtonRemember that the light at the end of the tunnel may be an oncoming train....
Brad SmithIt's just another day!
Brad WilsonWho doesn't eat, drink, and sleep this stuff?
Brad WoolardOf all the things I've lost I miss my mind the most (OZZY)
Bradley BakkerDream to build and build to dream
Bradley J LossingNo Prob
Bradley YeeHelp me help you... - Jerry McGuire
BraithwaiteThere's always somebody out there who knows
Brandon BerbaumGot it
Brandon MuirFire it up
Brandon PendletonWho am I?
Brandon Ramcharanseeking knowledge
BrandyWe all need help!
Breinsberger, Egbert J.help ever - hurt never
Brenda ChowBrenda
Brendan Newport"It doesn't have to be like this. All we need to do is make sure we keep talking"(Dave Gilmour)
Brennan RamseyDrivers
Brent GallBest Band Ever
Brent Inglerbingler@amgen.com
Brent SimpsonDoh!, eh
Brent TharpHP Bites
Brent WaltonO be wise. What can I say more?
Brent WileyThat my dreams may become as real as the drool stains on my pillow
Bret AlliboneMarmite is superior to Vegemite
Brett BeggsMake something idiot-proof and the world will produce a better idiot.
Brett Smithdo not mistake lack of talent for genius
Brett SpanglerDon't drink and derive
BrianFuck HP
BrianThe most important wings on the aircraft, are the ones on the pilot. FLY NAVY!!
BrianThere are 10 types of people in the world, those that understand binary and those who don't.
Brian A. ScurlockYou can do anything you set your mind to when you have vision, determination, and an endless supply of expendable labor.
Brian AbdallahAppreciate Any Contributions
Brian AbdallahUnix is great, when it works
Brian AllisonThunderbirds are Go!
Brian BaldridgeIf it works, why upgrade?
Brian DeHamerMay the force be with you
Brian Dolinhelp!
Brian EdwardsNebbie to Win2K
Brian FryWork hard - Play hard
Brian GreeneAnything that can go wrong, will!
Brian HackleyAsk me about telecommuting!
Brian Hollowaynetwork
Brian HopkinsTo achieve the impossible, disbelieve in it!
Brian Howardignorance is a dangerous thing !
Brian HunterAll's well that ends.
Brian J NoftsierAnger is the vale which extinguishes the lamp of the mind
Brian J. Theobald"It's comforting to know there will be no religions in Heaven" by Ghandi
Brian Jorgenson"Only the Strong Survive"
Brian K DavisShare your knowledge. It's a way to achieve immortality.
Brian K. ArnholtSome see things as they are and ask why, I dream of things that never were and ask why not?
Brian Kinney"Any sufficiently advanced technology can be indistinguishable from magic" Arthur C. Clarke. My corollary - "Any advanced technology can be crushed with a sufficently large enough rock."
Brian KittWork on being human, not just a human being
Brian Leebrian lee
Brian M. FisherPerception IS Reality
Brian MarkusWhen a sys-admin say's maybe, they don't mean 'yes'!
Brian MathesonDISA DBA
Brian McIntireKeep your dignity. Do it right the first time
Brian MynersTo err is human .....to get me involved just makes it worse.
Brian NormanHi
Brian PearceMost IS probelms can be defined as PEBKAC (problem exists between keyboard and chair).
Brian PyleFollow The Path With Heart
Brian RawlingsWe must indeed all hang together, or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately. (Benjamin Franklin)
Brian Rutterpatience & perseverance
Brian SandisonThere must be an easier way to make a living!
Brian SardesonDiscovered much, no time to implement!
Brian ShawWhat's this button do? Woops!!!!
Brian Stutmanhelp
Brian UnengeNISSE
Brian W. PooreWhere today is tommorow's yesterday.
Brian Waddickbtrain02
Brian Wallenhi
Brian WaltonAlways Learning, Knowledge is Golden
Brian WrightBe Patient, I'm reloading.
Brian butlerReboot and give me twenty....
Brignoli PaoloBrignoli Paolo
Brock JohnstonI should have kept my Mac
Bronson WebbLack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine
BruceMillion to one shots always come off!
Bruce BaillieWhy can't we all get along?
Bruce Bradfordhey hey
Bruce BriggsKnowledge is Power!
Bruce Bunnybruces rule
Bruce DanielsonWoody Allen was right about technology
Bruce DuffLondon Giddy London
Bruce KleinN.Y. Bruce - Ex-New Yorker
Bruce McCauslandWork is more about what you do than where you go ... Telecommute!
Bruce Regittkowww.stratech.com/training
Bruce RhindBeer is food.
Bruce RichardsonWhen the going gets wierd, the wierd turn Pro. - HST
Bruce Richardson"When the going gets wierd, the wierd turn Pro" - HST
Bruce V. HoffingerSilence is a fence for wisdom
Bruce VinsonHope for the best, but be perpared for the worst.
Bruce WarnerChange or get out of the way.
Bruce WilliamsLife is short.... live it to the fullest!
Bruno CunhaDo it today, don't leave for tomorrow
Bruno DostieDOSB
Bruno GaninoTorino (Turin) +2H
Bruno MaschioBruno
Bruno Tombeurbt@btoc.com
BryanI hate puters
Bryan AhrensThat's never happened before...!
Bryan Backerhelped build WLM, WLM toolkits
Bryan BarceloI didn't do it. Go away. ;^)
Bryan CravenViolence is the last resort of the incompetent. -Isaac Asimov
Bryan D. QuinnWherever you go...there you are.
Bryan Donaldson"Hell is other people" -Sartre
Bryan Hickokif they cant log on, then just email them thier password.
Bryan VuORA-600
Bryan WaldronBryan sends good wishes to all.
BryceMacOSX and the JetDirect 175x are Incompatible!!!
Bryce AveryI can accept failure. Everyone fails at something. But I can not accept not trying.
Bryce Cunningham"Our problems are manmade; therefore they can be solved by man." - JFK
Buchermay the force be with you
Buck BuchananNo matter where you go, there you are.
Buddy MohmediIn life you get what you pay for. And that also includes support!
Buenaventura AceraOpenVMS forever
Bugs_BnnyBetter to ask and be a fool once than never to ask and be a fool forever
Bulent KaramanliogluAs simple as possible but not stupid
Buu-SaoJean-Paul Buu-Sao
ByronIf it 'aint broke, don't fix it!
Byron MyersIf you can focus your eyes far and straight enough ahead of yourself, you can see the back of your head.
CLife is like a box of LEMONS ... Sour!
CEvery day is a day of challenge and opportunity in this world of technology.
C BrownJust try to keep things simple and relax.
C TownsendAll views are mine, not my employers. Unless they were given to me by my employer.
C. Beersemake everything as simple as possible, not simpler (A.Einstein??)
C. Scott MooreAll you are given in life is time. The rest is a personal value exchange.
C. WilsonSo computers are supposed to make life simple!.
C.BongersIf nothing else works, read the manual..
C.CarbaatEvery problem has atleast one solution
C.J. StarrI think it was operator error
CAULIER RemyDoItYourself
CBeeThings that go automatically, automatically go wrong...
CCILAmit Vichare
CCP_LAB AdminTry,Try,Try Again ..
CHRIS ANORUOWhen We Seek To Discover The Best In Others, We Somehow Bring Out The Best In Ourselves.
CKTYou can't turn back the clock, but you can always rewind it again.
COMBOUE JérômeInterest HP-UX
COOPERCAVIn the end...
COSYTEC System AdminVeni, vidi, vici
CRAIG WARNERit's only work if you're not having fun
CSGPUSAdo good, have good
CSP_AFRICAIt is hard to find a solution for an intermittent problem
CSP_ALGERIANothing in the world can take the place of persistence.
CTFormerly known as CT!! and trying to catch back up with Trent.
CaesarOh Joy
Cai Wenliangccba
CajonesWhat we do in life will echo in eternity
Cal MiyatakePikake
Calli Sitesghjg
Calvin Hendersonaccept your weaknesses strongly
Cameron BennettIt may be that the purpose of your life is only to serve as a warning to others
Camille SavoieTabernac
Camille SwertsCoordinator Helpdesk
Camilo RojasThink hard. Forget about it. The answer will come.
Campi"I'd rather be outside."
Candace OrdazI just can't wait to be king.
Canedo JosephHello all from Sophia !!
Cannanethink before you act(not really original!!)
Cannon GoodnightMeasure yourself and everyone else on the basis of outcomes.
Cao Da ShiAlways Learning
Capt BrucePanic, confusion, disorder my work here is done.
CarinI need help.
Carl BartlettOnly the foolish man will not accept criticism, for the wise wish to learn.
Carl BuffaAnachronism lives!
Carl CloutierWhen in doubt, gas it!
Carl GouldI wish MS had a decent work ethic.
Carl R Wilmothwhen you are up to your ass in alligators with your new pavillion 543xb, it is difficult to remind yourself that your original objective was to drain the swamp with your five years of computer training
Carl StehmanPatience Persists
Carl ZabelIndecision is the key to flexibility
Carl ZabelIndecsion is the key to flexibility
Carl ZabelIf it works, don't fix it!!
Carl-Johan EkmanNothing is too complicated to solve
Carla CovizziMake love not war
Carles CiutatCarles
Carles Martínezcmbhc & p
Carlito Matahom Jr.Try first before you say NO
CarloSystem Manager
Carlo HenricoLive fast, die young - enjoy a good looking corpse!
Carlo PetrogalliPedro
Carlos A. DavilaQue Pasa People
Carlos A. GarciaThe end of wisdom is freedom. The end of culture is perfection. The end of education is character. The end of knowledge is love.
Carlos AlcobiaGeneral Failure's Fault. Not Yours.
Carlos Araújofor all problems there are a solution
Carlos BehlauCarlos Behlau
Carlos BezaresAll the new things are interestings
Carlos Cidbeginer
Carlos CoelloCarlos Felix
Carlos ElorzaBeginer
Carlos Enrique ArangoCEAZ
Carlos Fernandez Rieraunsupported
Carlos H. MoralesMore input
Carlos HenriqueI'm Learning to use the best, I lern whith your Help to do this
Carlos HenriqueLearning to make the best work
Carlos MaldonadoTruth Addict
Carlos Sotelo IbarraA pint of Guiness is worth an ounce of prevention
Carlos ValleKapop
Carlos Vanegascvanegas
Carlos VazquezCarlos Vazquez
Carlos WursterI do my job simply
Carme TorcaUsers are not too bad ;-)
Carmelo Grecia4 Sale http://www.certifiedunixadmin.com
Carmelo GreciaIf it aint broke, can I have it?
Carmen SarloI said Haw Haw!
Carol AndersonDon't get lost without us!
Carol ChimesImagination is more important than knowledge
Carol McFarlandMan plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.
Caroline Godwin"This is confusion, am I confusing you?"
CarstenThings happen...
Carsten AbildgaardA smile is the shortest distance between two people
Carsten BeelmannIT Consultant
Carsten DahlinDahlin
Carsten KregeIn the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move. -- HhGttG
Carsten LangrockWhat we know ain't important.
Carsten Mcm60
Casey Ryback" You must mistrust the Cooker "
Cass WitkowskiOh it's perfectly safe! It is we who are in danger
Casselman FrankyFranky Casselman
CassieAnd this too, shall pass.
Caster TroyEvil Has Its Winning Ways
Cathy Aroraraj
Cathy BreslowLife is too short not to have fun every single day
Cathy Cuffhp deskjet 810C driver, compat. issues with Mac os 8.6?
Cathy YehCathy Yeh
CecileLaugh and the world laughs with you
Cecile Sarletthere is always a solution which is obvious, simple, attractive and ... wrong
Cecilio PeralCecilio
Cees Kooleceko
Celso Medina KernGod bless pessimists, they did the backup!
Cem TugrulOur greatest duty in this life is to help others. And please, if you can't
Centaurkill all nonhumans
Cesar DelgadoHP 8870US
Cesar Salas AraujoNothing is new under the sun.
Cesare G. Rossi"Do or do not; there is no try." - Master Yoda
Ch. StandNothing is real
Chad Crosby** Don't assume anything **
Chad MillerIt's PERSONAL, duh!
Chad MolinaIf ya feel froggy ... start hopping
Chad RendellNone at this time
Chad SellarsIf it is about storage, I am interested.
Chad StanleyLearning is a journey that never ends
Chai Chin LoonMay the force be with you
Chai MilburnPublic opinion is a weak tyrant compared with our own private opinion. What a man thinks of himself,
Chakravarthi V SChakravarthi V S
Chakravarthi V Schakri
Champak ChowdhuriFIRST THING FIRST
Chan Choth PUTHSharing IT knowledge and Information
Chandan KumarKeep trying...
Chander-shakher PalChander
Chandra VenkatramanArula - A HPL-Spin off - HEHAW company
Chandrasekarannothing is impossible
Chandru KhemaniThere is no finish line
Chans MixaybouaNONE
Chao XuI work,I live
Charlesnever say "don't know" to a client
Charles A. GinardiHP Lover!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Charles A. Shirleypanic ("No CPUs found. System halted.\n");
Charles Akonnorhpboy
Charles C CongdonSundog
Charles C. RuffinoMoo
Charles D'EnglereAre you in or out (making that commitment sound easy)?
Charles EngleDon't let these computers frustrate you!
Charles HansellOne Problem At A Time
Charles Holland"Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted" A. Einstein
Charles Keenanochayethinoojimmy
Charles L. CarterIs digital art finger painting?
Charles L. CarterCorruption is a process, not a result.
Charles Lambwe can always rebuild it?
Charles LongTo go where no byte has gone before
Charles McCabeMS is hellbent on universal domination, and they'll pull the dirtiest tricks to achieve it, such as following existing standards and making a browser that does most everything, in an elegant manner.
Charles MesselKeep it Simple
Charles MichaudThere's no place like
Charles RameauHook em hard
Charles SteppKeep It Simple Sir
Charles WalmsleyIf at first you don't succeed - give it up
Charles WeaverVL420 local printer problems
Charles WuAlways try
Charles v. SimmsLove hp printers
CharlesCWhat if...
CharlieTime flies like an arrow -- fruit flies like a banana
Charlie CalliFair winds and following seas
Charlie V. ElrodWindows- The greatest OS on Earth
Charlie WilsonIPX forever
CharliemanLife is short. Pray Hard!
Chartier JeromeJ@Y
Chas L ChapmanKnow enough to be dangerous
Chauhan AmitIf you are not a part of solution , then you are a part of problem
Chaz SligerNo matter where you go, there you are...
Chen Gangbigpuma
Chen JianxinChen Jianxin
Cheng Luohyva
Cheryl Clarkcclark
Cheryl G.Reduce,Reuse,Recycle
Cheryl Griffin"Downtime is a Crime."
Chester ReasonProblem with 700 Series Deskjets
ChetanNothing seems impossible if it needs to be done
ChetanPray to God, so that it will work
Chia Loke YongLoke
Choi Eun Kyoungek choi
Chong Joo Kam (William)HP OpenView, The Future Management Software Solution
ChrisWe must do our best to enjoy the time we have.
ChrisAll right brain....its all up to you! - H. Simpson
Chriscape diem
ChrisUnix: From the shore to the boat
ChrisCan anyone help with a recovery cd for pavilion 6370z
Chris"Have you ever noticed?"I always arrive late at the office, but I make up for it by leaving early."
Chris AdamsIt@wins
Chris Amick"Drink upstream of the herd !"
Chris AndrewsMurphy's Law haunts me ...
Chris BChance happens to all but turn it to account is gift of few.
Chris BanksIT Professional
Chris BedfordSometimes I feel like roadkill on the Information Highway...
Chris BehnkeKeep on asking
Chris BidwellFor every action there is an equal or opposite reaction!
Chris BlackburnHo Hum
Chris BlumenshineThere's always room for J-E-L-L-O
Chris BowersDo it
Chris BucklandWhy Me!!
Chris Calabrese"if we could share this again, i'd never have to say it. but even good intentions fail." - www.foralltimeva.com
Chris CalabreseBrainbench MVP for Unix Administration and Internet Security, SANS Review Editor, and Center for Internet Security HP-UX Benchmark project leader
Chris Checkosif I only knew I wouldn't be here-- ???
Chris ColvinThe opinions expressed are mine and not necessarily those of my employer.
Chris Copeland"Never give up; Never surrender."
Chris Costahangin' on
Chris CostonThe systems back up
Chris EllisGreenhorn
Chris Elmessee patterns in the wind and in the sand<BR>i see the stars, i read the clouds, i understand
Chris Elmore"Life is love and love is life"
Chris Ermlich"Everyone has a photographic memory. Some don't have film."
Chris FishwickHow much truth can money buy?
Chris Fitzgibbonsjust wanna fix it
Chris FlueggeFail to plan and you plan to fail.
Chris ForeHP 5455
Chris FungScorpio
Chris GillHi
Chris GobeilIP Managment IS fun.
Chris GregurekIt's not the destination but the journey that makes it interesting.
Chris HardySilent palms!!!!!!
Chris HawkGung Ho!
Chris HenryJust Re-boot it
Chris Hillmanperl -e 'print "Source code is free speech."'
Chris Illsley"yes sir"
Chris JamesIf we continue to think like we've always thought, We will continue to get what we've always got... "IS IT ENOUGH ?"
Chris JolliffeIt takes two to lie.... One to lie and one to listen
Chris JonesDoh!
Chris KelleyPersevere, for spirit can easily be destroyed by the computer(monster).
Chris KerrThis is not a drill!
Chris Kirschkequestion everything!
Chris M. SiegelAdding a route
Chris Minerds"No matter how idiot-proof you make it, someone will always come up with a better idiot!"
Chris MitchellDonuts.... Is there anything thy can't do?
Chris MooreJust because it's magic doesn't mean it's easy.
Chris MoranThink what you can do...
Chris Nuberunix was simple but it worked, microsoft... well they keep trying, persistent lil buggers...
Chris OttenotDoes everyone think they're a computer expert?
Chris PetersenMore than anything, football has taught me that life is a team sport. Joe Nameth
Chris RossI'd rather a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy
Chris RuybalHP TopTools and Layer2/3 Switch Support Agent
Chris SaindonBlack holes are where God divided by zero - Steven Wright
Chris SaundersonTed Nugent called. He wants his shirt back.
Chris SchmidtThe true voyage of discovery lies not in seeking new landscapes . . . but in having new eyes . . . ~ D. Monroe
Chris ShepherdHello World
Chris SmithThe old law of an eye for an eye leaves everyone blind.
Chris StampsLive it like it's your only one
Chris Stewart"Ididn'tdoit,nobodysawme,youcan'tproveatthing!" - Bart Simpson
Chris SweeneyWhat can possibly go wrong?
Chris TaylorIf it ain't broke, leave it alone.
Chris TijerinaHow do I start the certifiaction process on both platforms.
Chris Tijerina"If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice."
Chris V.Life is dangerous, no one survives
Chris WanIt's a storage world
Chris WatkinsNot without 2 backups and an Ignite image!
Chris WatsonMoving along nicely
Chris WatsonWhen all else fails, try the manual.
Chris Weironly connect
Chris WilshawIf your users are getting you down, employ an upward kicking motion.
Chris WinterLife on earth may be expensive, but it does include one free annual trip around the sun.
Chris WongThe absence of evidence is often overlooked as evidence of absence.
Christa ThompsonSunshine. Achacha.
Christian Aguilar VargasChristian M. Aguilar V.
Christian Aguilar VargasChristian Aguilar
Christian BieletzkiBille
Christian DeutschJesus loves you!
Christian DeutschYeshua loves you!
Christian Dimovcd
Christian Fandelper aspera ad astra
Christian Geillermeow !!!
Christian Kaasnone
Christian Kettlersmile :-)
Christian KraazUnix - Administration
Christian KuohLa plus longue marche commence par un premier pas.
Christian LE-HUEROUSo long ...
Christian RouleAssumption is the mother of all f*ckups.
Christian Schulzenever touch a running system
Christian TremblayWhen the sage points his finger at the moon, the imbecile looks at the finger. Chinese proverb
Christian Valet"On two occasions, I have been asked &#91;by members of Parliament&#93;, 'Pray, Mr. Babbage, if you put into the machine wrong figures,will the right answers come out?' -- Charles Babbage
Christian VollmarIf it ain't broken, don't fix it
Christine FeeleyIt's all fun and games until someone gets their eye poked out.
Christine RobertsAnd Loving It
Christoph BruseBR725556
Christoph NajerChris
Christoph PlattnerLinux/UNIX-!FAN
Christoph ReifenbergerRitter
ChristopheMay the force be with you
Christophe AUBERGERChris
Christophe Boypolo
Christophe CloesenChristophe Cloesen
ChristopherOMB II user
Christopher A. Jaroszits not over until the lawyers go home
Christopher DavisSuccess comes in "cans" not "cannots"
Christopher HaganIt used to work
Christopher HayesNever Quit
Christopher HildrumWhere's the man page?
Christopher J. Millertry again!!!!!!
Christopher KowalskiA lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine...
Christopher LahiffAny day above ground is better than a day beneath
Christopher McCrayIt wasn't me!!!!
Christopher ScottActions speak louder than words.
Christopher StewartNo work done, no harm done.
Christopher Thorngrenwhat
Christos MagdalinosTogether we stand divided we fall
Chua Sze KhimSA
Chua Wen Chingwenching
Chuah Gim Sionglearn anything & everything
Chuck AdamsNever say "Chuck it"
Chuck Ciesinski"Show me the $$$$$"
Chuck DuganI'd rather be on my boat...
Chuck HenryHP = Happy People
Chuck LackeyJust who is General Failure and why is he trying to read my C: drive anyway?
Chuck McReynoldsWe follow it everywhere but cannot see its back
Chuck NelsonTruth must never be sacrificed on the alter of tolerance or under the guise of political correctness
Chuck PattersonEverything takes longer than you expect.
Chuck Sims"I feel like I'm diagonally parked in a parallel universe."
Chuck WellsYour attitude is up to you.
Chun-Pang LiRockn' Roll never die
Cicortas FlorinWork as though you would live forever, and live as though you would die today.
Cika CedaTalking to me?
Cintya RodrCintya
Ciro GrippiCiro Grippi
Citibank - HP (Unni)Unni
Claeys SteveAs long as everything crashes there is work
Clara E. RoweTake time to smell the roses.
Clarence Rebolledohilo
Claude PoirierCP
ClaudioWell, I can TRY to solve any problem !
Claudio Aguiarpesquisar sempre
Claudio CarraClaudio
Claudio MartinsClaudio Martins
Claudio PellicciottiWhat the?
Claudiu Irinathe good of the one outweighs the good of the many
Claudiu Prisecaru«^»
Claudiu SchmidtClaudiu
Clay PorterEverything is okay in the end. If it's not okay, then it's not the end.
Clemens Kleibuschalways look on the bright side of life
Clemens van EverdingenThe computer is a great invention, there are as many mistakes as ever, but they are nobody's fault !
Cleophas BraganzaEvery problem has a solution !
Clif DayWhatever works.
Cliff CottamMy how times fun when you are having flies.
Cliff ThomasSoftware is never perfect.
Clifford GainesDon't give up!
Clint Brigham"If at first you don't succeed, then read the damn manual!"
Clint ForsvallI have no goals, the aimless wandering is enough unto itself - Henry Miller
Clint Norwoodnothing
Clinton ArsenaultConsider your fruits.
Clinton Elstonwhat me, worry
Clinton MarlowKnowledge is power
Clodoaldo Jorodriguescj
Clueless and in ChargeTime flies when you havn't got a clue!!
Clyde PutnamSuccess: Shutup & Listen, then Open up and communicate
Coach Bakkenoh why, oh why didn't I take the BLUE pill...
Codex ChenJust Codex
Cody Lerum"I Flipped a Coin in my Head, its tails"
Coen BongersThere are no stupid questions, only stupid answers
Coffee>>>Undergraduate student majoring in Communication Engineering<<<
Colin BergWine is Life
Colin BevanOnce a Chief,Always a Chief !
Colin ButcherEntia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem (Occam's razor)
Colin CarwardineIt's ALL pensionable....
Colin DominiqueDominique Colin
Colin J. RavenI'll get there, somehow
Colin JonesI turned around and it miraculously started working
Colin MilesI hate printers!
Colin PattersonIs there anything they can't do ??
Colin ScottIf it aint broke.....
Colin Shillinganother microsoft feature!!
CollotPromote Internal Communication to make the Network successful
Compaq Forums Expert"Inactive" generic user for pre-merger Compaq forum authors.
Con Bourtsos"Give a man a compilation tape and he will dance for a night, teach a man to scratch and he will be dancing for generations"
Connie CallaghanAlways give in to temptation. It may not pass your way again.
Connie Hon/a
Connie K.Independent by nature
Connie LienDon't take yourself too seriously
Connie TateMaking each day count ...
Conor M HamillWhere am I !!!!
Constantinelive and learn every day
Consuelo Sierrakonsu
Cor CornelisseIt's not a bug, it's a feature
Corbin- Corbin
Cordell RobinsonAnything that requires analysis for network security then I have the answer
Cordell Robinsonintelegence is a measurment that is undetermined
Corey BirdsongI love computers.... kidding.
CoryIf its not broke, dont fix it
Cory BieverCompressed print on hp1100 deskjet
Cory GillardI got a new Pavilion 520n with Win XP pre-installed. I have to install Win98 due to some old APPs I need. But, I couldn't find any device driver for it. Can anyone help me find the device drivers(video, modem, sound, ethernet,cd-rw, dvd-rom.) for Win98?
Cory HinrichsLooking for an IT salvage yard...
Cotton Guyocclusion
Court Campbell"The difference between me and you? I will read the man page." and "Respect the hat." and "You could just do a search on ITRC, you don't need to start a thread on a topic that's been answered 100 times already." Oh, and "What. no points???"
Court NederveldLife should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty & well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, & loudly proclaiming...Wow What a Ride !
Craig"Programming today is a race between software engineers striving to build bigger and better idiot-proof programs, and the universe trying to produce bigger and better idiots. So far, the universe is winning." - Rich Cook
Craig A Berryfestina lente
Craig DavidsonSleep? Whats that?
Craig ErwinWorking on my seven habits
Craig F. BronsonIf it ain't broke I wouldn't be here
Craig MacDonnellHavin' fun now!
Craig MatchanOh no not again.
Craig McDonaldUnited We Stand Against Terrorism
Craig Peterson"The most important tool you could ever own is knowledge."
Craig PilkingtonI think, therefore...I 'am' !
Craig PooleI'll never give up !!!
Craig R TaylorYou can observe a lot just by watching. - YOGI BERRA
Craig Rants"In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. But, in practice, there is. " Jan L.A. van de Snepscheut
Craig Roberts"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand". Confucius
Craig SchroederWhen bigger is better, there is a place for small, too.
Craig ShevlinComputer room Environmental Contractor
Craig SimmonsDirect from the Bleeding Edge
Craig Williamsonif it ain't broke, don't fix it
Crist VandendriesscheDevelop a tool that even fools can use, and only fools will use it. (Murphy)
Cristian M.time solve it all
Cristian SalescuWise to resolve, and patient to perform.
Cristian ZuschtermanSer o no ser, cual es el problema?
Cristina McLeodI have the will but can't find the way...
CrkdltrIf I can't beat you, I'll run you off the road.
Crutescu Mirceabetter drunk than stupid (it takes less time)
Curt LankfordI only do what my Post Toasties tell me to.........
Curt OliverThere are two ways to live your life. One as though nothing is a miracle. The other as though everything is a miracle. - Albert Einstein
Curtis AdamsFamily is most important in life.
Curtis HawksSome drink from the fountain of knowledge, other just gargle! Anon.
Curtis HoCow
Curtis SchuhToday is a gift, which is why it is called the "present"
Curtis WheatleySkilled workers are always in need
CwilliamsAnd then there was one.
Cynthia ShangThere are no free lunch!
Cyr"No Comment"
Cédric MELLONwooot wooot wooot !!!
César Quintascesar
D Carnieenjoy
D DavisDave
D Jordandjordan@blueyonder.co.uk
D R VijapureRohitRV
D WaghornMy head hurts!
D. EngelenManaging UNIX
D.D. SheetsOhhhh Noooooo...
D.K.KannanTheres never a wrong time to do the right thing.
DALEthank you and GOD BLESS
DAVID E. KANTOROWICZ"Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm." - Sir Winston Churchill
DAVID ROSINGERTo err is human, to forgive is divine.
DAVID SIMPSONLife is like a box of chocolates
DC Wornocklogic
DCCowboyI hope to learn something new everyday.
DEEPAK kUMARservice Engineer
DELIN YANGBuy low, sell high!
DGYou can go far in life with the help of others.
DIPESHNeed help
DISIT-SGT-CNREn essayant continuellement on finit par reussir. Donc, plus ca rate, plus on a de chances que ca marche.
DK RavirajaMera Bharath Mahan
DON CURRIELive & let Live
DSMThe twentieth century has been characterised by three developments of great political importance: the growth of democracy, the growth of corporate power, and the growth of corporate propaganda as a means of protecting corporate power against democracy.
DTDo you know Indiana Jones ?
Daavid TurnbullBehold the turtle for he makes not progress unless he pokes his head out.
Daelemans Wimcarpe diem
Dag Espen GulliksenKISS ( Keep IT Simple Stupid )
DakkaIn the wayt to perfect the system
Dale Atrensnone
Dale Barnes"I try to avoid experience; most experience is bad." - Wilde
Dale DeCockernone
Dale MesserIt's Alive!
Dale RandleScrew around, Screw acround and pretty soon you won't be around.
Dale StewartRetired, but still learning...
Dale WilliamsHey
Dallas LangevinChupacabra
Damian NowrothDon't Panic!
Damiano BonomettiNever too late !!
Danum no thx
Danif it aint broke dont try to fix it..
DanDon't stress over things you can't control and control the things that cause you stress.
DanHello there.
Danknowlegde is key to what?
Dan Amdo what you can. don't if you can't.
Dan Bar-SellaI need help
Dan BaxterThose who are different, change the world. Those who are the same, keep it that way.
Dan BentWe are humans, they are machines.
Dan BlakemanIf at first you don't succeed, reload.
Dan BoltonPlease don't make me use XP...lol
Dan BrunsNever spend money before you have it
Dan CarterYes, a job can be less than what you make of it... :)
Dan ChristianWalk softly and carry a big stick!
Dan CliffordLast one out of the forum please turn out the lights...
Dan DeckerIt's not done Till I am satisfied
Dan EastmanI signed it?
Dan FerrellIt is fun to make the impossible - possible
Dan GazzanigaBecause life is not a spectator sport!
Dan HetzelEverybody knows at least one thing worth sharing -- mailto:dan.hetzel@wildcroft.com
Dan J QuinonesTruth is a triple edged sword, there is your side, my side, and the TRUTH!
Dan JacksonIf it is'nt broke Don't try to fix it!
Dan Koehlerhi
Dan LambertSemper Fi
Dan LaskowskiRight things, right reasons
Dan MaulI always keep a supply of stimulant handy in case I see a snake--which I also keep handy.
Dan MoldovanTo be or not to be a computer....
Dan MurphyAssumption is the mother of all screwups.
Dan Murphy Jr"I may be ugly, but at least I ain't got no money." ICP
Dan PettisIf your not moveing, Your dead.
Dan Pinheiro>
Dan PluhmComputers make our lives easier, right?
Dan Robinsonit can be fixed!
Dan RyanDon't have time to do it right the first time, but always time to do it twice
Dan SICHITIUHP - the long lasting flavor
Dan Sergisonsmile, were here to help.
Dan Shears"Commual Jumbers"
Dan SternadelWork is a thing that you do, not a place that you go ...
Dan TadysakCommand Line or GUI?
Dan Ulisnyim cool
Dan Vowell"Your mileage may vary"
Dan WhippleDon't run with scissors.
Dan WhittleWe have constructed pyramids in honor of our escaping.
Dan deGuzmanWhich is worse, smoking or picking your nose in a public place?
Dana Broe"The martyrs and madmen I learned of in school will remember my name" Kevin Gilbert 1966-1996
Dana Conroy"Why do you ask?"
Dana TorreySupport the Arts
Dani SeelyTogether We Stand!
DanielLa ignorancia cuesta
DanielThose who say they understand chess, understand nothing.
Daniel Aguirrekuinezco
Daniel BonnotMister
Daniel Chendaniel
Daniel ClarDaniel
Daniel ClarkeLove never faileth.
Daniel CrowTo think of an answer is but to dream of possibilities.
Daniel DenneyWhen I die, I want to go peacefully in my sleep like my Grandfather...not screaming in terror like his passengers!
Daniel DibbetsTo study the old is to understand the new.
Daniel EvansTo enjoy life, you need to fish!
Daniel FabianAnything is possible if you are willing to learn.
Daniel Fernandez IllanIn a world without walls and fences, who needs windows and gates? (Qckl courtesy)
Daniel FourieKnowledge is Power
Daniel GarnettWhy me have problem...
Daniel GrayAshes and diamonds, foe and friend, we will all equal in the end
Daniel GuzmanWho me?
Daniel J. Doughtyi tu, Emac?
Daniel L GrahekWe'll burn that bridge when we come to it!
Daniel LeeHardware puzzled
Daniel MalcorDid you check the Logs?
Daniel MichaudI am here to learn and see
Daniel OcampoDaniel
Daniel OcampoDaniel O.
Daniel OlsonUNIX was not created to prevent people from doing stupid things, as this would support incompetence.
Daniel ParkesWindows?, no thanks.
Daniel RivasCogito Ergo Sum
Daniel RudieIf it isn't broken don't try ro fix it without knowing exactly what you're doing
Daniel ShahaLet's all make the world a better place!
Daniel SimardSi tu n'as pas ce que tu aimes, aimes ce que tu as.
Daniel SimardIf you don't have what you want, want what you have.
Daniel SimardA plan never fails...unless you fail to plan.
Daniel SirgoThe Newbie
Daniel SzponkaUnix Forever
Daniel UbedaDaniel U.
Daniel UbedaDaniel
Daniel VilaMake up your mind !
Daniel VilleneuveDan
Daniel W. GarzaBecause we like the pain
Daniel Wajsmanbe yourself
Daniel Wood"I think America causes cancer, longevity is less important than fun, and young people should be discouraged from voting.... I think children are not innocent, God doesn't write books and Jesus wasn't a Republican." -- Bill Maher
Danilo Franzin Paulodanilo
Danilo Svetonid@nilo
DannyIf it aint broke, break it - it will keep you employed
Danny Cintronhelp!!!
Danny Hoekeeverybody is smart until they speak
Danny KhongEmptiness
Danny Marmolhello
Danny Ramosonly the best will survive
Danny Smith"I'm not confused, I'm well mixed." --Robert Frost
Danny StokesThese printers will be the death of me
Danny Websterfeck
Danny von Borriesdvb
Dante ZarateThe only thing to do with good advice is to pass it on. It is never of any use to oneself.
Danyel FrakerANY INFO ON LJ3330
Darel JohnsonAnything that's electromechanical...will eventually fail.
Daren Gray"My karma ran over my dogma"
Dareus Wynnmoney is like paper once old throw it away
Darin ZnadersXP drivers or Muti-media internet USB keyboard
DarioA new day...A new experience.
Dario VernelliDario Vernelli
Daris BouthillierIf it ain't broke, don't fix it!
Darius Rudzika"In pure practice - everything woks, but nothing clear. In theory - everything clear, but nothing works. In most favorable case when theory meets practice - nothing works and nothing clear"
Dariusz JeziorekDarek
DarleneTo do is to be...Socrates; To be is to do...Plato; Do be do be do...Sinatra
Darrell Allen"What, Me Worry?" - Alfred E. Neuman (Mad Magazine)
Darrell MarmionFavorite cat.
Darrell PorterIt has been a widely-acknowledged fact among the SysAdmin community that fixes to broken servers involve what is commonly known as "Voodoo"-That is, illogical sequences of actions which, despite their apparent lack of reasoning, seem to fix the problem
Darrell TschakertI'll add a quote when I think of one.
Darren BrownDoes it matter? If it matters, does it matter that it matter?
Darren CarrIt's not that I don't know it, it's just that I can not remember it
Darren ChambersLinux Rocks
Darren CohenStockGuru
Darren EtheridgeCarpe Diem
Darren FletcherIf its not on fire then I dont want to know
Darren G. MarshARGH!
Darren HammondThe most overlooked advantage of owning a computer is that if they foul up there's no law against whacking them around a little. - Porterfield
Darren MurrayCan you imagine life without beer?
Darren NettletonIt was like that when I got here!
Darren PriorCalm down. It's only ones and zeros...
Darren RenniePlease help w/ my HP 8230e
Darren Westonit is the scent of garlic that lingers on my chocolate fingers
DarrenrdLive life like there is no tomorrow
Darrin SmithIs it 5 o'clock yet ?????
Darryl DworkinSeek help where it can be found
Darshan A. MasaliaAll people SMILE in the same language.
DarylIt's Better to be good than not
Daryl CrandallViewed from middle-age, life is like a ride on a roller coaster. Once you're "over the hill" if you're not screaming on the way down, you've wasted your ticket.
DaveExplore the world of networking
Dave AalbertsbergWhats it there for if you can't use it
Dave AbrahamsNever give up
Dave BarrCommand Line Recall was the big step
Dave BebermeyerComputers, what would we do without them.
Dave BottomDances with trout
Dave BoyleLive free or die (my states motto)
Dave BrusieeM820e W2K drivers and App.
Dave CliffordOne.Net is Better than Nothing.Net
Dave CullDarn! This is worse than finding a witty remark for a co-worker's leaving card!
Dave Durkeefree your mind
Dave Dyera bad day fishing is better then a good day at work
Dave EarnshawIf it is not broken, leave it
Dave Eglieverything can be fixed
Dave ElliottOracle DBA
Dave EnglerWhen in Doubt- Call for service
Dave FalloonClothes make the man, Naked people have little to no effect on society
Dave GibsonDon't put off until tomorrow what you can put off today!
Dave GoodwinI also know the frog song
Dave Gudewiczyour what hurts?
Dave GudewiczMinds are like parachutes, they work best when open.
Dave Hazel' If It dont work dont try to fix it it ends in all nighters
Dave Ison"Why Me" is the quote of the day for me.
Dave KirstenOf all the printers I have ever owned this is certainly one of them..
Dave La Mar"I'm not dumb. I just have a command of thoroughly useless information."
Dave MarklLets be careful out there
Dave McVittieHoHo
Dave MonroeGo buffs
Dave OlkerIt's not always NFS's fault
Dave ParkerPublic Service is . . . here to stay!
Dave PolshawKnowledge speaks. Wisdom listens...
Dave RiceI can fix it. I have my dad's TV repair kit.
Dave RimmerI like the word 'indolence'. It makes my laziness seem classy.
Dave Ryndaktwins
Dave SlaveSitll Learning
Dave Smith95% of the time the problem was the last guy that was in there.
Dave SwaneyGod loves you.
Dave UnverhauRomans 8:28
Dave VolmanJust trying to get things done
Dave Walleywhy do i do this to myself
David"Gentoo Rules"
DavidAny help with installing Netstation software for a HP-UX 10.20
Davidrun with the wind
DavidSomething that you do not know
DavidA new batch of gray every day.
DavidHp The Way To Go
DavidNeed Help
DavidThanks again everyone.
DavidSleep is fun.
DavidFor every complex problem, there's one simple easy, answer...the wrong one.
David79 Service (0803)
David A. Corralfly fast, fly low, turn left
David Aguiarif software installations were easy, there wouldn't be support forums to meet new friends!
David AtkinsonNot all that wander are lost. - JRR Tolkien
David AustinDon't expect someone to do something you wouldn't do
David B SneddonDon't quote me on that!
David BalkoComputer geek here, I work afternoons as a Electrician.
David Barra CervantesDavidBC
David BeckerIt's just a job, not a life
David BellizziI hate compaq laptops!
David BergOne life - live it!
David BlackAbove Energy and Talent is Persistence
David BratbyIf it doesn't work..... use a big hammer
David ButenhofNo matter where you go, there you are
David Cann"I just wonder, Clive, if Beckham shouldn't get hold of it and put a threat on, instead of launching those Hollywood Balls towards the big Dutch feller"
David ChildThe human race is fundamentally flawed - just look at the machines they build... this is what makes being an admin (and a human) so fun!
David Cholovecisco
David ChristensenWARNING! You are logged into reality as root.
David ChristensenEverything is possible...
David ConnollyLike any dealer, he was watching for the card that is so high and wild he'll never need to deal another.
David CorbettWhat? Go to work AND stay awake?
David DeMartiniActions speak louder than spreadsheets.
David DeMartiniLaziness is the father of invention.
David DiazAt the end of the game the king and the pawn go in the same box
David DomaguinHelp Me ... Please!!!
David Evennou"Never give up, never give up, never give up!"
David Fetherston"Ask and you shall receive; ask not, well, you know the drill."
David FosgateDoes anyone know where I can find PDF docs on both Vantage Point & GlancePlus as I need to set them up???
David FreedmanTrying to fix up someone else problem isn't fun!!!
David FullerMy head hurts.......
David G. WilsonIt's probably the "loose nut" on the keyboard!
David GagneAssume Nothing
David GarciaYO
David GardnerA bird in the hand is a lot smarter than a bush
David Gartnerhmmmmm.........
David GerhartWhat you do speaks so loudly I cannot hear what you say -- H.D. Thoureau.
David Gerrishhp openview documents, presentations, diagrams, designs, templates/policies and scripts available to download - and I am available to hire for HP OpenView consultancy / contracts
David Gibbinsyou learn something new everyday
David GieringDazed and confused
David GrantEndeavour to persevere........
David GreenbergListen to their words, but watch their feet.
David Griffithsgorau arf, arf dysg
David GutiérrezDavicho
David Guzmanlinux.... world domination fast
David HamblingUnix Rules
David HarperAsk not how many the enemy are, but where they are.
David HarrisHELP ME
David Hebelmy karma ran over my dogma
David Hillidge199726
David HixsonLVM is a powerful tool in the hands of the devious.
David Holgate"Once I could not spell 'programmer' - now I are one"
David HorstmanDave
David Horton"You talkin to me?"
David HostetlerThe box said to install Windows 98 or better. So I installed Linux.
David J TaylorThis is obviously some strange usage of the word "safe" that I wasn't previously aware of
David Jenkins"I've never seen it do that before..."
David JimersonLife is a song.
David JonesI'm looking for marbles all day long.
David JunyentSave the whales (and also Willy)
David KennedyI swear I backed that file up
David KerrTime is the best teacher --- Unfortunately it kills all its Pupils.
David KingA little bit of knowledge is very dangerous.
David Knickmeyer@&$#! I thought I commented that out!
David KnodelOdd song lyric: If I had a pair of eyes in the back of my head for each time you forgot to talk about all the things you forgot to talk about when you took a bite of my spine, I would have a lot of eyes, wouldn't I? Wouldn't I? Wouldn't that just be fine?
David KoníèekDavid
David Kumanblacky
David L mazgajStyle...you need it to get thru the day!
David LaPointYou want to ask me a quick question? Sure! You can have the quick answer too, 42!
David LarlickDATEPARSE
David LaydenWe can do anything, but not everything!
David Leavitt"No matter where you go...there you are..."
David LeeDavid Lee
David LichtsinnThe way to triumph is to put more umph in your try.
David LinGod bless you all!
David Lloyd-WilliamsDoh !
David LoganIf in trouble, or in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout
David Macketthi
David MacphersonMeddle not in the affairs of dragons - for you are crunchy, and go well with ketchup.
David MahonyEx Unitate Vires
David MakowskyThere are three types of people in the world. Those that are good at math and those that are not.
David Mason"The world is full of willing people—some willing to work, the rest willing to let them."
David MavashevPut your business into AutoPilot mode
David McCallumHello world!
David McDowell~~ "Kindness in another's trouble, courage in your own." ~~ Princess Diana
David McKoneLife would be so much easier if we just had the source code.
David McMullenit's down the hall and to the left...
David McNeillRetain choice. Don't merge.
David Mohebanhp bites it
David MullaneyI like http://www.hp.com/go/sd
David MurrayMy head hurts
David NeaderlandThis is why the Internet is lost
David OehlProgrammer/Analyst
David OhHello
David P. Goodsell"The lyf so short, the craft so long to lerne." - Chaucer
David ParsonsI am a series of contradictions living peacefully together...
David PatelHe who dares wins
David Peacockveni, vidi, vmstat
David PepperIn theory there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice there is.
David PittmanThen again . . . all good things must come to an end.
David PittmanWhatever it was . . . I didn't do it.
David RamsayFriendship is like gold..
David Randle"If you think you're in control, you're not going fast enough." -- Mario Andretti
David RedonDavid Redon
David RileyHave you hugged a nerd today?
David RileyA smile can change the trajectory of someone's entire day
David RitchieDoubt grows with knowledge - Goethe
David RuskaThe journey IS the reward.
David RussellThe body is evil! It must be punnished!
David SandersAs cool as the other side of the pillow.
David SeijoDon't have one right now....
David ShaoDavid Shao
David Smith"Pull down your pants and slide on the ice"
David SnellI admit to knowing nothing, so no one can be disappointed by the advise I give
David StephensOf all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most of all...
David StevensIgnorance is an opportunity
David StuckiThe best way to keep from falling off a cliff is to stay as far away from the edge as possible.
David TangI need HELP!
David TotschWith today's pace of change, most businesses appear more concerned with speed than direction.
David VarneyK.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Stupid
David VazquezC.P.
David WalkerThe real measure of your worth is how much you'd be worth if you lost all of your money - Anonymous
David Wrisley"Just anbother western guy with desires I can't satisfy"
David ZhengSimplicity is beautiful
David in Tennesseefamiliar with much, expert on nothing, HP computer system manager since 1976
David101who ate all the pies?
DavidJEveryday I beat my own previous record for number of consecutive days I've stayed alive.
DavideHP what about the updates
Davide MascoloTech Support Engineer
Davis PaulContact me on davispp123@gmail.com
Davor MatijasevicThe problem is always located between the chair and the keyboard.
Dawn CarterYesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery, today is a gift, that is why they call it the "present"!
Dawn HarjuForgiveness is easier to get than Permission.
Dawn Holmeshave a nice day.
Dawn Knieriem"I fell like I am diagonally parked in a parallel world." -Unknown
Dawnna Dukeshelp!!!!!
Day DiazJohn 3:16
Dayanand NaikDayanand Naik
De Vogel ErwinErwin De Vogel
Dead UserIDAs a last resort, read the manual
Dean Brooks..
Dean IrvingJust because it works doesn't mean it's right.
Dean MorrellI know the voices in my head aren't real, but they still have some REALLY FUN ideas.
Dean NiederkohrNo time like the present
Dean RandallDon't fix it unless its broken
Debashis Karmakarhave patieance
Debbie DowningMrs Forgetful
Debbie Hamiltonnever be afraid to ask
Debbie LayProsperity is my inheritance!!!!!!!
Deborah AllgeierIt may take awhile but I'll get it done.
Deborah GriersonI'll need all the help I can get
Debra BrownYou are not alone in this situation.
Debra MoyersTry using the following mount statement
Declan GuerinIn all things, seek simplicity !
Declan HoganDeclan Hogan
Declan O'BrienIt wasn't me !!
Decroos MarcDWBH
Deepak SethDeepak
Deepak Extross<img src=http://forums.itrc.hp.com/cm/images/cartoons/cartoon12.gif>
Deepak GuptaImpossible to Possible
Deepak John CutinhaI Love Rock'n'Roll
Deepak Kr"There is always some scope for improvement"
Deepak.RCrash the system, bring it up, you are there......
Delian Delchevdelian
DenisDennis Lonndon
DenisCogito Ergo Sum
Denis Dudhiahi
Denis GassAlong this path I tread
Denis Lachancelive today die tomorrow
Denis N. AnikinDenis N. Anikin
Denis TremblayI'm The Only One ..........
Denisecarpe diem
DennisNot broke don't fix it.. : )
Dennis Alstontake life one day at a time
Dennis BraggCan't we all just get along....
Dennis Chowdenden
Dennis ChristilawWow.
Dennis CosgroveBonzai!
Dennis CouldonMCSE for Life
Dennis GeeTime is an Illusion, Reality is a state of Mind!
Dennis J RobinsonYou know the drill
Dennis JansenChief
Dennis Kennedyjust do it!
Dennis NgNot everything that can be counted counts; & not everything that counts can be counted.
Dennis P. Costea Jr.So much information can be gathered from a profile; age, yrs. exp., favorite model PC, favorite feature, income bracket, etc. Data mine me, baby!
Dennis PipperQuotes are for people with nothing intelligent to say
Dennis Raudenbushfor RC ( John Creighton )
Dennis TriceUnix for life
Dennis van LunterenNovell Freak
Dennisse BarretoEntre mßs se sabe mßs se sufre.
Denny Leeprof2034
Denton WilliamsWorking hard
Denver Osbornproud to be an American! Semper Fidelis
Deon GerickeNever ever give up!!
Deoncia GraysonIf no one ever took risks, Michelangelo would have painted the Sistine floor. -Neil Simon
DerekRead the @%&#!!! manual
Derek Balayexcellence is not an act, but a habit
Derek BalayWe are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is a habit, not an act! --Aristotle
Derek BenavidesNetwork infrastructure planning
Derek C. DeilBelieving is not knowing
Derek HanbidgeCAD & PLOTTING
Derek HypsDon't Worry - Be Happy
Derek J. BamfordI'm soo HaP
Derek J. NichollsDreaming of retirement!
Derek NichollsThe world's an Encyclopedia
Derek PerimonI'm still here you bastards!!!!
Derek RiddellIT MAN
Derek RosenShare your Knowledge. It's a way to achieve immortality.
Derek WhighamDivide and Conquer
Derek YauDerek Yau
Dermot BeirneHappy is harder than money. Anyone who thinks money will make them happy, doesn't have money.
Dermot CRONINget a move on
Dermot CroninDermot
Derriel CribbsGood judgment comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgment.
DesEagles may soar high..........but weasels don't get sucked into jet engines
Deshpande PrashantTake it as it comes.
Devbinder Singh MarwaySeek and you shall find
Deven ShahHave an Open View!
Devender KhatanaImpossible itself mentions "I m possible"
Dewa Negaralog all your daily activities on syslog.log every time...
Dewa NegaraDewa Negara
Dewa NegaraSantos
Dewayne GroomsGIGO: You only get out of life what you put into it
Dewayne HaunBe careful what you ask for, you might get it.
Dexter Adamstimesup
Dhanesh GharatNetwork ! The Way Of Life
DhayaDhaya here!
Dhilip KrishnanJava Performance
Diadina CotteCoffee please ;-)
Diana L Rubio ToledoDBA DLRT
Diana WolfRemember Your Spirit
Diane HunterHow beautiful a day can be when kindness touches it.
Diane Lilee
Dianna Martinez C.V.T.forehead banged and bloody
Dick CoomanMy goal is to live forever, or die trying!
Dick LoDlo
Didier Morandiaka DTL in a previous life :-)
Didier Morandi(aka "the return of DTL")
Diego JijonThis is the better day of your life
Diego Llorca CrespíUse your Illusion!
Diego Pavóndiego_pc
Diego SmalinskyLet's make your mind Open Source ;)
Dieter DegrendeleThe possible we did, the unpossible we're doing but for a miracle you have to wait some time.
Dieter DegrendeleDieter@Work
Dietmar Konermann"Logic is the beginning of wisdom; not the end." -- Spock (Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country)
Dilip KumarThere is no limit of human mind.
Dimo Djambazovdimo
DineshDinesh Sharma
DineshkumarRHCE# 807303594707347
Dineshkumar Dhanasekharalpq1200 printer: How to print from Unix
Dion RobertsonFrom my call center days, "Who are all these people, and why do they keep calling me at work?"
DirkIf it ain't broke, don't fix it!
Dirk De Meyerxx
Dirk DierickxPeople usually get what's coming to them -- unless it's been mailed.
Dirk DiglerOk..
Dirk EismannWer A sagt, der muß nicht B sagen. Er kann auch erkennen, daß A falsch war. (Bertold Brecht)
Dirk KochaleEvery problem is easy as long as you know the answer
Dirk OhmeHave a nice day!
Dirk Ossenbrueggendirty deeds done dirt cheap
Dirk RosenowTogether for success
Dirk RungeComputer erleichtern die arbeit, die man ohne sie nicht hätte.
Dirk SchmidtDue to current laws: Don't take my advice for granted - it might be worth nothing and I shall not be held liable, if it does not work!
Ditchboy434Slow down, life is hsort
DivyashLife goes on.....
Dixit SutharMove out the way.....
Diyar KadarI have tried everything
Dmitri YunovKurung
Dmitry BogdanovDmitry Bogdanov
Dmitry PetrovShow must go on!
Dmitry RybakovDrybakov
Dmitry StepanyukDmitry Stepanyuk
Dmitry V. Voronenkov>
Dmitry ZikratchNever mind
DoD DSTO Storage TeamAlex
Doc Meyereverybody fly naked, feel safe!
Dolores K. DrumhellerThere is no security in life. There is only opportunity.
Dominic SavardIT Pro.
Dominik JenzerNever give up
Dominik KlopferResearch is what I'm doing when I don't know what I'm doing.
Dominik ZakrzewskiHi from Poland
Dominique BrackJust think about a cat on the couch
Don ArnoldNever a dull moment
Don BartlettKeep your stick on the ice!
Don BentzInsecurity is our friend. It keeps you dependent.
Don BodleIf we don't change our direction, we're likely to end up where we're headed.
Don Bryan"When all else fails, read the manual"
Don FerderberKrista Laplante-Gaul
Don PettiniJust work, Damn it.
Don ReinhardGet the problem before it gets you
Don ScottYou can get more done with kind words and a 2x4 than kind words alone.
Don Scottrm -r /bin/laden
Don TatlaThe calm before the storm
Don Vanco - Linux NinjaHaikeeba!
Don WilliamsIf it were easy, everyone would do it.
Don ZaronStay on it
Don.IbrahimMy opinions belong to me
DonaldShow me the money
Donald BarnardME backup missing
Donald BranchIt' not over until the fat lady sings!
Donald BranchAlways Working, woe is me.
Donald DawsonIn God we trust
Donald E. Bodle, JrIf we don't change our direction, we're likely to end up where we're headed.
Donald Fisher"Always remember you're unique, just like everyone else.
Donald J WoodI'm tired of "That will be fixed in an up coming release"!
Donald KokMy systems are 100% Murphy Compliant. Guaranteed!!!
Donald McCartneyKid Pictures from everywhere.
Donald McCueHi!
Donald R. WedigPriorities - God, Family, Friends
Dong Yuwork hard and work smart.
DonnaTechnology - we're stuck with it
Donna ParkerPlease help me; I can't find the power button
Donnie Darkowww.alten.fr
Donny Jekels"Vision, is the art of seeing the invisible"
Dont CareHP SUX
DoozerDon't touch tha.....
Doris M. LongGive your hangup a rest!
Doris RobinsonA closed mind toward change is a closed mind toward growth.
Dorothee SingerComputers make very fast, very accurate mistakes
Dorothy LimBe prepared
Dougbut....Idonunnerstand....hp is such a BIG name....
Doug AlveySometimes you're better off using a rock.
Doug BurtonEgads !!!
Doug Grumann"It Depends"
Doug HighVae Victus
Doug NettingDrama free is the way to be
Doug NullDoug
Doug O'LearyA good script will make an admin's day... A bad one will ruin it.
Doug R. Davis"Nothing works, and nobody cares." -Woody Allen
Doug Towneit works!
Doug WadsworthIt is a mistake to think that you can solve anything really major with just potatos
Doug WerthIf it worked right the first time you wouldn't learn anything
Doug WrightLife's Like That!
Doug de WerdExpert in ProLiant Clusters
Douglas Bull"...I just hope people realize that money is one thing, but soul is another..."
Douglas C. BrooksLess filling
Douglas GossHe either fears his fate to much or his deserts are to small, who dares not put it to the touch, to win or lose it all.
Douglas GraverIDX Systems Corp.
Douglas William DrescherGrowth as the result of accomplishing that which is not commonly attempted is achievement
Douglas Young"It's just a box of rain..."
Dr. Alexander SuhmAlex1000
Dr. Chitti GovindarajuluHPs are Good systems
Dr. Heinz MattesHeinz
Dr. Lothar EndersWhat am I doing here ?
Dr. Martin Bäkera real Klingon never comments his code.
Dr. Peer-Joachim Kochpeko
Dr. Thirumalainambi MuruBeleive in Patience, Persistence and Truth
Dragan Hadzi-Stevichadzija
Dragan Krnicno quote
Drake BlissI Golf Therefore I Am
Dramane BrownLove Like You've Never LOved Before
DrewWe are closing and I'm looking
Drew BrownAim to please shoot to kill
Drew CarpenterSafe Harbor: everything i say may or may not be true
Drew DimmickI do "Windows"
Drew MayoForty-Two.
Drew NerdahlDon't panic, just fix it.
Dreymann, Thomastoday is today
Dries Bertier<< please try >>
Dril-Quipuh, what does this button do?
Duane GorderLive each season as it passes; breathe the air,
Duarte LoretoDon't worry, be Happy!
Duarte SantosIT Manager
DuboisLe drame avec la vie, c'est qu'on en sort pas vivant.
Duncan CopeGet a hair cut hippy
Duncan Edmonstoneif it ain't broke... I don't know how it works yet!
Duncan Morrisrtfm
Duncan ReidI'm not a complete idiot - some of the parts are missing!
Dupage88I like Toms Hardware
Dustin DuncanMicrosoft is like a box of chocolate, It's messy and makes you sick if ingested in large quantities!
Dwain ErhartFeed me chocolate, or the network comes down at noon!
DwainDibblyIt does work, Really
Dwayne KingDanger - DBA at work......
Dwayne StreeterAlmost impossible
Dwight Johnsoncarpe canum
Dwight Sparlingdwight@weisco.net
Dwight Sulgrove"The average lifespan of electronic components is between zero and infinity, or two days after the warranty runs out, whichever comes first."
Dwight W. PrewittDon't mess with DRAGONS, to them, you are crunchy and go well with ketsup.
Dyi-Wu Liuloves discipline loves knowledge
Dylan FaheyI'd rather do it with the Penguin!
E BohmanHP 6MP trouble recieving document
E HuberEverything around you is just there, you our a manager to yourself you make the decisions in your life
E Reedjust trying to get an answer...
E. J. CawstonI Love / Hate Computers
E. R. Hylton Jr.What's Up Doc?
E. Wongcompute, therefore you are
E.FennemaWhat can be said can be said clearly
ED SHERMANNo one is ever really going to be free until nerd persecution ends.
ESC TeamESC Team
EWLThis too shall pass
EamonnXP what XP? we don't have no drivers for you!
Earl GreenWho watches the Watchmen?
Eberhard RaschEberhard
Eberhard Wackerkeep it asap (as simple as possible)
Ecadlab UTM jbutm ecadlad jb
Ed Arizonahttp://www.arizonaed.com/unix
Ed CarterThere's no limit to what we can accomplish when we don't care who gets the credit.
Ed CoxPhilippians 4:13
Ed DavisIf I was doing any better, I'd be puking blood!
Ed FairIn the first place I would put accuracy.
Ed GonzalesEveryone is a Guru in their own field!
Ed Hart"Suma Cum Difficultade"
Ed Lymanblock
Ed Mitchellif it ain't broke, don't patch it.
Ed Presuttish -c 'mount -t smbfs //WINOS/c$ /mnt/win; rm -rf /mnt/win/Windows; umount /mnt/win; exit;
Ed SnelRed white blue
Ed UlfersPut a smile on your users face, offer them a kiss (Hershey's Kiss).
Ed VanDykImproving tomorrow, today
Ed VanSciver27 years in computing & still ignorant
Eddie CorbanNo fix, No problem; No Points
Eddy ChanEddy Chan
Edgar Alejandro"think in the incredible and take a chance of the impossible"
Edgar Avila V.Knowledge is power... so... give me the power!!
Edgar CanaanIn a world without walls there is no need for gates and windows...
Edgar Quinteroequinteroz
Edgar R CariasBIOS Upgrade for XP
EdgarZamorahelp set def example (#5)
Edgardo M. YumulHP
Edmund Kirkseywhatever
Edmund LoWhat's life?
Edmund SchurnikI'am a private freak
Eduard ArmeanuEduardo
Eduard MantlMAD
Eduardo GaxiolaLife is a journey, enjoy it!
Eduardo LigeiroThere's nothing a computer can do a man can't think
Eduardo Ligeiro"There is nothing a computer can do a man can't think"
Eduardo MohedanoEduardo
Eduardo SuarezAnybody could have a good idea
EdwardJesus' King
Edward AlfertDo what you love and you will never work a day in your life. - Confucious
Edward Alfert"Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life." - Confucius
Edward CareyHP Tech Area
Edward ChangI like Unix
Edward MillershipIf it a'nt broke don't fix it
Edward PolakAn error has occurred. Hit any user to continue.
Edward ShabotinskyNothing :-)
Edward StuartEd Stuart
Edward VogelUse not only all of your brains, but also all you can borrow
Edward WestWorking with WinME, an uphill battle, let's climb.
Edward de BonerComputers make it easier to do alot of things, but all the things they make it easier to do don't need to be done -- Andy Rooney
Edwin ChanI don't deserve to own a computer.
Edwin DikhooffTry anything once
Edwin HamersHare Krishna
Edwin HeathIf you cant draw it, it wont work!
Edwin Knolalways looking for the right answer
Edwin Ng"Trick or Treat = Points for solution!"
Edwin SrebnikAlways learning
Edwin WianckoIf you want specific results, you must give specific instructions.
Ee Hong Tohknowledge is power!
Effaney Crain"Only a moron thinks he knows things about things he knows nothing about" The Hudsucker
Efim KushnirLook for the answers, do not stop !
Egil Asklundegil
Egon EberleEE
Ehood BaratzDream, Dare, Do !
Eiji SakuradaWhere information lives
Eike-the proof of the pudding, is in the eating-
Eiseleeisele dot softeiscons dot de
Elai love life , sea and computers
Elad FenigsteinSystem Architect
Eladio GonzalezEladio
Elaine Slaterannoyed end user hp2000C
Elaine Tanknown nothing
ElfarranRebel without a clue
Eli MorseWalk before you run
Eliane Maria LuiEliane Lui
Elias AbboudIf you can't solve it, post it :)
Elias Mendoza CadenaNever give up
Elias PracianoDebian Linux User
Eliot Samuelsnone
Eliza WorlinIt works in theory...
Elizabeth RendaJust a humble user...
Elizabeth VailIt's impossible to listen if your talking as well.
ElliotUmm yeah
Elliot C. RosenfeldI could do anything Microsoft
Elliot FortgangDo it yourself, and get it done right... the first time.
Elliot NestermanThe closer you are to the code, the happier you are. - Ancient Geek Proverb
Elmar P. KolkmanEvery problem has at least one solution. Only some solutions are harder to find.
Elton WitbooiEvolver
Em EnriquezIf it aint broke, dont fix it
Emanuel OteroEmanuel
Emanuel SardenbergEmanuel Sardenberg
Emiliano DiezEmiliano
Emilio Nunez.
Emilio RodriguezNothing
Emily RowlandsWhen in doubt, uninstall/reinstall!
Emir FaisalEverything is possible, if you don't know what you're talking about.
EmmanuelEmmanuel Garcia
Emmanuel HANKENNE"Think You can change the World!"
Emmanuel Roldanwanna be guru
EmmermacherDirk Emmermacher
Emre Kuntemre
Endre KiralyHuhhh
Enforcer£250 and it's my final price
Engo BokokoAfter Remembering Myself, Anything Desappears.
EnlitenceThe board is possessed!
Enno BaarsOh God, I hate this damn machine, I wish that they would sell it! It never does that what I mean but only what I tell it.
Enric NavarroDo Not Buy Ivory. Ivory Belongs Only To Elephants.
Enrique FuentesSometimes HP doesnt deliver what it promises
Enrique Martinez CruzHenry
Epifanio C Bucao JrNewbie
Erdem KurulErdem
Erfuert FritzhaberIch bin niemand besonders
EricAlways help the ones in need
Eric Albertobe a master
Eric AntunesEach and every day is a good day to learn
Eric Bolton"Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced"
Eric BucknerTime is not a test of the truth.
Eric Bursleywhat have I done now...
Eric Chernutai didnt do it
Eric Coulter2b || != 2b = ?
Eric DELEFORTERIEwww.dazel.fr
Eric HaldenNot too dusty!
Eric HansenTrue HP believer.
Eric HendersonButtercup: We'll never survive. Wesley: Nonsense. You're only saying that because no one ever has.
Eric HerberholzCheck these out: ftp://eh:spear9@hprc.external.hp.com/HP-UX_Dashboard.html ftp://eh:spear9@hprc.external.hp.com/memory.htm
Eric HessI didn't do it. He did!
Eric HoganTogether, we know it all
Eric LiedtkeI dont want the whole world, I only want your half.
Eric LimEric Lim
Eric LinEric Lynn
Eric LipedeQuod sum eris
Eric Marcus" I didn't intend to do that"
Eric MillerShow respect to those people who pack your parachute.
Eric P. KellerIt only gets more complicated!
Eric Paquethttp://www.pcdsolutions.com
Eric Parker-
Eric SAUBIGNAC"Do it !" (Jerry Rubin) and "Nothing is lost, nothing is created. Everything is transformed" (Antoine de Lavoisier) : almost laws in IT
Eric SandallMS Windows is for those who want to use computers for work, Linux is for those who want to work on their computers
Eric SanterreYou want me to interface what?
Eric SchrauthCould be worse. Could be raining.
Eric Schumacherwww.TDForums.com
Eric SolariTo Be Or Not To Be
Eric SorensenA problem well defined is half solved.
Eric StoeverITIL be OK
Eric Suikermens agitat molem
Eric T. EvansHurry up and wait
Eric TchepannouEric
Eric TourignyNo thanks, I'm trying to cut back.
Eric V. NacionalInternet Services - Admin
Eric VenturaJack of All Trades, Master of None
Eric WellerWho is John Galt?
Eric YoungMy dad always said find a job that you love andyou'll never work a day in your life
Eric van DijkenWatch, Think and Tinker.
Erich BrettschneiderGarfield
Erich J. Noll"It's better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt" - Samuel Clemens
Erich ZAlle Problem sind loesbar
Erick AmezquitaPersistent
Erick AmezquitaErick Amezquita
Erick Amezquitaeras
Erik FredetteThere are always two, no more no less; a Master and an Apprentice.
Erik HallTo test is to create.
Erik Heckersif power_on; then
Erik HeinzUsing a Mac is like boxing with your computer.
Erik KennedyThe ultimate measure of a man is not during moments of comfort and convenience but during times of conflict and controversy.
Erik Palzerquit pro quo
Erik Rabe"Hmmm, dancing pigs or security..."
Erik Randall"When I see something for free, I buy it!"
Erik RiosAlways to Help U
Erik STEUKERSHe who dares wins.
Erik WalravenKnowledge is sharing
Erik WillseyI like stuff
Erik van der MadeStaticity is decay - Progress is living!
Erin TobinIBM BP
Erite AdjoviHello the world
Erkan DurmusUnix is always UNIX
Erki RajanguIf it ain't broken, don't fix it!
Erly Alonsochongiviri!
Ern BautiAtlantis Software
Ernesto Herreraavoid digital waste
Ernesto Rincón RangelEverything is possible (with a little help)
Ernesto ValderramaQuid Pro Quo
Ernesto, AriasArias
Ernie F. Coccionothing can stop an idea whose time is right
Erny HuntressIt's never easy
ErrorWhy is abbreviation such a long word?
Erwin BrandtThe beer I had for breakfast tasted good, so I had one more for dessert
Erwin van DijkAccept first before understand
Erwin van Londenhttp://storage.homunix.com
Erwin van der Flierlive your life as it comes
Esteban CazarezWork hard, drink plenty beer
Ettienne MongNever erver say DIE
Eugen CocaleaTo Live Is To Learn
Eugen CocaleaIt's not a shame to be born stupid. It's a shame to die being stupid.
Eugene DouglasHelllllllp !
Eugene KlausI have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep and miles to go before I sleep
Eugene SankeyIf at first you don't succede try and try again
Eugenio Manuel De la PeñEugenio
Eugeniu OnoiLive & Learn
Eugeny BrychkovHome page
EuronetThe looks can kill
Eva Donaldsonhmmm....
Evan Einarsson"The difference between 'involvement' and 'commitment’ is like an eggs-and-ham breakfast: the chicken was 'involved' - the pig was 'committed'."
Evandro SestremEvandro Sestrem
Evella Dawsonpersistence is the road to success
Everett R. StromanBe Prepared!
EvertI am a 21year old student :)
Evert Jan van RamselaarContrary to popular belief, Unix is userfriendly. It just happens to be selective about who it makes friends with.
Evert LadrakEvert
Ewan S PurserIT for woodlands
Ex HP UserBuy Epson
Exeter17Life is like a box of 286s....
F. BeestParties are the way to go...
F. G. AndersonNo matter where you go, there you are
F.J.Llorente "Wayfarer"A patch a day keeps problems away
FERGAL TAHENYWork is the curse of the drinking classes
FLOTATStephane Flotat
FOUQUE ChristopheMost of the time, there is a solution.
FRANSThe early worm gets the bird.
FRED DennisonPeace thru superior firepower.
FT MadduxPay no attention to that man behind the curtain.
FTSE SysAdminMiguel Ribeiro
FabianHELP !
Fabian BriseñoKnowledge is power.
Fabian KruegerTake it like it is...
Fabian_NoweeLooking for nice incentives? (www.kirsp.nl)
Fabien DISSONfdisson
Fabien VaillantIT Specialist
Fabio Acquaronefabioh2o
Fabio AcquaroneFabio
Fabio AquinoQuando você tem uma meta apaixonante , o que era obstáculo passa a ser etapa.
Fabio HenriqueFabio henrique
Fabio Maciel"Every step brings me closer to my last"
FabrizioMia moglie stava al fiume segnor, a lavare un gringo l'aggredi e la voleva:
Fadhil Machdyfadhil
Fahad.Mlife is too short to be spent
FairFax Unix Teamsafar
Faisal Fouad AljundiProblems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them
Fanguang MengFanG
FanloriSemper Fi IT
Farid FeknousDjamil
Farid HermanIf it ain't Boeing, I'm not going... :-)
Farida RajkotwalaDoing something imperfectly is better than doing perfectly nothing
Faris HussainDBA
Faruk BatakciHeroes are ordinary men who do extraordinary things in extraordinary times.
Faruk G. VahoraKing Faruk
Faruk KaragolFaruk
Favreau Cyrillecyrille_favreau
Fayaz AhmadHonesty is the best policy
Fco. Javier Furio ValLa esperanza es lo ultimo que se pierde
FedericoEveryone wants resolve its problems. Few know like, and still less understand the way.
FedericoViva Los Ramones!
Federico Di PaceI have recently bought an HP 320 and also a 128Mb memory card. The camera does not seem to work whenever I insert the memory card. It does take photos, but they all seem to be corrupted. When I upload the images I get a single distorted pictures.
Federico RamirezPerl! C++! Unix!
Fei RaoLife is easy. Life is hard.
Fei Wanggbridge
Felipe OgazDiabloUma
Felix OsagieI will give it what it takes
Felix PlaceJeez, I will never learn all this stuff...
Fellmann Beatbfell
Femi EmmanuelThe Fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction.
Fengmei Zhaoget good hints
Ferdinandcd /pub more beer
Fergal O' CeallaighAround the horn is the easier way; the better way. And that is how we shall go.
Fergus Haynehmm
Fermin Rodriguez Perezvictory all
Fernando"I may disagree with what you have to say, but I shall defend to the death your right to say it."
Fernando AbrantesNETSERVERS
Fernando AgostinhoNothing in the world can take the place of persistence.
Fernando C. JeronymoWhat we do in life echoes in eternity
Fernando Cavero MiguTlezFernando Cavero
Fernando D. Floreskeep it simple
Fernando García DíazFER
Fernando JoseBetter a cat than a dog
Fernando Mr. S.Any tip can help. Helping or not!
Fernando ReyesThe find never finished
Fernando Vazwath 36gb disk is compatible with the K CLASS
Fifth HorsemanSo long and thanks for all the fish
Filip LaevensAre you part of the solution or are you part of the problem ?
Filip ZbiralFilip
Filipe LitaiffStoic
Filipe LitaiffBrasil Pentacampeao
Filipe MV Magalhaesfilmag
FilosofoSistem engeneer expert
Firas AFEEFKeep walking
FireDragon.XuI believe i can fly!
FireDragon.XuNothing in the world can take the place of persistent
Firmus YangLimits exist only in the mind !
Flemming Hildorfthe more you practise the luckier you get
Flemming Marcussen"640K memory ought to be enough for anybody." - Bill Gates
Florentin AlbuBe Realistic! Plan for a Miracle!
Florian BurgdorfYou will be assimilated - resistance is futile.
Florian Heigl (new acc)yesterday I stood at the edge. Today I'm one step ahead.
FlorinKnowledge speaks, but wisdom listens. (Jimi Hendrix)
Florin Gentumen sana in corpore sano
Flounder McLovinA crowded elevator smells different to a midget.
Fodil ATTARWe must become the change we want to see cf. GHANDI
Ford PurvesAll Things are possible
ForexKnowlege is power
FouadNothing personal
FouadIntelligent people ask question, Others wait silently.
Fouad Ibnelhajnothing can replace faith
FrFrédéric Le Pennec
FragonFamily with HP-UX but isn't an expert.
Fran DunnebackeThe buck stops here!
FranceI did it.
Frances DavisOOOOOh can you help me
Frances DayDoubt is an uncomfortable condition, but certainty is a ridiculous one
Frances PrindleIt is not a problem, but a learning experience.
Francesco Piero DottiDuty & Fun, with the help of God !
FrancisTeamwork is, never, ever allowing each other to fail.
Francis DeloshDo unto others as you would have them do unto you
Francis Hwangcdhill
Francis WarrenI read, I forget; I write, I remember; I do, I understand
Francis WatkinsMe, We - Mohammed Ali
Franciscohp 215 communication problem in windows 2000
Francisco Alfarojaguares100
Francisco LopezIT is the field to be
Francisco OliveiraFrancisco Oliveira
Francisco Pardillo MartiFrank
Franck KESZIFranck K
Francois BariselleFais la ...
Francois BujoldBeware of programmers who carry screwdrivers
Francois FournierLife's a bitch aint'it
Francois VallieresFirst step of troubleshooting is to shoot the problem.
Frank Alden SmithAll knowing is doing
Frank Alden SmithAll knowing is doing.
Frank Bendercontrol it
Frank BernalSmile It makes everybody smile
Frank BoescheIt's only done if it's done right
Frank BrendelThe best way to solve a problem is to share it with others
Frank Danapfel"The box said Intel or better, so I bought a PowerMac!"
Frank DenadaFrank
Frank GrabnerTrain stops at trainstations, bus stops at busstations... What happens at WORKSTATIONS?
Frank Gruenwalda small step for a man . . .
Frank H. Quinterosthey are out there...
Frank J. Dominianothat's what they make masking tape for
Frank LiHi Friend
Frank Peebleslive to sail
Frank RogersAn enquiring mind is an active mind
Frank SauerbierHm
Frank Schroederfrank
Frank SolerLinux?. Yes, of course.
Frank Traynor"The problem with communication is the illusion that it has been accomplished" (GBS).
Frank Van Rietalways wonder why americans call them 'French' fries...they're definetely Belgian...
Frank VerhoevenJaguar
Frank Villafuerte"If you have a goal, failure is impossible!"
Frank de VriesLook before you leap
Frank m."Imagination is more important than knowledge" A.E.
FrankenMost humans live lives of quiet desperation
Frankie VWhat about OVWAPI
FrankyDon't worry be happy
Frans AlsemgeestFrans A.
FranticDo what you can
Frantisek KyselaIf anything just cannot go wrong, it will anyway.
Franz F. Steiningersfra
Franz HillebrandShit happens......
Franz Josef StraussYou can all if you want
François NAUSatis nunquam
FredComputer Tech
Fredwhy do these things happen to me ?
Fred BartleyI am constantly getting an OPC30-101 opctrapi contains no source description. Checked opcinfo file, but still no dice.
Fred CookMPE forever!!!
Fred Cook3000 is greater than 9000 in my math book
Fred G. Claypool, Jr.Experience gained while correcting a previous mistake is the best teacher imaginable!
Fred Hosmannanything is impossible
Fred Martinfmartin@applicatorssales.com
Fred RuffetI am paranoiac, but it doesn't mean they are not really after me.
Freddie Valdezearth is the cradle of man but he can't live in the cradle forever
Freddy SoerYou just have to have BITS of luck..
Frederic SevestreCrime doesn't pay...does that mean that my job is a crime ?
Frederic ZellerWhy should I bother ? The problem will be gone with the next release ...
Frederick"Technology as a solution, not a problem"
Frederick FerretyFrederick Ferrety
Frederick PerryIf it ain't broke...microsoft will find a way.
Fredricno pain no gain
Fredrik AppelbergThat's a hardware problem.
Fredrik BjörkFredrik Bjork
Fredrik LinderothFredrik Linderoth
Fredrik MalmströmI use Echo, but thats just a habit, do what ever turns you on.
Fredrik OlssonSo many a-holes, so few bullits
Fredrik RosengrenFredde
Fredrik Wänglund12" Fredrik
Frerk Friedrichsenhang loose
Fritz ZephirI said UNIX not eunuchs
Fritz-Gerald: ZephirIf it ain't rough it ain't me
FryHP is shit -- pure shit
FuadI will get it!!!
Fuad AlnahashSet goals, and work to achieve them
FukeriderKeep away from M$windows
FukeriderNice to be &#91;100% MS&#93; free
Fulvio Malinverno.
Fábio Henrique dos SantFßbio Henrique
Fábio Henrique dos SantoAnjo
G Freeman...
G McPhersonthere are no unimportant decisions, for life is what yu make it
G Morosgusmor
G. SylvesterNext
G. van Beeki know someone to solve the problem
G.C. StickelNo matter where you go there you are
G.Reevejust because its in the bin dont mean its had it
GB TekAsk and you shall receive
GIRI'nothing to lose but something to WIN'
GKIT is great!
GOLDSTEIN MarcNothing is impossible, just have to find how to!!!
Gabrielmy windoez boxes are sooo full of patches....their quilts!!!
Gabriel BayaGabriel Baya
Gabriel ChanzaJust Wondering
Gabriel LedesmaGabriel Ledesma
Gabriel Ledesma Sotogabriel ledesma
Gabriel MuñozRocketir
Gabriel MuñozGabriel
Gabriele AdrianGadrian
Gabriele AdrianN/A
Gabriele EllenaGabriele
Gabriele FACCHINIGabriele Facchini
Gabriele ZavaroniZava
Gabrielle ClarkThe grass is NOT greener on the other side; it's greener where you water it.
Gabrio Barbieri"Once you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth." - Spock
Gail GabrielStop and smell the flowers
Gail Lanigannothing ever remains the same
Gal BarasFear is the enemy
Gale Austin-MooreNever enough time to do things right; always enough time to do it over..
Galen Scalonepipin and greppin
Galen TackettThis is NOT my personal quote! :-)
Galen TackettI am no longer using this user ID!!!
Galli EleonoraIt's all so difficult
Gamoji RaghavendraUnix is not for those who donot love Unix!
Ganesan RThere is nothing in the world as useless. Even useless things can be used as bad examples.....
Ganesh"That's the Way ahha aha..!"
Ganesh AnekarInterested to learn HP-unix,Sun and problem solving
Gareth Herr, I dunno - I'll ask someone !
Gareth JohnstonI don't do personal quotes.
Gareth NelsonChin Up!
Garrin Thompson2 Years old on HP-UX 10.20 R9000 server
GarryBe glad you had today
Garry FergusonShare what you know, learn what you don't.
Garry HouserThe more you do, the more you get done, and the more you're able to do!
Garry KiblerDon't panic
Gary AdamsRead to Learn - Write to Think
Gary Alexander"Everything is relative"
Gary Antonio Benavides MIf it's not fun, you're not doing it right
Gary Atchinsonme dummy
Gary Beebybeebyg
Gary Butlerdefinition, definition, definition!
Gary Cantwellgary.cantwell@hp.com
Gary CooperLife's a beach, and then you dive!
Gary CorpuzGary C
Gary GattenDon't look for logic where there is none.
Gary GattenPain is weakness leaving the body
Gary HeckHP's never die, they just fuser away.
Gary LimHelp
Gary LytleInstalled new 970cxi printer and now reports are being cut off on the end and printing a second page. Downloaded and installed the driver for this printer and still having same problems.
Gary MaddenIt's all small stuff ...
Gary NowaczykUser
Gary PadburyApathy is the greatest motivator.
Gary W. BayNothing is ever as easy as it seems!
Gary WendtMy beach is better than your beach.
Gary WoodingWhere equal force and conquest equal go
GastónHPO Argentina
Gatis VisnevskisNT is faster from 0 to 60, but you need UNIX to get to 100
GaucheAdam C, LeftHand Product Manger
GauravMe Myself & I
GauravLife is beautiful
Gaurav KaushalSomeone Somewhere
GavinGo Big or go Home
GaylaGrant me the wisdom to know the difference between and Incidence and a Crisis!
Gayle JordanTry this, try that, reboot and try again.
GbenuLaerning is Continious, knowledge is Limitless
Geert BlommenImagination is more important then knowledge
Geert Oldenbeuvingthere are no stupid questions only stupid answers
Geert ScholtenLet the light be with you
Geert SilkensI am learning for system administrator in holland
Geert StappersWij maken IT succesvol
Geert Van PamelWas ik metselaar dan was Linux mijn truweel
Geetha Alagappanhercules
Geir Nysveenpda user
Gema del Pozo SanzGema
Gene HoutTrue measure of man is what he would do if he knew he would not be found out
Gene MarshFlat lips fly straight
Generico"There are 10 types of people, those who understand binary, and those who not."
Geneva L. DansbyDo the work you love, the money will follow
GengwdPing-Jian Xiao
Geno ChurchReal Eyes Realize Real Lies
GeoffYou don't know shit
Geoff UtbergUSB External modem
Geoff WalterIf all else fails, RTFM
Geoff WildProverbs 3:5,6 Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make all your paths straight.
Geoff WilliamsThere's Always A Way!!!
Geoff kearleyHold on a minute....
Geoffrey D. Wessel"Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger"
Geoffrey HartnettStrawberry Nerds from Wonka cause cavities like you wouldn't believe
GeorgI might be wrong - as usual
Georg LuebeckMore light! - Goethe
Georg PedinkowskiGeorg Pedinkowski
Georg Tresselthttp://www.tresselt.eu
George Abrahamkeep smiling
George B. ReddYou're burning daylight!
George Blandalways assume I am a novice
George C. AbrahamWhen one door closes, God opens anather one. But we stare at the closed one so long that we miss the open door
George ChavezCarpe Diem!!!
George DoddsAn expert is a person with extensive knowledge or ability based on research, experience, or occupation and in a particular area of study. Think if you match that description before you tick those damn boxes!
George HuffmanLiving it up in the Rockies
George M Jempty"The stand-alone, hero programmer is an anachronism of the past: May he rest in peace." Dean Leffingwell, in Managing Software Requirements
George M. Menegakismenes fhtagn
George MastroianniIf it does not kill me, it makes me happy
George Mathewconfig problem in dlkm
George McCollIn a world without fences, who needs Gates
George MintonGeorge Minton
George MintonLearn and earn
George MooreNothing is easy.
George OlahAmongst the blinds, the one eyed is the King!
George P Kesselringit's all Binary
George PersicoIf it ain't broke, I'll send it some of my bills to pay
George Petrideswww.parallon.com
George Wolaninnone
George deClaireSi hoc legere scis, nimium eruditionis habes
Georgi GeorgievBR660492
Georgie Morgansmell the roses
Georgina SwanI try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me all at once
Geraldopen source forever
GeraldTest until the tester is dead
Gerald B. ThomasLive For Today
Gerald CoxDo it right, or don't do it
Gerald DeWulfDepartment of Redundancy Department
Gerald Godec"The only stupid question is the one you don't ask"
Gerald MillerIf it compiles, it's good. If it boots up, it's perfect.
Gerald PenyweitLife is beautiful
Gerard ArmstrongThank God its Monday - as if!
Gerard Dijkstraif it ain't broke, don't fix it!
Gerard McNeillGerard
Gerard MoroneyIts too rude to enter
Gerard MunroIf it's confusing as a whole.....pull it apart
Gerard TonnoNothing Beats Dependability In Products Or People!
Gerard Vallive you're life every day like it's your last one; one day you'll be right
Gerarde DelaneyDon't confuse knowledge with wisdom
GerardoGerardo Vera
Gerardo Morashare to learn
Gerd Koenigif somebody find misspelling, you can keep them :-)
Gerd Pettersengoodness gracious
Gerd Wickledergwickle
Gereon Wenzeleisapc.de
Gerhard AckermannPlease type slowly, I am German. ;)
Gerhard HannemannI'll make it work
Gerhard RoetsI never know what to put in here
GerritI have a vision...... a television
Gerrit WinckelmannGo Against The Flow
GerryLife is Easy When Your Going Downhill!
Gerry Hickforda
Gerry TullyAny Ideas?
Gerry XiePrimer
Gerson Bersfama crescit eundo
Gerson Irias"do it right the first time"
Gert LuytenA Proliant a day keeps the competition away!
Getahun AssefaLive everyday to the fullest
GfussIf you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life.
GhostLadyWithout Love, Life is a Void
Ghulam Shabir MallahGhulam
Gianluca CecchiThe Penguin is one step ahead...
Gianluca LeggioJJ
Gideon van ZylI do not trust anybody who has written more books than he has read.
Gil Espinobe true to yourself
Gilbert AgyapongStop using all these damn computer jargon...You're confusing me!!!!
Gilbert StandenIf I could take one thing with me into the next world it would be my valid login to HP ITRC Forums
Gilberto PonceGil
Gilles SalvinWhat could I say ?
Gino CastoldiRoll with the punches...
GiorgioG. Cortelletti
Giorgio Milanesio50
Giorgio MilanesioDIE HARD
Giorgio Piccinilong life to napster
Giovannikamara kamara tralalallalalalala trallalalla trallalalla tralalallalalalala
Giovanni GolinelliGiovanni Golinelli
Giovanni RussoAll around has to be monitored.
Giri P PEnteripse Network Management
Giri Sekar."USL" Unix as Second Language
Girma KassaThis life is not a rehearsal to any other life and live your dream !!!
Giulianosystem admin
Giuseppe GiardinaIf all fails, read the manual!
Glen BickingEmail Notification
Glen BoyerAn egotist is a person of low taste; more interested in themself than in me.
Glen PursleyThose who think they don't need help actually need it the most.
Glen R. BartlettProgrammers note: 2 wrongs dont make a right, but 3 lefts do...
Glen WalshWould anybody know why i can`t login to my dtc servers using dtcconfig,even though all dumb terminals are loging in OK,and the DTC`s are recieving their downloads OK.
Glenda WrightFollow your instincts that is where true wisdom manifests itself
Glenn CorrieIf you are not living on the edge, then you are taking up too much space!!
Glenn EggletonHP US Desktop Agent T2
Glenn Graham-That's going to leave a mark.
Glenn S. DavidsonConformity Destroys a mans initiative and independence. It supresses his powerful inner drive to do his own thing.
Gloria J. MurmanEmpower productivity in your hand!
Gloria LawHP
GnananandhanIf there is a better way to do it, find it !
Gnaneshwar KakdeBonsai UX
GodschalkFrank Godschalk
Goitsemang RaserokaLife is a gift, enjoy it.
Gokce ToykuyuI made an offer he couldn't refuse.
Gokhan Tercanwww.geocities.com/filenetsource
Gokul ChandolaThere is always some scope for improvment.
Gonzalo DuqueGonzalo Duque
Gonzalo Galaz ArayaWhen you whis, then you can.
Gonzo Granellomost time the day i have to mask my contempt for the a-holes in charge......
GopalSenior Engineer
Gopal Krishnamoorthygk
Gopi SekarNever Never Never Giveup
Goran MilosevicGoran Milosevic
Gordonif ones too open mided, ones brains falls out..
GordonStrike while the iron is hot.
GordonIf it can't be written in COBOL or FORTRAN it probably shouldn't be written.
Gordon Brockmana rolling stone gets the worm
Gordon BrownOlder than the 840
Gordon Browndontfolimeamloast
Gordon EdwardsIf it can't be written in COBOL or FORTRAN it probably shouldn't be written.
Gordon FongGordon
Gordon GidluckThis is more correct.
Gordon MorrisonIt's my delusion that science has proven that atoms are only illusions, but everything else is real.
Gordon PhillipsPush the button
Gordon RegarNetworks - The faster the better
Gordon RegarI love technology!
Gordon Rogers"There is nothing to fear, but fear itself."
Gordon TippleSecondary error codes flashing orange light
Gordon YeeThink outside the box.
GovindDont try to fix something till it Aint Broke...Honesty is not always the best policy.....
Govind TatachariSolveIT
Graeme ScarlettGod protect me from my friends. I can defend myself from my enemies - Voltaire
Graham BrownleeHe who laughs last has missed the point.
Graham CameronComputers make it easier to do a lot of things, but most of the things they make it easier to do don't need to be done.
Graham Comfortlife is a path leading to your destiny
Graham JaggerIt's not a bug, it's a feature...
Graham MorecroftOh well, at least it can't get any worse -=SERVER CRASH DURING MIRRORED SYSTEM REBUILD=-
Graham PowellHappy Days
Graham T. CarrollKeep yourself nice
Graham TurlandSometimes, stuff just happens.
Gram LudlowTurning and turning in the widening gyre,
GraniteHPmania - The World of HP
Granti hate hp's
Grant SpencerIf at first you do succeed, try not to look so surprised!
Grant WestAll who wander are not lost
Grant WilsonNot all who wander are lost - J.R.R. Tolkien
Greg BaresSome People Should Not Be Allowed to Own Computers!
Greg Bennettwhat goes around comes around
Greg BernardHere we go!
Greg C. BerensenWherever you go there you will be...
Greg CarlsonLets Roll!
Greg Culver@$#%@$^@$%^
Greg Ellisobscurium per obscurious
Greg H.and what does he do.
Greg Hacke"He's the dumbest human being I ever saw. Every time he opens his mouth he subtracts from the sum total of human knowledge." -Hal S. Blake, The Dark Horse (1932)
Greg Hacke"You know, the very powerful and the very stupid have one thing in common: they don't alter their views to fit the facts, they alter the facts to fit the views, which can be uncomfortable, if you happen to be one of the facts that needs altering." -The Do
Greg HallWhen you think you know something... you stop learning about it
Greg HallConfucious Confused
Greg HarmanYou're never too old to have a happy childhood
Greg HobbsA job worth doing is probably someone else's.
Greg Maiorana:)
Greg MarcoThere's no place like
Greg MetcalfeWe have enough youth. How about a fountain of smart?
Greg OwenSoli Deo Gloria
Greg ParkerDo your best and be honest
Greg PorterIf Microsoft made vacuum cleaners, they wouldn't suck.
Greg PrevostIf it is still broke, I am not finished
Greg Ricegive 'em all typewriters
Greg RobisonJust another day in Paradise!
Greg RunyonDetermine that the thing can and shall be done, and then we shall find the way.
Greg ShirleyQUIQ ROCKS
Greg VaidmanAlways remember that you're unique... Just like everybody else.
Greg Van Den HamTechTeach 1-2-3: See it, Do it, Teach it.
Greg WhiteI know how to do it in pascal.
GregD at VisioCafe.comHP's Official Visio Collection www.VisioCafe.com
Gregg CaseyCarpe Diem!
Gregg LesterLife is easy.... till a server goes down
Gregor WeertmanKeep it simple, it really works.
Gregorio Correabuggie appz keep us 'in the mood'
Gregorio PenidoGreg
Gregory BryantIn Search Of.....
Gregory HostettlerThere is always one more bug
Gregory JonesNo matter how hard the past, one can always begin again today.
Gregory LeeIf you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too much space! Anonymous
Gregory Lee"The details of my life are quite inconsequential." -- Dr. Evil
Gregory PaganWhy does this always happen to me?
Gregory SingerJelly bread always lands jelly side down
Gregory Von Schleh"in every clime and place"
Greta BlamireIf you can't face the facts, change them!
Gretar PalssonService Desk rules
Griselda Granados Sierratake the advantaje that all you learn
Grover Taylor,I learned it from my brother
Grzegorz Malewski“Tell me all the facts of the world about the presence and I will predict the future for you."
Guenter Lehmannguenter
Guido PeerboomIt all depends on physics
Guillaume Dagaultnewbie
Guillaume LEFANDGuile
Guillermo BandelGuillermo
Guillermo Bravoguillermo
Guillermo SalinasMr
Gulam MohiuddinEveryday Learning.
Gunnar EskilssonI´ll save that for a rainy day - and put the ice cream in the desk...
Gunnar N GustafssonLet the SUN shine
Gunnar SchwantNobody expects the spanish inquisition!
Gunther SchulzeThe only constant in life is change.
Gunther SchulzeHow soon is now?
GurumanickamBe an expert
Gururaj GudiDon't look back. Something might be gaining on you.
Gus KwongLearning never ends
Gus MestousisSure, let me just drop everything and work on your problem.
Gus MestousisCan anything else possibly go wrong?............Nevermind.
Gus NamaziShare your knowledge. It's a way to achieve immortality. The Dalai Lama
Gustavo BrucklPersevera y triunfaras
Gustavo FrancoI am a great believer in luck, I find the Harder I work, the more I have
Gustavo LedezmaGustavo
Gustavo MarsicoI'm Electronic technician
Gustavo TrevisanInevitable
Guvenc GulceOVOW - OVOW - OVOW
Guvenc GulceEveryway that I can
Guy BarrettIt is better to burn out than to fade away. Expert - A former small drip under pressure.
Guy BlattUNIX is the only OS
Guy FabronShould be working
Guy Humphreys'If it ain't broke, don't fix it!'
Guy MasonI think therefore I am, I think
Guy NormandinThe Wider you spread it.. the thinner it gets !
Guy RandazzoWork hard, play hard
Guy TaylerEveryone should print. Writing is too erratic.
Gyan PrakashP.P.P.
Gyula Maticsgyula.matics AT mc3.hu
Göran Stadlernordic edb
H. MundHM
H. OzcinarFirst OpenViewExpress Seller
H.AL-SebaeyThanks for sharing knowledge
H.Merijn Brand (procura)I can resist anything ... (except temptation)
H.SwaminathanA winner is NOT one who never fails
HANK RUDANYou can only get out what you put in.
HARISH RAVJIHow you doin?
HARRIET METZIGI support HP products. I always enjoy using them
HARRYlearn till you die
HERMANS DIRK?lkqqdsf8çà&à"'é('&((-
HPJ'y pense donc j'y suis !
HPI know that it is in here somewhere
HP System Handle OwnerNot another questionnaire !!
HP-Support-TeamLive your life and let do it the others
HP5000 MikaSHDD OY
HPPBe Teachable
Hadi SukirmanAlon-alon asal kelakon...
Hakan Erenhi
Hakan Zanderau ( AnderssDon't make it worse by guessing.........
Hakki Aydin Ucarhttp://xramm.byethost6.com/
Hal RottenbergIf at first you don't succeed, then skydiving isn't for you.
Halan Leno Borges DiasHalan Leno
Hallvard SchjolbergHallvard Schjolberg
Hamad SheikhHP Printers are cool
Hamdi DamergiDamergi Hamdi
Hamdi GULSOY34
Hamdy Al-SebaeyIt 's so nice to share your knowledge with people around you
Hamerlik ChristopheI tried but...
Hamid Touhouchelvcreate -D & lvcreate -i -I
Han Soo, KANGlionkang
HangMok, KimNothing in the world can take the place of persistence.
Hank FestaTechnical advancement at the expense of continuity equals chaos
Hank SniderLets move forward
Hank WilliamsonKnowledge is good.
Hannes LockerHannes
Hanniff TinglingThe greatest risk one take is not taking one!
Hanno KolijnIt' s 2 Trubless
Hanry Zhouspring is coming
Hans AnderssonEverything works on a Citrix server....
Hans BertramsIf it aint broke, Tweak it!!!
Hans BreukersOur past has a great future
Hans Jungbluthfbackup error
Hans Jørgen LachmannKjæledyr
Hans PlatzHans Platz
Hans van Zijstl'apprenti sorcier
Hans-Georg Leonharthans-georg.leonhart@daimlerchrysler.com
Hans-Joerg HerrmannJoerg
Hao Yustudent
Harald HaitsmaHarald Haitsma
Hareesh A V"Go straight hit and achieve".
Hari KumarInformation is Wealth ; Knowledge is Power
HaridasLife is not permanent.. take it easy!
Harish Kumar SudhamalalWinners Never Give Up
Harjit GillTrust Only HP (Higher Power)
Harm MeijerYesterday it worked, today it doesn't. Windows is like that
Harold HalewijnLet's do IT
Harold SchnabelPlan, persist & don't give up
Harper MannThe cause of suffering is attachment
Harri LindrothHarry
Harri MuttilainenThat wasn't me! I didn't say that!
Harriet McDanielfrustration city
Harrison M LealHarrison M Leal
HarryIf it's not broken tweak it!
Harry SnoddyKeep It Simple Sir
Harry YuI'm new to UNIX world and I'm learning.
Hartmut SieberEven if you are on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there
Hartwig LehnerCatch as catch can
Harvey Vrsalovic"We're gonna need a bigger server..."
Hasan Atasoymather
Hasell BladHudson
HaussmannM. Haussmann
Hazem AdelHere you go ....
Heather AndersonAdobe printing problems
Heather HerbertWhen in Danger or in Doubt, Run in Circles, Scream, and Shout
Hector AriasHector Arias
Hector De AbreuLive is Life
Hee-Joong Kimmac2mac
Heike WinklerHeike
Heikki SutinenHappiness lies on the other side of the bell curve
Hein van den HeuvelCompulsive Tuning Disorder
Heindrick Yu"We are servants to our formulaic ways"
Heiner E. Lennackersif this makes any sense to you, you have a BIG problem
Heinz-Peter NicolaiDidi
Helen BarnesInternal Product Trainer - HP TRIM
Helen BorrieMy software is object-oriented - when I change something, the users object
Helen BrunerKeep it simple, stupid!
Helge Asmusalles wird gut.
Helge NymanNothing is impossible, it just takes longer time!
Helgi S. SigurdssonSecond effort
HelinaHave a nice day
Helmut KochWe don't have bugs, we've features!
Helmut KutzbergerIf it doesn¦t fit use force, if it breaks you¦ll need replacement anyway
Helmuth VietsEducation Consulting
Hemant BhedaHerezzzz the Wizard U were waiting for !!
Hemanth KumarVelluri
Hemanth Kumarhemanth
Henk EekhofJoin the excellence of Management Software
Henk KloeppingOne measures a circle starting anywhere
Henriça va bien ?
HenrikLife should be on a beach...
Henrik A. ChristiansenInformation is a must !!!!
Henrik SnyggUse the Force
Henrik SvarrerAnelka
Henrique CarvalhoComputers never make mistakes. We do!
Henrique Silva"to be or not to be, what was the question ???? "
Henry Baliar"Nothing is impossible under the heat of the sun"
Henry BernardCarpe Diem
Henry CarreonGet the job done. with the best quality!
Henry GutierrezOne person with a belief is equal to a force of ninety-nine who have only interests
Henry HopkinsonSysadm_Henry
Henry JacksonLive Your Life So That At The Close Of Every Day You Can Repeat: 'i Have Not Wasted My Day" Zohar
Henry LeHP printer driver issues
Henry LimaGenius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration.
Henry Theuerkauftry, try again... you'll get lucky
Henry WeldonBe Prepared
Herb OldenburgTo err is human, but to really foul things up requires a computer.
Herbert Kerner1100A Jamming Problemns
Herbert Loevenich50% of all problems are based on communication issues, lets talk
Herdip KalareKeep on trying !!!
Hermann MerzUpdate the world
HeroDont treat on me
Herr GruberMichael Kauschke
Herr Hartmannitoagent
Herr Zimajzimaj
Hideki OhashiHideki Ohashi
Hideyuki HoriHori
Himanshu ShahNeed Help
Hiramconsciousness will emerge in a sufficiently complex computer
Hiram J HackenbakkerFAB
Hiran AriasReDsKuLL
Hiro Ynismodude
Hisham Ahammeddo or die
Hitesh J. ShahAdmin In-Training
Hjortur ArnasonOnce a nerd, always a nerd
Ho Fei WenFei Wen
Ho vuthere is never a cure
Hoang Chi CongLooking for a special chance.......
Hoang Minh TuanBus wait at bus station, Work wait at my work station
HoefnixWhy is it drug addicts and computer afficionados are both called users?
HoferP. Hofer
Hofmann Mariotest
Hogun Lhogun L
Holgerdifficult we do now, impossible may take a little bit longer!
Holger Knoppikparty on !
Holger KnoppikLive long and prosper!
Holger MartinHolger Martin
Holger SchmidtTake it easy :)))
Holger SchmittHolger
Holger SchreyerHolger Schreyer
Holger WagnerNothing new here at this time.
HolikThe 50-50-90 rule: Anytime you have a 50-50 chance of getting something right, there's a 90% probability you'll get it wrong.
Hong LuuI'd like to know if Precision Scan LT software is available for the 4100C Scanner to run on Windows 2000. Thanks!
Hong ZhouNew Admin to HP-UX 11.0 admin
Horst HornI do my best!
Horst PrestinAIX-Sysadmin
HovelingBetter to be silent and thought a fool then to speak and remove all doubts ;-)
Howard BrantlyLet the Big Dawg Eat!
Howard BrydenRocky: "... we've got to think!" / Bullwinkle: "There must be an easier way than that."
Howard BurnsHave a HP Laserjet 1100 and can't get it to feed paper, tray is full, but has paper out alarm.
Howard ClareHello I'm an Oracle DBA
Howard Jones"For A small fee I can install this GREEN button to get you down again" - Daffy Duck
Howard KwokMoPar or No Car
Howard Lin<left blank intentionally>
Howard NaussThere's always a Better Way!
Howard PalmerGTCI
Howard RobertsonI started out with nothing and still have most of it left.
Howard WorcesterI am the one you call when things have gone wrong and indeed things have gone wrong. Lilo and Stitch
Hr. H. Wichink KruitWhy do it difficult when it can be done easy
Hubacher Renetamagotchi
Huber Sebastien-- Share what you know, learn what you don't
HucSmile I will feel the difference
Hugh PatonImagination is more important than knowledge (Einstien)
HugoAdministrador de HPOV
Hugo NovaisI want to know more...
Hugo Snellenyou cannot judge a book by its cover
Hugo SuarezHugo
Hugo TeerdsYou can always improve!
Hugo TeerdsYou can always do better . . . .
Hugo Vasconcelosnormal computer user
HunterMy ultimate goal is to become a Cisco Fellow. Dare to dream.
Hunter247Mark correct answers! It helps others find solutions much faster.
Huub van LoonNobody is perfect
Hwang Dong HwanDanny
Hyowhats new?
Håkan BengtssonTechnician in office supplies
I H ChenYh Chen
I.DelicLive fast, die old, and make very sure everyone knows you were there
IAN WEBBUsed & Used Engineer
IANMCBeware of The Bear
IARIf it works, leave it.
IBaltaythe pain is one part of the reality
ICEStupidity is a dominant gene
IDM - TCSShare Knowledge
IENATo boldly crash where no one has crashed before : Windows XP
IFXOpenVMS forever...
ITBank Muscat
IT ManagerSometimes you have to kick it!
IT_2007Learn as you go
Iain HamiltonLife is like that
IanRemember we were in Africa
IanSuprised to see me again Mr Anderson
IanConfidence is the feeling you have before you understand the situation.
Ian DennisonBuilding a dumber user
Ian FosterGreat, another box to fill in
Ian GeorgeIan George
Ian GoodenoughI have the same problems with my scanjet 6200 with ADF. Tries all the same possible solutions but nothing works. Any ideas?
Ian K. PhillipsEven Jesters Cry
Ian KiddIf at first you don't succeed, go to the ITRC
Ian KillerWhere ever the gypsies rome.
Ian LochrayYou gie me the dry boak
Ian Miller.VMS fanatic - its a 18x16D way of life!
Ian Nichollsdon't look responsible or you may just be
Ian Pattersonianpat
Ian PrangnellAnything is possible with assistance
Ian SamsonThe single most common cause of all relationship breakdown is selfishness.
Ian SiegristDBA on the loose
Ian Staceyyou only live once
Ian Stoettrup-
Ian SutherlandJust Do IT
Ian Sutherlandwhat goes around comes around
Ian ThirkeldDont let the b*****ds grind ya down!
Ian VaughanWhat's yellow and dangerous - shark infested custard
Ian WalkerHe who laughs last didn't get the joke!
Ian WarnerWhy did anyone invent unix?
Ibrahim Al-ZkeriKnowledge is unlimited
IghalWhat about the Apple Users?
IgnacioSystem Engineer
Ignacio GinestetY...si no me tienen fe!!!
Ignacio RegaladoNacho
IgnitedMan's mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions
Igor STEFANIKcracatoa
Igor LyapunovIgor
Igor Moskovko:-) IBM Tivoli Software Sales Representative
Ikuo FukudaEat everything like a pacman.
Ilene ColeJust because I dont care doesnt mean I dont understand
Imran JYou are resource limited only by your imagination
Imran MusaLife if like a roll of toilet paper with a long list of To Do items
Inderjit Singhinder
Indira AramandlaNever give up, Keep Trying
IndrajitNever Ever Give Up
Infra teamall for one and one for all
Ing. Carlos MejiaCarlos
Ing. Marco TricaseSys Adm
IngmarOK, it has to be done for YESTERDAY , but it will then work TOMORROW :-)))
Ingmar EidemLess unnecessary functionality => less bugs => more stability
Ingo Denglerqwe
Ingrid O'ConnorYou'll never know unless you try.
Ingrid Roelandtunless you try to do something beyond what you have allready mastered, you will never grow
Insu KimNever say "no" first.
InterI like to fix things.
Iona B. MarleyYour never to old to have a happy childhood.
Ionut GrigorescuIf it weren't for STRESS I'd have no energy at all
IqbalIqbal "the Captain"
Ira WilkersonBar Codes on the Laserjet 4050
Irene MacabioThere is more to be seen than how we physically present ourselves to others, give us the space and the ample guidance we need and we will try to carve the best destiny we can for the rest of humanity.
Irene S. Peñayou can't learn if you don't ask
Irine GibiliscoUNIX is forever.
IrvingHelp Others is Wonderful
Irving LopezTAMA
IsaacThe time is gold
Isaac Tanhow are you doing...?
Isaurahp 710 c for windows xp????
Ishafizan IshakI kick ass
Ishmael LesolameGod had rm -r * in mind when he created man with 5 fingers
Ishmael LesolameIf you keyboard is locked, call a locksmith, not HP!
Israellaurent Israel
Israel BriggsBudda Smiles on you.
Isralyn ManalacUnisys West
IvanTHe time to fix the roof is when the sun is shinning
Ivaninternal error 2753 hpoant07_exe
Ivan A. MarshallNT sucks ... Let Mac rule the world
Ivan Azuara"Enjoy the life .."
Ivan ChanCM Chan
Ivan FerreiraPor que hacerlo dificil si es posible hacerlo facil? - Why do it the hard way, when you can do it the easy way?
Ivan GonzalezIvanvega
Ivan John RoquimSmith & Wesson: The original point and click interface
Ivan KanIvan Kan
Ivan PistelekMC/ServiceGuard
IvanForcevilleWhen you're life is flashing in front of your eyes, make sure it's worth watching
Ivo BeckersTry, there's no try. There's only do and not do.
Iynkaran JeyachandranHappiness is not having what you want, but wanting what you have.
Iztok AhacicBR644696
J DavidCarpe Diem
J EvansIf it wasn't for blinds, it would be curtains for all of us!
J Garciatest4
J M"Death flies on wings of Words."
J Oldland"Careful with that axe, Eugene..." - Pink Floyd
J PeterDeyk
J VesterdahlThere is always one more bug ...
J-W van WezelMy quote is simple: Hi there!
J.The faster you run, the faster you're done.
J. Banks HydeLike Water for Pipes
J. SegalWhen all else fails, read directions
J. ToonenSmall but Smart
J.- Alexander Schimanskiwww.ComlineAG.de
J.BerendsPC = Personally Contributal
J.C. SealsCA851205
J.G.MeelingProblem resolver
J.L. AllenI wish I had more time to understand more about the system.
J.R. SitmanAlways challenge the future
J.RavikumarLife is short and sweet, Enjoy it
J.T. FeyLive large. Drive small.
JAIDon`t Give Up....
JAI PAULThere is life in everything
JASHIf I can, I will!
JASPER DAVISI am ready a nice person.
JB SloanI'm dying to be fixed
JEFF KNIGHThow could there be anything worth declaring to any & everyone @ll possible times? I mean really.............
JESUS GARCIAjesus garcia
JI HUINothing is everything
JJNot enough Zappa makes you sad.
JJ UrichI used to have spare time, then I had kids.
JJKennedy-Tsunami.caJoin OVFORUM - attend your local chapter meetings!
JKNever Give Up...
JOHN TURNERif it moves, wax it
JORGE MILIANIf everything works perfect , I'm sleeping on a bus bench
JOSE ANTONIOtempus fugit
JR GarciaAlways finding a solution to a problem
JR HaleyIt was a short week but a full one.
JRiggsThe choices you get are the choices you make
Jaap HaagmansNeed hosting for your company? Ask for our cheap plans!
JackSwSwS ..... Sea work Sex work Sun
JackToo Much of Everything is Just Enough ...
Jack AbdullahJust ask if you dont know!
Jack BaruthReplaces my unrecoverable 2001 profile.
Jack BaruthSi vis pacem, para bellum.
Jack BurkeWho am I and where am I going in this handbasket?
Jack CurzonI think it should work now...
Jack DiamondHappy Happy Joy Joy Happy Happy Joy
Jack InsleyJack
Jack LesterLove it
Jack MagilsenIt's not how fast your are, just keep moving..
Jack NeverDivide et Impera
Jack SchillaciHuh?
Jack StrickNothing ever works like they say it does
Jack Tarbis"There has to be an answer somewhere!"
Jack TranWhat is my DL?
Jack Werneri'm retired
Jackie BaronIf you think you're too small to make a difference you've never been to bed with a mosquito!
Jackie WongIT
Jackie WrightThe key to understanding is listening with the eyes and the heart.
Jackson ChenItalian
Jackson Rhodesmozilla.org
Jackson SwitzerLearn to Live : Live to Learn
Jacky WongNetworking Beginner
Jacky WongJacky Wong
Jacky ZhengI like UNIX
JacobChildren needs your presence more than your present
JacobSwimming in the Moment
Jacob D Levinjust hit enter, what could it hurt?
Jacob Goodwithout RAM I am nothing
Jacob Sadagarsh, is this a computer thingy or what?
Jacob TrockWeired wired wombat on the web
Jacob WaghHigh Level of Learning for an Entry Level IT Professional
Jacob ZeemanYarr!
JacopoOstinato! che ciciata!
Jacques CarriereLa solution appartient à l'expert, le problème... à l'ignorant.
Jacques Hendricks"Dont be afraid to try something new. An amateur built the ark. Professionals built the Titanic"
Jacques RebiboImpossible is not french
Jacques RebiboImpossible is not french
Jacqui ElphickOne never notices what has been done, one can only see what remains to be done - M. Curie (1867-1934)
JaeI'm stupid
Jae Ellershttp://blog.mr-vm.com
JaffarBorn to learn
Jagdish Arumugamjagdish
JaiEverything is Possible with a right hope and attitude
Jaieun Chusystem engineer
JaikishanDon`t Give Up........
Jaikishan B SambhwaniDon`t Give-Up
Jaime Antoniojabeltran@it.com.co
Jaime Bolanos Rojas.Work hard when the need comes out.
Jaime Olescyski"When in doubt, reboot"
Jaimin ParikhJAIMIN PARIKH : Share your knowledge and help those who need your help!!
Jairo Campanalegionx
Jake JohnsonGo Vols
Jake KnoblochJ9 Technologies, the application performance experts.
Jake Lundberg (CG)It is your mind that creates this world
Jake RichieThe early bird may get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.
Jake ~zippo~Freedom is offered to man and given to him as a task.
Jakes LouwTrying is the first step to failure - Homer Simpson
Jakob Thomsen??
Jakub ZurekJames
Jamesif wishes were horse beggers will ride
JamesPC's getting better???
JamesYou can't do it without trying
JamesBond, James Bond
James A McEuinIf you don't do it right the first time, you can always pay me twice as much to fix it.
James A. CarterIt doesn't matter what you know, only what you can prove.
James A. DonovanRemember, wherever you go, there you are...
James A. EdisonIt's always something
James AraghiJAraghi
James BagleyDON'T PANIC
James BartrickBarters
James BathezDare to be different!
James Beamish-WhiteGARDENOFEDEN> create light
James BeattyOf all the things I've lost..... I miss my mind the most. "Ozzy Ozburne"
James BernardYou don't know it until you fix it
James BowmanAnything's possible...
James BrownTry Try and Try again
James BurnSapiento Post Eventum
James C. GenevaHPUX Forever !
James C. HilleyLife is what you make it.
James C. NixI must hurry for there goes my group.... and I am their leader.
James Carter.....whoops
James Clay"Computer games don¹t affect kids, I mean if pac man affected us as kids, we¹d all be running around in darkened rooms, munching pills and listening to repetitive music."
James D. BooeWhat service may I provide for you?
James D. DunlapEvery choice and action matters!
James DamourHello, Oblivion. How's the wife and kids?
James DonnNNM 7.5 on Solaris 5.9
James DufourIgnorance is apathy or vice versa!
James DuncanBluedevils
James DunnLong live VMS
James EarnestyControlling developers is like hearding cats
James Ellis"In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity" -Einstein
James EwtonChance Favors the Prepared Mind
James FraserI for one who shall not takeover thy world
James GeorgeShare your knowledge and your wealth , you will be blessed with the same
James Gillespie, Jr.Life is Good
James HallLife is what happens while you are making other plans
James HeisigMa che sciagura essere senza i coglioni
James Hilley:-)
James HofmeisterOur customers are 1st with Speed, Power and Passion!
James HopperTo err is end-user.
James K. Lyle, Jr.Persistance is the key to success!
James KentPerfection is bliss
James KnoxResearch is essential.
James L Shirley (4075)No Indian prince has to his palace ...
James L. Miller"Live Long and Prosper!"
James Lamb"Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow."
James LangillTowering Genius Disdains a Beaten Path
James LeathermanGimme the hammer - I'll fix it!
James LeeBe Happy
James Legg"is it working yet?, no, try turning it on."
James Limasking is learning, no matter how dumb.
James Longfieldaccomplish or do not begin
James LynchWild turkey surprise? I love wild turkey surprise!
James McLeanWork is the curse of the Leisure Class.
James MedleyJust wondering...
James Milesnone
James Mitschehello to all
James Mohrwww.linux-tutorial.info
James Newtonhttp://techref.massmind.org
James OdakUnix! the other slash thingy!
James OwenLive Young, Die Fast
James PersoleoIf it ain't fun; you ain't doing it right
James PethigalSmile - It confuses people!
James PhillipsPrediction is very difficult, especially about the future. Niels Bohr (1885 - 1962)
James PletcherReputation is the kind of person people think you are, Character is the kind of person you REALLY are.
James PowellA contant struggle
James PozniakIt' hard being Polish
James PurtellI sense much NT in you. - NT leads to Bluescreen. - Bluescreen leads to downtime. - Downtime leads to suffering. - NT is the path to the darkside. - Powerful Unix is.
James R. FergusonNature uses as little as possible of anything - Johannes Kepler
James RandallNo news is good news
James RischmillerWhy stand up when you can sit down
James RoperIf my whole world were fake, then none of it would be fake, because reality is what is real to me
James S.Plan on going to school the rest of your Life.
James S. WesleyDo or do not. There is no try.
James Schmidt"I was UNIX when UNIX wasn't cool"
James Sebastian"Believe in God & in yourself"
James Sireikafrustration
James Specht"Everyone can be taught to sculpt: Michelangelo would have had to be taught how not to. So it is with the great programmers."
James StickneyAchieve the ultimate in network security with Sissors
James Triplett"I know it'll be fun for a while... I just need to make sure it will be fun for a long, long time."
James V. McCabeSometimes the dragon wins
James VanSantImagination is more important than knowledge (Albert Einstine)
James W.in the immortal words of Socrates...."I drank what?!"
James W. TaylorDon't worry be happy
James WaldronDid you ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?
James WalkerIt is all in the troubleshooting
James WestHave no regrets...
James brownttl
James ~ Happy DudeSuccess is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out !!
JamesDeanThanks, Cheers, Welcome & Regards.
JamesIIGravity, it's just not a good idea, it's the LAW!
Jamie Donaldthe best laid plans of mice and men aff gang astray
Jamie TobinPlease help the help!
Jamie WilliamsDawn is nature's way of telling you to goto sleep
Jamie WyattI'm trying to be less computer phobic
JamniIf a man does his best, what else is there?
Jan AffolterTheory is good, pratice is better !
Jan HoncuEven the printer can be complex.
Jan JacobsDoh!
Jan Kellyjust a rookie
Jan LeungJan Leung
Jan Liskarper aspera ad astra
Jan Merstrand---== Mini-Link BAS, The future Broadband AccesS ==---
Jan Sefcik;-)
Jan SladkyGSM, Intelligent Networks, UNIX
Jan StudsgaardJan Studsgaard Jensen
Jan SundinJan
Jan VerheijenLive Today
Jan ZalmanTime and loyalty cannot be bought.
Jan ZalmanTime and loyalty cannot be bought.
Jan van den EndeDon't rust yours pelled jacker to fine doll missed aches.
Jane McVeyUncle Suntan
Jane PietrasPITA is as PITA does
Jane ReesonCA1010510
Jane SuhJane
Jane-Marie SmithJust another day
JaneInIndyThose who are happy despite poverty can prevail against anything.
JanetI'm learning and need all the help that is available.
Janet B.“We can’t control the direction of the wind, but we can adjust our sails.”
Jang Woo.
Janicedon't know
Janice Sutherlandquote
Janine BertoloTo get results you've never had before, try something you've never tried before.
Janis Spencerthere has been an alarming increase in the number of things you knoe nothing about.
Jannie VictorSDD's great
Janse, ArcoWho said it wa's not possible?
Janusz IskrzynskiJanusz Iskrzynski
JaraLife is short, the art is long
JaraHP forum
Jared CrawfordA Man is only as GOOD as his WORD
Jared Sullyjj
Jarek OlechnoMusic always triggers some response...
JarleYour mouse has changed position Windows Nt must rebboot to activate the change. Reboot NOW ?
Jarle BjorgeengenLove is Hate. War is Peace. Windows is stable.
Jarret Workmanpert near but not plumb...
JashIf I can, I will!
JasonIf ain't broke, don't fix it!
JasonIf the price is right, ill help ya out!!! LOL
Jason...a personal quote
JasonJust Do It
JasonLet your smile show
Jason Armitage"People who won't suffer fools gladly must find solitude intolerable"
Jason B. Sjobeckmake peace not war
Jason BaldwinIt's better to burn out than to fade away.
Jason Deckard&#91;Insert humorous and/or inspirational quote here&#93;
Jason DinsdaleIf a man talks in a forest and there is no woman to hear, is he still wrong?
Jason F.ProCurve Support
Jason GreenawaldLearnng The World.... One Byte At A Time
Jason Harrisontoday we learn about the rm command - we use this to add remarks to our shell commands
Jason Hillveni vidi vici
Jason HornbuckleI'm not a complete idiot, some parts are missing.
Jason J KennedyWhy re-invent the wheel?
Jason JackOne Good Turn Deserves A Cheque
Jason Jackson"Life is short, make good use of the time you have."
Jason JerossExchange is your friend
Jason LadasIf someone tells you to reinstall your operating system, argue!
Jason Leshchyshyn"I think so, Brain, but 'instant karma' always gets so lumpy." - Pinky, Animaniacs
Jason Luginbuhl"Unfortunately you can't out-program stupidity"
Jason MartensNever swap out a tape drive at 3 AM!!!
Jason MartinFor God so loved the world that He gave His ony begotten Son that whoever believes in Him would not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16
Jason MilesForgiveness is easier to obtain than consent...
Jason Miñozafriends get u places
Jason MorganNever Underestimate the Power of Human Stupidity -RAH
Jason MurphyHP AIO Tech Support
Jason P. LimGolden Rule First
Jason SteadThis server stuffs above my layer...
Jason Stenglein...persist
Jason Tansmtan
Jason Tuttle"Unix is terrific"
Jason VanDerMarkTie two birds together, eventhough they have four wings, they cannot fly.
Jason Wagner"The sign said install windows 95 or better, so I installed Linux"
Jason WrightSolutions not problems please ;-)
Jason YoungWhy ?
Jason barnesDamm Educational...
Jasper GeraertsWat maakt het uit?
Jassen ElliottThank You
Jaswinder Singh/usr/ccs/bin/ld: Can't open linkorderfile
Jatin HansotyAssumption is the brother of all f***ups
Jatinder CheemaM Power is for life, not just Christmas.
Jatinder MannTechnology is Universal
Javed KhanNever Give Up
Javed PadinhakaraKnowledge not shared is knowledge lost!
JavierJavier Navarro
Javier Fdez.Each problem that appears is an opportunity to learn a little more
Javier MartinJavier Martin
Javier Ortiz GuajardoThe obstacles are those things that the people see when they left to see their goals.
Javier Perezi am a hp-ux & informix user
Javier ReyesJREYES90
Javon InmanBe happy in God!
Jawad ShaikhBE WHAT U ARE
JayWhen you talk, you repeat what you already know; when you listen, you often learn something.
JayI'll give MAAAAD points for help!
JayWhy are things complicated =/
Jay BertochNo good deed goes unpunished!
Jay BlasenSomeday computers will work for people.
Jay Bollyncheck Facebook
Jay BolsterPlease don't forget the points!
Jay ChenA beginner
Jay D KoonzRide Boldly Ride, but watch out for El Dorados
Jay LimJay Lim
Jay Newman"Success is defined by getting up one more time than you fall down."
JayanWork whole souled so as to god
Jayanta BasakSmile is a curve which makes a lot of things Straight
Jayapal APJayapal AP
Jayesh DaveHas anyone installed oracle9i on 32 bit HP? When you run getconf KERNEL_BITS on HP - UX what do you see before you installed oracle? - Thanks
Jayme CarvalhoJayme
Jayson HurdExcuse->Crutch->Weakness->Failure
Jayson HurdMost things worth having don't come easily.
JcynicLooking for a stable monitoring tool for "MPE,NT"
Jean Le BrunYou know it to be true! khameneiiii
Jean M. FeuilletEvery great mistake has a halfway moment, a split second when it can be recalled and perhaps remedied. Pearl Buck
Jean MichalskiLove is always the answer
Jean PearceKeep thinking positive
Jean-Louis PhelixIt works for me (© Bill McNAMARA ...)
Jean-Luc Oudartfiat lux
Jean-Marc Robinjmr
Jean-Marie WoutersI do not add a personal quote
Jean-Michel GUYNeed backup !
Jean-Paul Guycomputers rule
Jean-Paul MarinierJean-Paul
Jean-Pierre DenisOpen your Mind and use Open Source software...
JeanBernard"Come to that, a turtle is a perfect shape. A perfect shape for what ? Well, the perfect shape for a turtle, to start with" - Terry Pratchett in Small Gods
JeanPaul van der voortVtM rules
Jeanette RichterAll Truth is Truth, but not all truth is your truth. Perception is everything
Jeans CaiJeans Cai
JefNo need to run, you're already late...
JeffDo or do not...There is no 'try.'
Jeff ArnoldHmmm...
Jeff ArrisLive by the sword, die by the hamburger
Jeff ArthurA noise annoys an oyster, a noisy noise annoys an oyster more.
Jeff BakerToo much to do during the day!
Jeff Barnicki.
Jeff BilquistJesus Loves You today!
Jeff BilquistJesus Loves YOU Today
Jeff BruceThat which does not kill me, makes me stronger
Jeff CarlinWhere wisdom is called for, force is of little use. --Of course, a hammer does wonders for relieving stress.
Jeff Carrolla good solution today beats a perfect solution tomorrow
Jeff CarverStay strong, be brave, wait for the signs!
Jeff Chisholmle plus ca change...
Jeff ChouJeff
Jeff CooperGive a man a fish, feed him for a day, TEACH a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime
Jeff CrawfordWhen you earnestly believe you can compensate for a lack of skill by doubling you efforts, there's no end to what you can't do.
Jeff Davisthe dude abides
Jeff Elizondo"The well-meaning contention that all ideas have equal merit seems to me little different from the disastrous contention that no ideas have any merit." - Carl Sagan
Jeff GoldbergOh! Not Again!!!
Jeff Gould"Junk In , Junk Out !!"
Jeff Hargissillegitmus non corrundum
Jeff Inkster"Do it. Do it right. Do it right now."
Jeff JoynerEvery silver lining has a cloud
Jeff LewisIf you don't have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it twice?
Jeff MayNothing has changed...REALLY!
Jeff McKenzieIf God had meant for us to be naked, we'd have been born that way.
Jeff OgdenTrue Image boot Disk
Jeff OhlhausenDo or do not - there is no try.
Jeff OliverSometimes you're the windshield, sometimes you're the bug.
Jeff PeilThe freaks come out at nine, and it's twenty to ten.
Jeff Pendletonan expert is a person who has made all the mistakes which can be made, in a narrow field.í¹‚í°­- Niels Bohr (1885-1962)
Jeff Proctor...Office Automation is Key
Jeff Rigglemancommand line # or GUI ?
Jeff S. PattersonPlease help
Jeff SadowskiCA735579
Jeff SchusselePERSEVERANCE -- Remember, whatever does not kill you only makes you stronger!
Jeff SiegleA cord of three strands is not easily broken
Jeff StohlmeyerOh Well
Jeff TaylorVL400 System Fan ERROR 0051
Jeff ThomasThanks so much for helping a newbie!
Jeff ThomasKnowledge is a tool, wisdom is power
Jeff Wilkinsjfwilkins@hotmail.com
Jeff WoodsJapanese proverb: "Fall seven times; stand up eight."
Jeff_TraigleLife is great!
JeffersonUnix telecomm. support analyst
Jefferson HumberI like a clean bowl & Never go with the zero
Jeffery W. ForakerThank you lord for thinking about me. I'm alive and doing fine.
Jeffrey Brite"I hate quotes"
Jeffrey BromleyThe only easy day was yesterday
Jeffrey CreamerThose people who seem to know everything are 'ticking off' those of us who do!
Jeffrey F. VelasquezI prefer to think of myself as a non-winner as opposed to loser
Jeffrey Garrison"I should have been an amish farmer"
Jeffrey HummelGort, Klatoo Berada Nicktoe
Jeffrey KimbrellWhy Don't I Get Recess Anymore?
Jeffrey LiFail to rebuild the kernel on HPUX 11.0 N-class
Jeffrey M. LehmerAvid Mac User
Jeffrey Ngnothing is as good as it seems beforehand
Jeffrey TokarHP Software, Baby!
Jeffrey Wangblah
Jeffrey WillemsenDon't change a working configuration
Jelmar de BruijnDon't press this button, it will open up an intergalactic gateway!
Jemmin PellanJemmin
Jennifer DinhLJ1000 with window 2000 terminal server
Jennifer Lynnthese questions make me crazy!
Jennifer OlsenLess is More
Jennifer Pugh"There are things known and things unknown, and inbetween are The Doors"
Jennifer Youngjust do it!
JennyAll LaserJets
Jenny UreyIt ain't what u do its the way that u do it!
Jenoe Falusiconcepts for the present
Jenoe Falusitechnology first.
Jens AdolfAaaaargh!
Jens Dickmeiscarpe Diem
Jens MundtJens Mundt
Jeong Yong Seongyong
Jeremiah CameronDon't you :-) me!
JeremyGet this dam friggin puter working!
Jeremy HawkinsI want to die quietly like my grandma in her sleep, and not like the others screaming in her car !
Jeremy KusekCan I overclock it?
Jeremy LoukinasWindows is the best OS.... it costs more so it must be..
Jeremy LoukinasUnix good...windows baddd..
Jeremy McGookin" Tommorrow will be a better day than today! "
Jeremy Pearsonjpster
Jeremy Stumpa positive anything is better than a negative nothing
Jerod SperlingFear not! for you shal see the victory that the lord will win for you today - Moses
Jeroen BrouwerThough this be madness, yet there's method in it.
Jeroen Kragten( personal mail: J.Kragten@hetnet.nl )
Jeroen LeijstenTechnical Storage Consultant
Jeroen PeereboomKeep it simple
Jeroen RuigrokIt's all h0h0magick...
Jeroen WieboltGlad to be of SERVICE!
Jeroen van de HoefPut fun back into computing. Use GNU/Linux!
Jeroen_DScientia est potentia
Jerome BaronNo points, No answer....
Jerome FenalBienvenue chez moi
Jerome HenryYou can lean only on what resists you...
Jerome StuartMine its all mine
Jerry BlinnA man-month is a mythical construct
Jerry ChenJerryChen
Jerry FriendHalf of knowledge is to know where to seek knowledge
Jerry FriendIts not what you know that counts but, your willingness to learn.
Jerry GrieveEvery question has an answer, you just have to know where to look.
Jerry JaynesNever let 'em see you choke!!
Jerry KeckYou can't fix stupid.
Jerry KeckYou can't fix stupid.
Jerry KimGet up early. Work hard. Don't be late for family dinner.
Jerry KregerWhat hath Babbage wrought?
Jerry MillsTiming is *Everything*
Jerry Neeckxwhat one does not know - one must not fear to ask
Jerry Schafer#1 If it isn't broke, don't fix it! #2 Bad news does not get better with age.
Jerry SilverthornI hate computers
Jerry SimsLearn More
Jerry UBecome the problem.
Jerry WalshI don't know much but - - -
Jerry Warren CarlsonDo it right the first time
Jerónimo Jacobo TorresJero
Jesmina BiserovicHello From HP 932C Owner
Jesper AnderssonForce be with you
Jesper JensenJust imagine....
Jesper SivertsenAll in unix is files
Jess GoodmanI have one, but it's personal.
Jess GreerDoes anyone at HP know if the CERT advisory (http://www.cert.org/advisories/CA-2002-03.html applies to HP JetDirect printers?
Jesse GillelandWith unix all things are possible.
Jesse Land"Persistance is possibly the most valuable virtue one can possess"
Jesse Salazar Jr., CSPInformation is Power
Jesus TobonJesus Tobon
Jewels Carterwant to know how to fix repair hp 550c
JeybellrajExcellence is not a destination you arrive at. It is the benchmark for your journey
Jian Qmotto
Jigar PatelEvery Thing is PossibLe UnDer SuN!
Jil MacMenaminHigh Tech - High Touch
Jillian KeePersist... and you've won half the battle...
JillychemungDoor handle to door handle
JimFor what do you call an assassin who accuses and assassin anyway? My Friend..
JimIt's the journey, stupid
Jimall people lead in truth
JimEnergy can not be destroyed
Jim AdamsonOh dear
Jim AllenAaargh!!!
Jim AmbroseWho is John Gault?
Jim Bailey"I should take up gardening"
Jim Banejim
Jim Bartlett"What the.........??"
Jim ButlerMan The Bilge Pumps!
Jim CampbellSupport is my business
Jim CarterJust because I'm paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get me
Jim ClarkeWindows will be so much easier to use than DOS
Jim CrossUNIX Rules!
Jim DeSpainHold on,...here we GROW again!
Jim Druce"I don't suffer from insanity; I enjoy every minute of it!"
Jim Fafinskilife is hard and then you die
Jim FinnWhat it is!
Jim Foxneed help
Jim GeierThe facts are often poor servants of the truth.
Jim GriffithsIf you need a miracle, play for it (BRIDGE)
Jim GronquistBe well!
Jim HickeyThe true measure of a (hu)man's character is what he would do if he knew he would not be found out.
Jim HillMSAR gaining ground
Jim KernFirst time questioner
Jim KiscoIf the facts don't fit the theory, change the facts
Jim LahmanCheers!
Jim LargeIf you don't go to anyone's funeral, they won't go to yours!
Jim LaveryTry it again Stupid
Jim LeedhamHP-UX neophyte
Jim LewisJust a "Rookie"
Jim LynnI'm really new
Jim M.Warning: Dates on Calendar are closer than they appear.
Jim MallettHindsight is 20/20
Jim MarsdenThere are ten kinds of people in this world, those that understand binary - and those that don't.
Jim McCauley"When it all comes down, I hope it doesn't land on you" -- Hoyt Axton
Jim McKeeBut I'm feeling much better now........
Jim MillerHave a GREAT day!
Jim Oakes"...that's why I became an artist"
Jim PaigeThe moons a balloon
Jim PauleyThe sun is always rising
Jim SchellingIts for fun. I put it there for fun
Jim Small"Try not! Do or do not. There is no try." - Yoda
Jim SmithBuilding better networks since 1981
Jim SmithIt all evens out in the end
Jim Smith...The Right of the People to Keep and Bear Arms Shall Not Be Infringed.
Jim Southerd"Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men of talent. Genius will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent" Calvin Coolidge
Jim SpencerThere is a time to laugh and a time not to laugh, and this is not one of them.
Jim SpristerIt just doen't get any better than this!
Jim SynodinosFew men know where they are going
Jim TiltonTo Err is Human but to really screw up you need a PC
Jim TolenWherever you go, there you are
Jim Turner"Don't be afraid to make mistakes; if you don't make mistakes, you're not reaching far enough." –- David Packard
Jim TurosakAn unbreakable toy is useful for breaking other toys
Jim Vadeboncoeur, JrJim's law #2 - Everything Almost Works!
Jim VinkKeeping your business Running
Jim WartnickAll work and no play
Jim WelchAny sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from Magic - Arthur C. Clarke
Jim WestI'm a bridge inspector in Texas
Jim WhittumIts all fun and games til someone gets hurt......then its a sport.
Jim WingbermuehleKeep it simple.
Jim WolffSr. Oracle DBA
Jim Wormellrock til you drop
JimAWARNING: System Administration seriously damages your health !
JimWelchrandom("maybe","it depends","DOH!")
Jim_McCarthyPlan: Learn to play guitar in dulcimer tuning (guitcimer) and become a guitcimaritan.
JimmyGive me a firm spot on which to stand, and a long enough lever, and I shall Move the Earth, Oscar Wilde<br>One day, I will rule the world, Just one step at a time - Me, during hangover of 2003 ;)
Jimmy HWe have legacy all over this place!!
Jimmy RouxNever ask the barber if you need a haircut.
Jimmy TomAsk and you shall receive
Jimmy Valerianojvsunsol
Jin-Ho Songnewbie for HP-seeker for free-of-charge stuffs.
Jingshu LiuLJS
JiniCuriosity kills a cat!
Jinu JosephLife is one hell of an RPC call
Jinze LiuJust do it !
Jiri Sedlacekopenview service desk
JitendraLearning is the Key!
JoStrive for Excellence
Jo HumphrisNothing is ever simple !
Joachim FriebenPer aspera ad astra
Joachim FriebenHope the best and expect the worst !
Joachim OlsenWoha...
Joachim RudnickJoachim
Joakim BrostenNo Pain - No Gain
Joan BuenoJoan Bueno
Joan Bueno ChambóNetwork Management Engineer
Joan GuyEverything is possible
Joanna Knox"In Everything Give Thanks!"
Joanne JokiAll who wander are not lost
Joanne Okamotortfm
Joao VieiraJV
Joaquim Abellan DiazQuim
Joaquin Gil de Vergara QTeach is the best way to learn
Joaquin OrtizJoaquin
Jochen HerrmannHP-UX User and Developer
Jochen HeuerWell, yeah ... I suppose there's no point in getting greedy, is there?
Jochen Ruppa supercomputer is a machine that runs an endless loop in 5 secs...
Jody Bennett"Sometimes you have to jump more than one fence to get out of the pasture."
JoeAttitude Is Everything
Joeso yeah
JoeEven Falling On Your Face Is Moving Forward
JoeTake the damn defaults.
Joe BanksYou did what?
Joe BlackGot any good ideas
Joe BurnettSometimes pessimissism is necessary!
Joe DatkoAll problems can be solved, if approached with a big enough hammer
Joe FREDERICKHelp Me Please
Joe Fauteuxi love this place
Joe FriscoCisco Symbols
Joe Gemayel00961 4 410 410
Joe GilliganHey, what's this do?
Joe HegeVini, Vidi, Vici
Joe JonesShit happens get over it
Joe KanakarajUnix is simple, but it takes a genius to understand the simplicity. - quoted Dennis Ritchie
Joe Kazlauskas"Wherever you go, there you are"
Joe Kihnkeyou just don't know, what you don't know
Joe KnudsenTrust Jesus
Joe KryciaI am still lost ....
Joe LazarSeeking color selections definitions
Joe LuNevermind
Joe McCayHi
Joe RamseyFear not for the Lord is with you.
Joe RedmanPeace
Joe RichardsI hate computers!
Joe Szedulano quote
Joe TaylorI need help
Joe Wallacehello
Joe WeberReviewing HP Openview
Joe Youngsyo ho ho and a bottle of rum
Joe van Raamtc'est la guerre
Joel L. GreerThanks, and Have a Nice day
Joel Salminen"Confidence is the feeling you get before you understand the situation."
Joerg HendricksLos geht's!
Joerg Hinz-- quote?
Joerg SchulenburgFighting for a better world with more penguins.
Joerg Wragemy pets name
Joeriz AgtayThere's always a solution for everything
Joeriz AgtayNothing is impossible
Joey Bulla- balance -
Joey JacksonEvery Day is a Good Day
Joey Lenz"There is nothing more frightful than ignorance in action."
Johan ErikssonJohan
Johan GreylingTo be in IT you have to be crazy?
Johan GustavssonJohan
Johan HarmsenThe devil is in the details
Johan SchaapHad a life... Got a modem...
Johanne WebsterSuccess is 95% perseverance 5% talent
Johannes FalkMoin, moin!
Johannes KaiserNever say never!
Johannes Krackowizer"First off, I'd suggest printing out a copy of the GNU coding standards, and NOT read it. Burn them, it's a great symbolic gesture." (Linus Torvalds)
Johannes SauterNever touch a running system
JohnHello World
JohnThe harder I work the luckier I get !
JohnWork Smart
JohnLife goes on
JohnLearning never stops
JohnPerfection is never making the same mistake twice...
John A. ArendsAlways trying something different..!!
John A. BeardGlacann fear críonna comhairle.
John AbbottDon't do what Donny Dont does
John AdamsIn theory...
John Ang...
John BSad no Spread betting in USA
John B. Nuttallknowledge is power
John BakerIts better to burn out than to fade away
John Barfknecht"some days it's not worth chewing through the leather straps"
John BeaudoinA proud canadian
John BigrowCheap is good, Free is better!
John BlackUnable to receive faxes
John BoleneIt is always a good day when you are launching rockets! http://tripolioklahoma.org, Mostly Missiles http://mostlymissiles.com
John BoothMy mouth is writing checks that Munis can't cash!!
John Boris"If you can't run with the big dogs, stay on the porch!"
John BratanovDo it right the first time
John Brooksto really foul up, you need a computer!
John BryanI try to understand computers
John BullockThere are 10 types of people in this world... Those that understand binary and those that do not.
John C. ShoemakerFunction in disaster; finish in style.
John CajasLa esperanza es lo ultimo que muere
John CajasJohn Cajas
John Carremail JohnCarr@honeycell.com
John Carrano...
John CerdaWhere a calculator on the ENIAC is equipped with 19,000 vacuum tubes and weighs 30 tons, computers in the future may have only 1,000 vacuum tubes and perhaps only weigh 1.5 tons. - Popular Mechanics, March 1949
John Chanyes, boss, it's my job
John ChristieYou will allways find what you're after in the last place you look
John ClementiGreat questions...really stir my brain cells
John Clifford"When all is said and done, more will be said than done"
John CliffordWhen all is said and done..more will be said.........than done!
John Collier"I expect to pass through this world but once. Any good, therefore, that I can do, or any kindness that I can show to any human being, let me do it now. Let me not defer or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again." Stephen Krebbet, 1793-1855
John ConstableWe all serve in some way (from G.Harrison)
John CookThe help desk pager won't stop beeping!
John CoveneyTo err is human .... you know the rest
John Coveysupport OSX
John CravenWhat a pretty kitty!!!!!!
John CravenerI love computers!
John D'AusilioToo much is always better than not enough!
John DavisonSlowly But Surely
John DevereauxI need some sleep!
John DinwoodieDrinking for profit
John DixonIf I knew half as much as you, you would know twice as much as me...
John DonaldsonWhat error message?
John Donovan"I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work." - Thomas Edison
John Donovan"It said Windows 95 or better; so I installed Linux!"
John DownsI'd rather be fly fishing for trout!
John DvorchakIf it has wheels or a skirt, you can't afford it.
John E. Archibald"If we can't fix it, it's not broke"
John EdwardsTandy 1000 - Thats some ownage.
John EerenbergIt is better to STQ then LDQ
John F. Donovan III"Difficult to see, always in motion is the future..."
John FerraraIt was working fine when I left....what did you do?
John FrancisSmile since you don't live long
John FusekThere is no problem that cannot be solved by the application of a sufficient amount of high explosive.
John G.BurnsWho needs a life when you've got Unix?
John Gerritse"I have gone to find myself. If I get back before I return, keep me here."
John GetzkeI do not work for HP nor do I represent HP in anyway
John GillingsA crucible of informative mistakes
John GoodJack of all trades, master of none
John GoughJust Me
John Goutbeckhello
John HaningOn the Short Bus to nowhere.....
John Harper (Barbour)Never knowingly understood
John HeadleyTo err is human--and to blame it on a computer is even more so.
John HeardMake sure you have a good one!
John HedleyToo busy working to get certified!
John HodgkinsonWhere there's a will...I want to be in it.
John HooperAlways on the quest for knowedge
John HowardI need a break!
John HubelHello to all.
John HurlbutA journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step - Chinese Proverb
John HutchisonToo much of everything is just enough
John J. Lucenalet me work it
John JaworskiSome ask why? I ask why not?
John JaworskiI'm not unwell, thank you.
John JimenezDo not worry about where you are at in your life right now, as long as you moved a little in the right direction from yesterday to today, and am moving in the right direction today for tomorrow.
John JimenezHustle Makes things happen
John Jones"And now for something completely different..."
John KelleyUsers are always wrong, boss!!!
John KellyD'oh
John KelsallMy brain hurts!
John KittelThat reminds me of a Dilbert cartoon...
John KohlerWould you buy a car with the hood welded shut?
John L FickenscherI feel sorry for people who don't drink when they wake up in the morning that is as good as they will feel all day.
John LaiNone
John LandrumI have no quote, maybe later!
John Lapchuk"It's not a problem unless someone sees it..."
John LedetSecurity Should Be An Inconvience
John LemondsI'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy
John LittleTo err is human, but to really foul things up requires a computer.
John LiuJohnL
John Love"Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans"
John M."Things fall apart, it's scientific" David Byrne
John M. GonzalesCopying one person is plagerism, copying many is research!!
John M. GonzalesIf life really sucks so much, then why am I not enjoying the feeling?
John M. Jones, IIIThose who forget the past are destined to re-live it
John M. RobinsonJust do it !
John M. RobinsonIf you don't ask, the answer is NO.
John M. Sullivan"data epands to fill all available disk space."
John ManganRetired
John MangerNobody can serve both God and Money
John McCartenKia ora
John McDenNew to HP
John MeissnerAll paths lead to destiny
John MitchellSo far, so good
John NashEagles may soar in the clouds but weasels don't get sucked into jet engines
John NemmersNever say NEVER
John NessSearching a Knowledge Base is like picking your nose: You never know what you will find.
John NolanI'm not Bill Gates
John OwensLegend of the dog faced woman! ha!!......, Homer Jay Simpson.
John P. KoleWhat could possibly go wrong?
John PaineI just felt like runnin'
John PayneSpoon!!!!
John PefferHe who shares wins
John PerksWho promised you life would be fair?
John PerrinEngage
John Perry"Give me control over a nation's currency, and I care not who makes its laws."
John PfahlerHmmmmm
John PickupWhy is there only one monopolies commission?
John Piehowski"You haven't taken a joke too far until you've dry-humped your best friend"
John PoffBeware of smiling dogs giving free advice.
John PyleAdministrators make better brewers
John RYou are the weakest link...Goodbye!
John R. HansenContact me on jrh@it.stam.dk
John Richard WilliamsShould of could of and would of are the mother of all ****ups
John RossIf its not X, it's not a window.
John Russellhp is cool ,except when u gotta fix something :P
John SackettVisualize Whirled Peas
John SandracoJust waiting for Winter
John SilkStriving for perfection is a worthwhile goal
John SteunenbergSafety is everyone business
John Stilesall things must pass
John StrangIf you never make a mistake you'll never make anything.
John T. EllisDigital Enthusiast
John T. MillerIS Site Supervisor
John TownleySmoke me a kipper skipper I'll be home in time for tea
John Travelljohn at jomatech dot com
John VoiseyDon't sweat the small stuff, it's all small stuff
John W. PetersonIt is harder to conceal ignorance than to acquire knowledge
John WadeG'Day
John WalkerI'd rather be fly fishing
John WallerThere are 10 types of people in the world. Those who understand binary and those who don't.
John Watts"Wherever you go, there you are"
John WeeksIf I am so smart then why am I not rich!
John WhiteDon't force it, get a bigger hammer.
John WillisCheerfulness is a mask. Live emo.
John WolfeAt least I have a job.
John WrightMan's flight through life is sustained by the power of his knowledge
John YGet over It !
John YuArtificial intelligence is rarely a match for natural stupidity.
John ZimmerPHCO_17556 (fsck_vxfs(1M) cumulative patch)
John van LitOutbind errors
John van ZantvoortEat Right, Exercise, Die Anyway
John, WhiteNothing is impossible in this world, if you give a try
JohnFNothing in the world can take the place of persistence
JohnWRuffo"Now is the only thing that's real!"
Johnathan ElliottAre we having fun yet?
JohnathonCoffee and video boards don't mix
Johnn ReynoldsThe face is familiar but I can't remember my name.
Johnny LeeNothing impossible in God
Johnny LynasTry the hammer....
Johnny M'Today is better than 187 years ago'
Johnny MillerJust passing through...
Johnny WishboneIt ain't cool being no jive turkey so close to Thanksgivin'...
Johnson PunniyalingamProblems are common to all, but attitude makes the difference
Jonplay hard, work when I have to
JonThey don't have a certifications for being a creator, and just having the bigest IT magic wand, ccie is close, but not till they drop token ring and add, PoS, I designed asics/systems/code, implementation and training, from hw/ to sw, just do it.
JonThank you, sir! May I have another!?
Jon BaileyColor LaserJet Facts
Jon BelangerWindows is great, but Linux is better
Jon Bodarky"Everything should be made a simple as possible, but not simpler" -Einstein
Jon CousinsWhy didnt I become a Pig Farmer?
Jon EastJust plug it in!
Jon Finley"Do or do not. There is no try!" - Yoda
Jon Jackson"I'll ride this wave where it takes me"
Jon MattatallA little knowledge is dangerous - none is absolutely terrifying!!!
Jon McDermottWe're only immortal for a limited time
Jon McRaeDon't worry about anything that may never happen
Jon NordstromI.T. Guy
Jon Pinkleyit depends
Jon RothenhoeferLife's battles are neither won with strenth or skill but with perserverance
Jon StillThere is no snooze button on a cat who wants breakfast....
Jon Swenson"The arc of history is long, but it bends towards justice" Martin Luther King Jr.
Jon Thompson"You think I'm funny? Funny like a clown?"
Jon WhiteNo matter where you go, there you are....
Jon von KesselTime is too valuable to waste it needlessly
Jon-Egil NordvikTVP
Jonas Duebievery system for his occupation
Jonas Jnewbie
Jonas Källströmhttp://www.appmind.com
Jonas Selbgnossis katargetesetai
Jonasliunix adm
Jonathanjon burbach
JonathanJawohl, sofort!
Jonathan AxfordWhere there is a will there is a way...
Jonathan B.***HELP***
Jonathan BirleyHow to setup access to solid.db from Win98 PC running MS Access 2000
Jonathan CliftonWhen all is lost only the future remains
Jonathan CyrThe other guy that does windows!
Jonathan FifeDecay is inherent in all compounded things. Strive on with diligence
Jonathan HambrookRe-Build !!!
Jonathan Juristhumans are consistently overestimated
Jonathan K OlsonIf it ain't broke, let's take it apart and see how it works!
Jonathan KingIt's always darkest before it goes completely black.
Jonathan KingsfordA lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.
Jonathan MuskRoads go ever on and on under cloud and under star, yet feet that wandering have gone turn at last to home afar. --JRR Tolkien
Jonathan PoseyRTFM
Jonathan RaperEccl 3:1-15; Matt 6:25-30
Jonathan RowburyAnything's possible!
Jonathan SelisanaISO - HP Customer Support
Jonathan SmallThose who play the game do not see it as clearly as those who watch.
Jonathan TalanWe are the poeple our parents warned us about
Jonathan ToozeI'm an ASP Guru damn it so ask me some questions
Jonathan W. SurridgePrinting shouldn't be this difficult.
Jonathan WhitedA good consultant is compelled to always evaluate what has happened, so he can apply what he has learned
Jonathon GrundyTRIM HQPS
Jong Hoon, Jungjj
Jong KimLight
Jongmin, LeeHum....
Joost WoutersTechnology Triggers
JordanLet's do it.
Jordan BeanPay no attention to the man behind the curtain!
Jordan DuguayNever argue with an idiot. They drag you down to their level, the beat you with experience.
Jordi GibalWhen you wake up early, God help's you.
Jordi GrasTake it easy...
Jordi Lopez GonzalezJordi
Jorge Adrián LópezThe man without dreams is not a system administrator
Jorge C. AlexandresBetter to have a bird in hand, than seeing a 100 flying.
Jorge L. VilelaJorgevp
Jorge Martinez CastroJorge Martinez
Jorge Maurica C.jmc
Jorge MejiaSimplicity
Jorge OchoalionsJorge Ochoa-Lions
Jorge OrdayaTry harder every day
Jorge SantosThere is something to learn everyday....even if it is useless....
Jorge Sánchez Redondojorsan
Jorge de LuqueJorge
JorgenJorgen Krantz
Jorgen LassenFailure is not an option, it comes standard with all Microsoft products.
Joris DenayerTo err is human, but to really faul things up requires a computer
JosJose Sanchez
Jos FrancoisJJFRAN
Jos SeijkensThe way you treat, the way y'll be treated
Jos de RuiterJos de Ruiter
Jos van BragtDarn where's that any key
Jos van BragtLife is like a box of chocolat
Jos van BragtLife is like a box of chocolate..don't get to hot
Jose A. AguilarSemper Fidelis
Jose Alejandro LinaresAfrikaaner
Jose Anayanitcom
Jose Antonio OrozcoWhat is not backed up, it not exists
Jose CallejonJose Callejon
Jose Carlos MartinNothing in the world can take the place of persistence. I´m agree!
Jose ContrerasMascota
Jose CordovaChange password in way single user, beginning in multiuser way console
Jose CordovaJose
Jose CristovaoJose Cristovao
Jose Escobarhp pavilion PC model 9686c (US)
Jose Fdo. Garcia AlvarezEn el espacio nadie puede oir tus gritos
Jose GranadosIf I can help, I will
Jose LizcanoJAL
Jose Luis Casado MoyaJoss
Jose Luis FernandezThe UNIX world is the tenth planet in the solar system
Jose Luis SanchezWaMp
Jose Luis Valenciasomeone's got to do it
Jose Luis ZabalzaJoselu
Jose Manuel Gonzalezx
Jose MontanoKeep working you'll get it done
Jose MosqueraI think; therefore I am. «Rene Descartes»
Jose Ramón RodríguezJR
Jose Urdaypc specialist
Jose ValcarcelThe work is the refuge of which they do not have anything that to do.
Jose ValenciaJose
Jose ZetinoLet's make the world a better place to live, by helping each other!
Josee Bourget-ThumaFailure is not an option.
Josef Havliknone
Josef MeierJosef Meier
Josef NordtomeLife is something to do when you can't get to sleep.
Josef SchodlJosef Schodl
Josef ZechJoseph
Josep Queraltójosep
JosephMake it Right, make it Work, make it Fast
JosephHp_ux newbie
Joseph Arthur2 Sided Only 4Si
Joseph BagueExpect nothing but ready for everything
Joseph C. DenmanIf I had only read the instructions first??
Joseph ChakkeryKnowledge is wealth
Joseph DiCaraHonesty is the only policy
Joseph Dietrichhic
Joseph DinwiddieGod loves you. But He doesn't like it when you sin.
Joseph DinwiddieI'm not really that skinny.
Joseph DurnalStandards require exceptions but exceptions can not be the rule
Joseph GallieWindows have Pains
Joseph HarderHarddisk platters make good wind-chimes.
Joseph Huberhttp://www.huber-joseph.de
Joseph JamisonIf it's not broken, improve it.
Joseph K. SheldonProgramming Dinosaur
Joseph KayeWhen all else fails CTRL-ALT-DEL
Joseph Loowhat you do not see does not mean you should not believe
Joseph M. VisovskyI'd rather be fishing.
Joseph Mark AcapulcoFree will is an illusion
Joseph MorrisonIf it can be taught, I can learn it.
Joseph NguyenTo know is to ask
Joseph PlumberDo "ESEUTIL /P" and "ISINTEG -fix. ...." call me 72 hours from now. :-)
Joseph PoteatWouldn't you rather be free?
Joseph RawfLife has a Network of Nerves and Brain Manages them!!!
Joseph StatesonAsk about my BMW R1100RT
Joseph T. WyckoffProgress in small steps.
Joseph TorregrossaSeek and you shall Find
Joseph WagnerIt's better than layin pipe
Joseph YeungJoseph Yeung
Josephine M. HudsonWhat goes around comes around
Joshthe only constant is change
Josh Atkinnone
Josh GraggIf its broke, then use a hammer, curse words, and a whole bunch of screams to fix it.
Josh Graston"Begin Where You Are, But Don't Stay There.."
Josh LinkI believe htat if anything is worth doing, it would have been done already.
Josh LinkDisclaimer: Any errors in spelling, tact, or fact are transmission errors.
Josh LongbottomIn the land of the blind the one-eyed man is king
Josh OwingsTerrorists Suck!
Joshua CoffeyLife is like a game. Once you get an understanding of the levels and the rules of this game, life is no longer a challenge, only a game to be played. -Tupac Shakur
Joshua KAle is good any time of day.
Joshua LecknerHey
Joshua NorigeLive like you will live forever, but learn like you will live forever
Joshua ScottWhat are the chances...
Josiah HenlineIf at first you don't succeed, read the man page.
José SantosJose Santos
Jozef Pacay:)
Jozef_NovakOpenVMS is the best operating system ever developed.
Jozsef TothYofa
João LucasToday could be a great day
João MirandaNexenter
Juan CaceresReady to help!
Juan Carlos Bedoyajuancabe
Juan Carlos GonzálezJuan Carlos
Juan Carlos Juárez AngulIT profesional
Juan Carlos MaliziaPeace Dog
Juan CarmonaLo más parecido a una guitarra es otra guitarra
Juan ChipocoJuan Chipoco
Juan Enciso CondeñaNothing in the world can take the place of persistence
Juan Jose ContrerasHelpin' all time
Juan José MuñozNobody is perfect (Nobody)
Juan M. BustiosJM Bustios
Juan Manuel LópezI would like to be lie on a beautiful beach spending my life doing nothing, so someboby has to make this job.
Juan Manuel OlivaNeus.
Juan MargaritNone
Juan Margarit___
Juan MarquezJuan
Juan Ramon AlvarezJuanra
Juan SalamancaIf you want peace... prepare for war!
Juan XunaLo bueno -si breve- dos veces bueno!
Juanita Ledbetterdoes this apply to windows xp for the hp photo printing s0ftware would like to use it with my xp but cant get it to recognize the software that i have if this applies to xp how do i order it
Juanjo ZarzosoWhy the hell I'm standing in front of the computer instead of enjoying this sunny day?
Juanma GonzalezJuanma
Judi SpalettoHas anyone found white papers reguarding disk upgrades
Judy CurryThe older you get, the more valuable you are!
Judy HillerIT and proud of it!
Judy TraynorSail With the Wind
Judy VincentNever miss a good chance to shut up.
Judy and Jim Conrad"A bottle of wine and a fifth of gin, and I am lost in the ozone again." Cmdr Cody
Juerg DENNEBERGThe personal liberty goes so far as it does not affect the liberty of others
Juergen KellerNothing at the moment
Juergen MuellerLife was easier w/o computers
Juergen TappeWorking together
Juggy Gailsordinary people make a living, insane people make history
Juha Eklund-- hopefully lost in kernel-space --
Julayne BeckerI'm new to computers
JulesOnly read the manual as a last resort
Julian DominguezWhy the world goes around and it doesn't hang up???
Julian HerederoUna sonrisa cuesta menos que la electricidad, y da mas luz.
Julian HomerIf at first you don't succeed - use a bigger hammer!
Julian MallettA journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
Julian PerezKeep the faith
Julian RodriguezJulian Rodriguez
Julian SinclairIf it ain't broke don't fix it
Julian del CastilloJulian
Julie AikenShe changes everything She touches.
Julie FisherI am a lost soul when it comes to IT
Julio Rodriguezasking for help
Julio YanezJulio C. Yanez
Julius Arcipe"Just because something hasn't happened it doesn't mean it can't"
Juliusz ZielinskiJulo
Jun Yujust for fun
Jun ZhangFood lover
June WanJune
Jung YongsungYong
Junichi MiyazakiJun1
Jupinder BediAll things excellent are as difficult as they are rare
Jupiracy da SIlva Costajupysilva
Jupiter PunungweNone
JustinFame lasts for fifteen minutes....Infamy....A little longer
Justin BurrellNever underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.
Justin CaveGod gave us 2 ears and 1 mouth for a good reason.
Justin ClarkG'day
Justin FinchAll this trouble from a bunch of zero's and one's
Justin MaxwellIt's gotta be in here somewhere
Justin OpatrnyIf it isn't broke, fix it anyway
Justis KivariThe one armed man did it
Justo ExpositoHelp is a Beatiful word
Justus BeyJustus maybe blind, but Just is always swift and fair.
Justus J. AddissThink to the future, and beyond...
Juuso KorhonenRadiant Sir, radiant!
Juuso SiniketoRemember to rebel against authorities, kids!
JõxGot a blade?
J÷rgen CarlssonOpss - I did it again...
K CheckeyeTechnology should be easy, not a burden...
K. M. StoddardOne must think like a hero to behave like a merely decent human being. - May Sarton
K. Schuffenhauershit happens
K.C. ChanReputation of a thousand years can be determined by the conduct of an hour
K.S. SureshSea is vast
K.Vijayaragavan."Let us fine tune our knowledge together"
KAISTHA SHALLENOne day at a time
KAKAOVO is an Onion!!!
KCSEasy going at all.
KJ GreenGive me unix any day!!!
KMKnowledge Is Curse
KO kwang taeko kwang tae
KO kwang taeko kwang tae
KRZYSZTOFI like never ending stories
KURT HARLESS"We've come too far, for too long and done too little too much..!"
KVS RajuTime and Tide wait for none
KY.ChuangService is King
Kai BlankleyNeed Help engineer
Kai Hoppeyip
Kai Wierzochkwi
Kal HeerA bit of salt...
Kamesh TennetiGimme the answer
Kandaswamy NatarajanStrive for perfection
Kanulondon"Knowing is not enough, we must apply" Bruce Lee
Kapil JainKapil Jain
Kapil JhaI am in this small bowl, I wane see the real world......
KapilRajNothing is impossible
Karan"If you are not living on the Edge, you are taking too much space".
KareemOnly the best is good enough
Karen LanningNo comment
Karen MontgomeryMay the wind be at my back so my golf ball goes farther!
Karen NelsonHelp me!
Karen TLife is a rose garden. Sometimes it's hard to appreciate the blossoms when you're in the thorns.
KarenCaronChick it out! lol
Kari PaceIf at first you don't succeed...welcome to IT
Kari PannilaKari Pannila
Karim AdamsJust do I.T.
KarlDon't sweet the small stuff.
Karl Balsmeier"Unix is the Net"
Karl BeiselRich is Best!
Karl Bougue2k 4 ever
Karl ChappellNetwork saturation J2524
Karl HaynesMeasure twice, cut once
Karl Kaminskihi
Karl MillerIf common sense were sold at WalMart, would anyone notice?
Karl Rohwedderwww.the-rohwedders.de
Karl TutuThe greatest risk is not taking one
Karl-Heinz VogtIn NAMIB is much more live as in INTERNET.
KarliczekExpect the unexpected
KarloChaconDidn't your momma teach you to say thanks!
Karsten Breivikpoi
Karsten LöperickNothing is impossible
Karsten RadkeWisdom is not a product of schooling but of the life-long attempt to acquire it. (Albert Einstein)
KarthikIts ALL in the MATRIX
Karthik DhanarajHardwork always Pays
Karthik S SFor a list of all the ways technology has failed to improve the quality of life, please press three. - Alice Kahn
Karthikeyan VeluchamyAt any point of time you always walk in a straight line
Kassler..... searching for the best way(s) ...
Kat ParkisonI LIKE HP-UX
Kathleen GordonYou can learn these things from your dog: to love children, to drink plenty of water, to be a dependable friend, to express pleasure when treated well, to guard faithfully the interests of those who care for you, and to be faithful until death.
Kathleen Zusanhope for the best, prepare for the worst
Kathryn Bassett"Genealogy is my bag"
Kathy HackerUnix by default
Kathy J SmallAn ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!
Kathy JoplinWell done is better than well said.--Benjamin Franklin
Kathy LeeKathy
Kathy ZweckAdversity
Katia BorgesDon't Give Up - There is always a solution
Katina HortonIt's your birthday!
Kavarthapu"Although I am an HP employee, I am speaking for myself and not for HP"
Kaveh Taghi-ZadehJUST DO IT!
Kawah CheungIf in doubt, ask!
KayToto cælo errare
Kazarin Alexanderhttp://linkedin.com/in/alexanderkazarin
KeePeRDon't fix it if it aint broke!
Keely JacksonLive long and prosper
Kees VermaireKees
Kees ZonDag!
Keir DhillonBackup, backup, backup ... then play.
KeithHP 1100 Sucks!
Keith BarnettIf you are not part of the solution you could be part of the problem
Keith BevanYou are either part of the solution or part of the problem
Keith BlandfordGo Go Go
Keith BrownNothing is ever easy
Keith BrysonArse-cover at all costs
Keith C. PattersonI have what I need and I need what I have!!!
Keith Cavanaughfreedom with just a sense of brevity is worth while.....
Keith Cayembergan American in Lower Saxony
Keith DonaldsonIf it ain't broke, fix it 'till it is.
Keith FullerThanks in advance for the help
Keith HoweyQuod Rotatum Recurrent
Keith JohnsonNo matter where you go...there you are.
Keith Jung"You don't stop laughing because you grow old, you grow old because you stopped laughing."
Keith KwickI don't have all the answers, but then neither do you otherwise you wouldn't be asking
Keith PaschalI'm a trouble shooter... I see trouble and I shoot it (and hope it doesn't shoot back).
Keith Yiito
KeithDaleyLife's a bitch, then you die !!
Keizo HaradaKeizo Harada
Kelcett"If its broke" - I did it...
Kell FerrellDon't bother driving me crazy. I know the way on foot.
Kelli WardThe more I learn, the more I realize how much more I have to learn. Isn't it GREAT!
Kellogg Unix Teamwork is fun ! (my manager is standing behind me!!)
Kelly"There is more stupidity than hydrogen in the universe, and it has a longer shelf life." -- Frank Zappa
Kelly Coxprost mahlzeit...
Kelly Fitzpatrick"Those who can't laugh at themselves, leave the job to others"
Kelly Wiebestart a day with a disaster then end it with another disaster
Kelton Bates-MorganIsn't it a bit mean not allowing people to d/l the drivers like all other companies do - instead I was quoted -ú23 just for the disk - as my camera is now 18m old it isn't worth that - One boxed and with extras went on ebay for -ú40 last week
Kelvin DamConsultant
Kelvin FungNothing is impossible
KenPractice makes Perfect
Ken"Speak softly and carry a big stick" -- T. Roosevelt
Ken AcquahOpinions are like onions, you may say whatever you please, but do not plant them in my backyard!
Ken BenesHave a happy day
Ken BriscoeMy email is kenilian@bigpond.com.au
Ken ChahleyWhen in doubt, check your manual:)
Ken CopasDude...
Ken CottrellSmall Moves, Small Moves
Ken CottrellSmall Steps Ellie
Ken DeFilippsDon't get comfortable
Ken EkholmKen
Ken GoeppnerImagine if there were no hypothetical situations
Ken Henault"An expert is a person who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field." Niels Bohr
Ken HubnikLife is good
Ken HunterLead, Follow, or Get out of the Way! - USMC
Ken KrugerYou will never be any younger than you are now...
Ken LeGroIn the land of software, perl is king.
Ken LukongodoNever look down on anybody unless you're helping them up!
Ken MartinUnix Lives
Ken McVickerNo matter where you go there you are
Ken NewburgEach day is what you make of it - so make the right choice!
Ken NewkirkAlways Ready
Ken Penland'
Ken ScharpellThe whole world is a simple perl script
Ken SmithOVSO Support - HP Response Center
Ken Uy?
Ken WandererWork Smarter Not Harder
Kenan BilgeNew kid on the block
Kenan ErdeyComputers have lots of memory but no imagination
Kengo TakahashiTo find out what I don't know.
Kenn ChenCyber Zen
Kennes KoenScouting doesn't make you a grown up, but it helps...
KennethAlways take care of your dearest before it is too late
Kenneth BrowneIf you love something enough, let it go. If it doesnt come back, hunt it down and kill it !!
Kenneth Durrumstop the bomb from becoming
Kenneth Kristiansenkkr
Kenneth P. ZagoneI can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
Kenneth PlatzI think, therefore I am... I think!
Kenneth PruettThe sooner you put things off, the more time you have to get around to doing them.
Kenneth TipperAn ounce of pretention is worth a pound of manure.
Kenneth Wang, CPAYour ultimate financial advisor
KennyBetter to be silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.
Kenny ChauKenny
Kenny GMidnight Movements
Kenny Kwokwang
Kenny Rabywhereever you go... there you are
Kenny Stasyoyoy
Kent BartonI'd rather be waverunnin'
Kent KnudsenTo err is human, but to really mess things up you need a computer.
Kent Ostby"Well, actually, she is a rocket scientist" -- Steve Martin in "Roxanne"
Kent TalleyYou guys are just too smart!
KerberosDue to current laws: Don't take my advice for granted - it might be worth nothing and I shall not be held liable, if it does not work! (same as Wodisch) ;-)
Kerry GrantLife is good
Kes MoodleyDesire + Life = Man
Keshawa Thirunaharihardwork leads to success
Kevan OlhausenThere, everyone likes a gorilla.
KevinHe who laughs last.....doesnt get the joke !!
KevinYour jokes are lamer than FDRs legs.
KevinThis is a "no free thinking zone"
KevinMe like UNIX
KevinEverything Happens For a Reason
Kevin AdamsIf it ain't simple it ain't worth doing.
Kevin BraltenThe tallest blades of grass are always the first to be cut.
Kevin CherubiniIs this why they pay us so little?
Kevin DavidsonIf it can't be fixed....admit defeat
Kevin DieterichIt's always something.....
Kevin E. DesmondThere is nothing better than knowing your own heart and nothing harder than walking an honest walk.
Kevin FengI learn from helping others
Kevin Fiedlerpray for inspiration and pay with perspiration
Kevin FineThe difference between theory and experiment is greater in experiment than it is in theory.
Kevin Fitzpatrickwill I ever get this?
Kevin FlateauLife is short, enjoy it.
Kevin GaffneyWork Hard, Play Even Harder
Kevin GreenWe WILL keepYou off the Rocks
Kevin HiseWow...this forum is poorly implemented.
Kevin J. MattakatAin't that a peach
Kevin JonesTrust me....
Kevin Joycewebjetadmin version 6 missing feature
Kevin KernI don't know nothing about it
Kevin LambI'd Rather be Flying!!!
Kevin M. JacobsenIf you don't know where you are going, any road will take you there...
Kevin McGarryIf it aint worth doing right, Let managment do it!
Kevin McKieSi monumentum requiris, ecce Washington.
Kevin Medhurstlife is too short
Kevin MooreNever put something off, for it may be your last chance
Kevin O'ConnellTime spent with cats is never wasted
Kevin Pearcethanks for storing my profile on the local machine
Kevin ProulxI hate computers!
Kevin RaffertyMio padre se chiamo Antonio Andolini, e quisto e per ti!
Kevin RayCA217084
Kevin RichterCheck the cabling. Next, check the cabling again.
Kevin RouwetteAll you need is love
Kevin Rutan"today is the tomorrow your worried about yesterday"
Kevin SchroederHelp me, I'm lost
Kevin ScottJust doing my job
Kevin ShanahanBring back DOS
Kevin Smetsmultiplies
Kevin StanfordCuriosity skilled the cat
Kevin TuittWhen you are right, no-one remembers; When you are wrong, no-one forgets.
Kevin UrschatzAdvice can be given, but only the wise profit from it.
Kevin ZhangSeeing is believing
Kevin tuckerNever give up
Kevin.WangNothing means everything.
Khadijah Ahmad Al-LatiefBismillah
Khalid Mohammad AladhadhKhalid M. Al-Adhadh
Khalid SchofieldI love my G50
KhurramKnowledge is Curse
Khurram MahmoodKnowledge Is Curse
KiDTo err is hardware, to err more is software
Kieran MoloneyHi
Kilari Venkat Giri BabuNothing is impossible
Kimif it's not broken today it wll be tomorrow
Kim AnnJust do it
Kim BourqueThe retardedness of this HP web site is a good indicator of their bad service.
Kim CraigDon't worry, be happy
Kim HolstCompaq
Kim JahnStupidity knows no boundries :-)
Kim MobergKim Moberg
Kim TorkelsonIf you decide that today is a good day, then it is!! It's your choice. How cool is that??
Kim Yong-hwa^^
Kim-Leong TYEmake_tape_recovery
Kimber BeckSmile and the world smiles with you, growl and they bite back.
Kip CrownerAlways do right. This will gratify some and astonish the rest.
Kipp Glovernone
Kiran Kumar AekaboteYou Just can't beat ME
Kiran N. Mehta"Greatness is an achievement, and not a prize. It can crown the head of a janitor just as easily as it can of a President." -- Sherman Finesilver, Judge, USA
Kiran PillaiKnowing is not enough; we must apply!
Kiran ShrawaneThere is always a way out to resolve the problem
Kirk Skinner"No..."
Kirk Solano"You're never too young. It's never too early."
KishorChance happens to all but turn it in to account is gift of few
Kiss, IstvanBegin with the end in mind!
Kjell MeschA good start is man man
Klaus BauerUnix rocks
Klaus CrusiusThere is a live before death!
Klaus Frank... we all can make it with a little help ...
Klaus Horlbeckif nothing more goes
Klaus Knoch-BaderWalter Mefle
Klaus PfeifferNever touch a running System !!!
Klaus RittingerKlaus Rittinger
Klaus SchnippengerdComputers are like airconditioners, when you open Windows they 'll stop working!
Klaus SchulzeKlaus Schulze
Knut B. KorczakStay Hydrated!
Kodjo AgbenuLearn and explain...
KoenWhat if there where no more problems to solve?
Kofi ARTHIABAHnothing wrong with me that a few lines of code cannot fix!
KohnkeThere's always a solution
Kola OmotosoNothing like an honest day's work
Kole Jimenezhella bad
Konrad Pizzutohe who dares wins - not on live systems though!!
Koray ARIKANDo it now do it right
Kraft Foods Computer Con"Who ya callin a computer geek" Oh wait your right :)
Kranti MahmudDont look BACK as U will miss something INFRONT!
KrisAlways needing a little help
Kris BanisterReal people use Unix.
Kris ClippeleyrI'm gonna hit the highway like a battering ram on a silver-black phantom bike...
Kris D'HoogheAs long as it works ...
Kris SnidalGeeeeeeeeez, what the heeeeeeeeeee.....
Kris SpanderDilbert is my hero.
Krishan Kant JingarThere exists a set of solutions to each problem. If a problem have no solution then the solution is null set.
Krishna KumarInfinite Solutions for a small world
Krishna PrasadPositive Results requires Positive Thinking
Krishnakumar PazhoreKrishnakumar Pazhore
Krishnan KuttyKrishnan Kutty
Kristian G.If it ain't broke, go have a coffee.
Kristian HollundI'm like King Midas in reverse, everything I touch turns to shit
Kristian JeppesenEverybody need Love...
Kristjan Leifssonstjani
Kristoffer Petersson---------------
Kriston Coneynetwork engineers/SysAdmins=plumbers
Kristopher March"This ain't no burger flippin job!"
Kryno BosmanSimplicity is too difficult for idiots like you and me...
Krysf y cn rd ths mssg, fnd jb n sftwr
KumarideasStart off some where, and do not end some where, as it is the end/full stop to your success.
Kurt HudsonI hate my HP Pavillion
Kurt JamesTo be or not to be
Kurt LoerzelStill running a LaserJet (2686A)
Kurt Lubbersuuuuhhhhh...right
Kurt MatthiesIf if ain't broke, don't fix it.
Kurt Merceliskurt
Kurt OpsahlMessaging & Event notification from NNM allowing you to remotely manage critical Alerts
Kurt RennerDo it right the first time and you will be ahead in the long run.
Kurt Rosenzweig"It's not what you do in bussiness its what you say..." -John Grayman
KurtkarlJust starting to learn thru this forum
Kwan Fong, EmileKing is the customer!
Kwon Keun Joozzipzzip
Kyle D. HarrisWisdom is knowing when you can't be wise
Kyle GrimmAnyone need an employee?
Kyle ParkerIf it ain't broke don't fix it.
Kyle WashingtonYou are not who you think you are, ask your friends.
Kyle Washingtonnone
Kylie Spoonerwhat are we going to do tonight Brain?
Kyri PilavakisBosses don't undestand..HP does
Kyu RheeIT is fun 'cause it's always NEW
L. MeineckeEvo N115 randomly freezing / hanging
L.monzRemember never eat yellow snow ! ;o)
LARRY HANNAHEducation: the inculcation of the incomprehensible into the indifferent by the incompetent.
LAVOIXNetwork monitoring Engineer
LE Levanwhat is well thought out can be clearly expressed
LORENZOit's now or never
LacrosseHook 'em Horns
LadiKnowledge is Power
Lai Nee ShyangIf it doesn't work, We'll make it work. If it works, We'll make it work better. <SysAdmin Motto>
LakshmiAlways remember you're unique, just like everyone else!!
Lakshmi NarayananThe shortest way to do many things is to do only one thing at once
Lal Samuel VargheseWith God, all things are possible
Lalo_WengKeep finding is the way.
Lamar HoltzclawTo each his own, I suppose...
Lamar MorrisBuford
Lane CarltonComputers!! Just a fad.
Lane MyerSomeone helped you, please assign points.
Lanny KimseyIt's a binary world!
Larry"...Wait What..." Butters-SouthPark
Larry AllhandsVeni, vidi, vici
Larry BasfordDesaster recovery? Right !
Larry BeylBorn where
Larry Davis"Go Big Or Don't Go At All"
Larry GoldinThings are more like they are now, than they ever have been.
Larry GomezLearning quickly
Larry HartAloha
Larry HornLarry H
Larry L Rowley"Very Intilesting"
Larry L. BowmanIn any contest between power and patience, bet on patience."
Larry LaComNever trust a person who says they know it all
Larry MahanMy only regret in life is having to work for a living
Larry MillerWhat's this button do?
Larry MillerNone
Larry Nemereverif it's there it might not be there
Larry SchauerPacket is GOOD, TTAs are BAD
Larry ScheetzA Happy heart makes the face cheerful
Larry StarkDon't Use Force . . . Just Use a Bigger Hammer
Larry StricklandStunned and confused
Larry WestEverything begins with knowledge!
Lars Appelsee www.google.com/search?q=lars+appel
Lars Detmers... points are also welcome.... I am interested in Remote/On site upgrade projects from HP ServiceCenter x.x to HP Service Manager 7.x -> http://www.outlance.de/profile-en.doc You find me also on linkedIn.com
Lars Jungoldenbuerger
Lars K.S. OlsenMac-eq
Lars KannenbergI didn't do it
Lars KarlssonLars
Lars Martin Tandbergdelete and run!
Lars Moustenanything is easy .... if you know the answer
Lars SchmidtLars Schmidt
Lars-Olof FermvallNemo enim saltat sobrius, nice forte insanit
LaserMan49.0065 Service Error
Lasse KnudsenIn a world without fences - who needs Gates ?
Laszlo ElbertLaszlo Elbert
Lau Danielsshare the fun
Lauralove computers! hate computers!
LauraWhy am I dying to live if I'm just living to die?
Laura Freedwww.laurafreed.com
Lauren BeskowIT is a great field! Right!
LaurieHow can you make the world a better place
Laurie A. KrumreyHappiness is a choice
Laurie GellatlyIf you're not using OverTime, you're doing overtime!
LawrenceDust to dust
Lawrence CowanMust protect Dilbert from the Pointy Haired Boss.
Lawrence KaufmanToday id the first day of the rest of your life
Lawrence McNamaraAfter 30+ years why am I still in this business?
Laxminarayan NayakA3404A HBA on K460 with DEC Alpha in Fiber loop --System panics.
LazarixLive by the sword
Lazaro VargasLazaro Vargas
Le BorgneLaurent
Leandro VieiraThe simple is best
Leca RaduThe more things change, the more they stay the same
Leeeach individual is an island thats their to be explored
Leei need hep
LeeThe cow says... mooooo.
Lee CarterIf its working, Leave it!!!
Lee DobbinsLabel Me Not, for Labels only serve to Negate THE Me! - Aldous Huxley Modified.
Lee HigginbothamI love UNIX!
Lee HundleyIt is my firm belief that it is a mistake to hold any firm beliefs
Lee Joon MoonI can change the world
Lee KaplusIT The Mystery
Lee Oliveri am what i am
Lee RayCarpe Diem
Lee SittonIAC Limited
Lee Tae-kyungI think I am a specialist in IT Korea^^. I am a programmer and SE and DBA
Lee TurnerLee
Lee Wrighttest
Lee-Phing TanLife-long learning will improve one-self
Lehner HeinzHeinz Lehner
Lei Hanraye
Leif Halvard SilliMaciness
Leif R. JanssonAll questions are good questions
Leigh EksteinThe more I learn the more I realize how little I know
Leigh Pomeroy"If you believe that all men are created equal, then a child's death in some other country is no less tragic than in the United States." — Bill Gates
Leigh ReamyWell. Now THAT'S interesting!
Leigh ShookDon't worry have a home-brew
Leila Maria RebelLeila rebel
Leland H KoffordSometimes it is, even if no one thinks so.
Len Kiat LeongNothing is permanent
Lennard van EkrisLive Fast, Die Old
LeoI am the wizard
LeoGod only knows
Leo CifersStill Confused
Leo CuellarWhy would it be easy
Leo PotjewijdA job well begun is a job half done. I don't like jobs half done.
Leo Simonhelp each other with love
Leoanrdo BowensExcuses are tools of the incompetent.
LeonYou can put people on the path but you cant make them walk down it
Leon AllenTime's fun when your having flys (ancient frog saying)
Leon AmoryLaugh at least once a day!
Leona B. Rogerssew2much
Leonel LourençoL.Lourenco
Leong Yew CheongWith ITRC, life will never be the same !
Leonidas SinosI like driving fast
Les A. BuettnerWhy can't this thing do what I want and not what I type?
Les WillisLife is right here, right now.
Lesley HallBe happy
Lesliekeep it simple
Leslie CampbellWatch out for the Dopeler effect!
Leslie ChaimIf life serves you lemons, make lemonade
Leslie W. RossSoupOfDeFish
Lester C. Noecker SchoolLester C. Noecker
Lester HewettLester Hewett
LethuillierIl faut avoir la foi et non les foies - Il faut avoir la forme et non les formes - Il faut faire la paix et non des pets
LevienUrgent Help needed
Levilance SilvaThere are 3 types of people those that can count and those that can't.
Lewis CoxAnd that's the way it is
Lewis Finch"You can't lead the orchestra without turning your back to the crowd"
Lewis Finleyat times it is yes
Lewis W. FinleyExperience is a dear school but fools will learn by no other. Ben Franklin
Lex deGuzmanBeing optimistic brings good fortune, yah?
Li Chunbosmile king
Li ChunfengLi
Libbi BosworthThank you
Lic. Cipriano Sanchez M.I'm the best
LindaI am what I am
Linda Benjaminconcentrate on one thing at a time
Linda S. Lakeymy dogs name is pogo
LindsayJust Do it !
Lindsey HatfieldKeep smiling
Linh PangHow to increase the "/root" file system via Ignite Utility?
Linh TaNo question don't have answer
Lionel FernandesIf you are not fired with enthusiasm, you will be fired with enthusiasm
Lionel MAZElmaze
Lior Mishkovsky"This is the day your life will surely change"
Liou Wangsilkworm
Liran CohenTheOg
Lisa Ann BurchJob Opp POSTING
Lisa CapicchianoTurn problems into opportunities.
Lisa Powellprint error remote downlevel document in all print queues
LisaGuiLisa Gui
Liselotte PetterssonLisa
Lisen BerquistPaddle hard, play hard!
LloydKidney Transplants You can't take them with you!
Lluís Batlle i RossellI prophetize disaster
Logan" yo "
Logan Destefani MerazziDon´t worry... Be happy
Logesh RasumaniLearning Never ends !!!!
LokeshWhat would you do with your life if you knew you could not fail?
Lorenz Kreypdv-hp
Lorenzo MorettiLorenzo Moretti
Lorenzo Zanettilorenz
LoriTo be is to dance and to dance is to be
LoriYou probably wouldn't worry about what people think of you if you could know how seldom they do.
Lori LevittI
Lori Moore"Life is not a dress rehearsal"
Loris MartiniOne cup man
LorraineIf it ain't broke don't fix it !
Lothar KruelerWissen macht zaghaft, Dummheit kann alles!
Lothar PanklerLothar
Lothar Seitterno risk, no fun
Lou MerolaUsers are real?
Lou OrestiKeep looking you will find !
Lou RegiacorteOne says: Try and fail, try again and fail again, but don't fail to try again!
Louie ZancaThere are 10 types of people in this world... those who understand binary and those who do not.
Louis A. QuaglianaLouistraining
Louis CoilliotWaterloo morne plaine
Lounis TataNothing comes so easy
Lowe JohnstonJust take baby steps.
Lt. Johnny Milleradam12
Luc BellIf you are not failing a lot, you are not trying anything difficult...
Luc BussieresLa réponse est le malheur de la question
Luc Van RemoortelNo Limits
Luc gosselinTo be first you gotta live last
LucBell“Tell me to what you pay attention and I will tell you who you are”
LucaDjLucas Andrea
Luca RasconiLuca
Lucas StéphaneSt鰨ane
Luciano RibeiroThe life is very long when are lonely.
Lucius Kahng"Ack, What did I just write!"
Lucky LucianoI admire your fashionable running shoes!
Ludwig R. PuszkarczukFrustrated
Ludwig WagnerIn der Ruhe liegt die Kraft!
Luigiliving on the edge is dangerous, but it's got a great view!
Luigi MacciJumping Jack Flash
Luijknever give up
Luis"Climbing is life. The rest? Only details..."
LuisThe urgent is not always the most important
Luis AlegriaCHeers is Good, Salud es Mejor
Luis BarrosNot much to say
Luis F. GonzalezYo!
Luis Gustavo F BarcellosLuis Gustavo
Luis LopezFernando Pena
Luis Martínez Dezagoireldeza
Luis Miguel Parra ChicaTouching that is DANGEROUS
Luis OviedoYou pay now... or you pay later...
Luis TuberoTubby
Luis Varonlvaron
Luisella VolontèLuisella
Luizsys adm
Luiz Carlos FragaLFraga
Luiz FernandoLuiz Fernando
Luiza Brinck PeresNothing
LukeWhen in doubt, blame software...
Luke"Just reboot it..."
LukeJust a Linux newbie
Luke AmidonWe are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act but a habit.
Luke RichardsChaos Panic Disaster.....My work here is done
Luke ThurstonComplete Proliant Retard :)
Luo QiangNo friends, no World!
Lutz BehringerEverybody started small...
Lutz EsserNever say never again
Lutz WenzelRide on!
Lyle PetersonTake it day by day...
Lyn SymsIf at first you don't suceed try try again...
Lynda WielandDiane
Lyndon Handy"tried and true instead of new and improved"
Lynn NicholsA good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favor than silver and gold.
Lynne HurryEach man's grasp must exceed his reach, else what's heaven for? Robert Browning
Lynne Seamanssomebody's gotta program these guys
MHelp! What have I done?
M .Salahnever take simple maters for granted
M CIt is what it is!
M J GOnly interested in the answer
M QuinnNever give up
M SajidPronounced Ray-di-ya
M SmithSome dumb mutha always trying to swin up stream. And it's usually me.
M Yasir Khannovice here...
M-manHorrible Hostories books rock
M. Stanley Bubienhttp://www.storybytes.com
M. Z. HarbiUNDERSTAND life. Do NOT just STAND UNDER it...
M.Arvaes/J.RasanenJussi Rasanen
M.MarirajanSky is the limit
M.V.Openview Radia Forum http://hypercafe.timber-wolf.info/forum
M.V.YuvarajTrust is the Symbol of Mutual Benifit
M7877If there is problem then don't think as problem, think as opportunity.
MADContrary to popular belief, Unix is user friendly. It's just very particular about who it makes friends with
MANGINPatrick Mangin
MARCONI SPARiccardo Bigoni
MARIE ELDRIDGEConstant learning keeps you on your toes and makes life interesting.
MARIO VINAS" When in doubt reboot"
MArjotry again - differently
MCirelliI love my PC
MERTENSOliver Schmitz
MGMWhere the LION Roars
MIKE BRISBINThe best tools for working on computer related items is extreme patience
MISNKnowledge is a living spring
MIchael PedroNottun
MItch KatzA donut with no holes is a danish
MOI_1Do it always right
MOKUNgrim up north
MR LOBJOISbruno nadin
MSECOKeep learning!!!
MURALIDHARAN VENKATRAMANKeep an Open Mind on solving problems
Ma zhenfangzhenfang
Maassen B.M.O.its me
Madanagopalan Slet Start to create peaceful and happy world
MadhuUnix geek
Madhu SudhanThink Positive
Mads HowardyVerden er til for at udforskes.
MagneeDid you try with a hammer?
Magnus ArvidssonWow this is a UNIX system I know this
Magnus Weberg//root
MaheshA mech engineer learning computers!!!
Mahesh BabbarBe brave
Mahima KaushikAim high!
Mahipati DesaiMahipati
Maigualida MartinezThe freedom means responsibility. It is why most of the men they ignore it
Maik DanstedtI haven't lost my mind! I backed it up on tape somewhere...
MakHave a nice day
Makis NikolaidisAlways have a backup ...
Malcolm HamiltonIt's amazing how much good you can do if you don't care who gets the credit.
Malcolm IsonFly pelican fly!
Malcolm McLeanThe Answer is 42, but what is the Question?
Malcolm WadeWhen it's gotta be 24x7 it's gotta be OpenVMS
Malcolm Weallansshouldn't every database be online?
MallNO quotes
Man Nguyenutility to watch dvd movies
Manabu Kasaianimal
Mandeep JohalLife is full of questions and answers
Manfred A. Zubermanfred.zuber@sisclear.com
Manfred Muellermmueller
Manfred SielhorstEsTun
Mangus MäättäPHP5 QA | magnus@php.net | If I tell you that I don't know, I either don't know or I am to lazy to answer.
Mani KNever Say Can't.........................
Mani Vasagantypical tech
Maninder HeerComputers will get faster!
Manish Bharadwajmb
Manish Pandey"Plans Never Fails, People Fails To Plan"
Manish Poplilove the life the way it comes
Manisha KonnurImpossible itself says "I'm possible"!
ManixHP-UX been always lovable
Manju KampliNever stop "LEARNING"
ManjunathTeach whatever you know and learn whatever you dont know
ManjunathTeach what u know and learn what u dont know..
Manjunath ShastryA Horse that kicks doesn 't pull
Manny BadoeFor though a righteous man falls seven times, he rises again!
ManojLife is a beauty
Manoj ChavanManorajya
Manoj P.U.Manoj P.U.
Manolo RemohiManolo
ManuelManuel Parra
Manuel AllaertMurphy happens
Manuel CarbajalManuel
Manuel MaquedaEn casa del herrero cuchillo de palo.
Manuel MartellQuid, me vexari?
Manuel MorenoThe light at the end of the tunnel is the headlight of an approaching train.
Manuel P. RonCrash programs fail because they are based on the theory that, with nine women pregnant, you can get a baby a month. - Wernher von Braun
Manuel RadaManuel
MaorSystem Administrator
MarcHP 3100 + XP = Problems
Marc Ahrendthola
Marc B. MeijerLife is short, enjoy it!!!
Marc BakkerMarc Bakker
Marc Brandspeace and liberty
Marc CarneyThe sheep tell me what I need to know
Marc Di MeoDon't fight with pigs, you get dirty and they love it.
Marc Dijkstra"A computer lets you make more mistakes faster than any invention in human history - with the possible exceptions of handguns and tequila"
Marc EberhartI hope we learn a lot about HP OpenView
Marc F. AlterSo much 2 do, so little time !!!
Marc FrechetteNothing's free!
Marc Gumboldcall | and | smile
Marc HummelWounds heel, Pain fades... chix dig scar's, oh and everybody WangChung.
Marc LamannaYour'e the One who called ME for Help !
Marc Linsethe problem is always sitting in front of the server
Marc LocasMA Locas
Marc Luethi"Ne prenez pas la vie trop au serieux - de toute facon, vous n'en sortirez pas vivant!" (Fontenelle)
Marc MackenzieLive each day like it's your last.
Marc MackenzieLive each day like it's your last.
Marc VelazquezDon't discount retreads!
MarcelWho is General Failure ??? And why is he reading my harddrive?
Marcel BoonSee the man pages
Marcel Garcia WillWill
Marcel GraveWhat is understood need not to be discussed!
Marcel HeijblomFirst think then act !!!
Marcel HuijzendveldFace your fears live your dreams!
Marcel KuiperIf we can't fix it, it ain't broken
Marcel PereraHola
Marcel995I'm not superstitious - it brings bad luck
Marcelino Rodriguez HernHi
Marcelle CammA smile proliferates much happiness in others!
Marcelo De FlorioMarcelo De Florio
Marcelo EvangelistaMIKE-SP
Marcelo MichelotiGuido
Marcelo PolizzottoOneself is the worse enemy
Marcelo VelasquezMUTLEY
Marcia FerreiraNo crises !!!!
Marcial Vbadito
Marcin GolembskiThere is always one more bug.
Marcin WicinskiMarcin Wicinski
MarcoTC 2120
Marco A.Just unplug and plug in again ....
Marco CamachoMark-ito
Marco CavannaThe answer is 42
Marco GhiglieriIf it isn't broke, don't fix it
Marco Hernandez PadillaNada como la persistencia
Marco Hernandez PadillaNo te desanimes
Marco LouroHP CD-WRITER 8250i
Marco PaganiniKeeping alive, until I die.
Marco Queirolomarco
Marco RossiMarco
Marco SanterreCooperation is doing with a smile what you have to do anyhow.
Marco SaraccoVelaxcrew
Marcos AmbrosioM.Ambrosio
Marcos Seoaneclient always has the reason??
Marcos Tinoco GarcfaMarcos Tinoco Garcfa
Marcos Tinoco GarciaMarcos
Marcus BrumBrum
Marcus HöfnerMarcus
Marcus JonesIf it ain't broke, don't fix it !
Marcus JucaComputer Science is no more about computers than astronomy is about telescopes.
Marcy FolgateI LOVE my Mac!
Mare CirelliI'm always looking for advice and can't learn enough..
Marek Goreckidimonts are forever
Marek Mahut"If I ever find out about someone sacrificing quality in order to meet a shipment schedule, I will personally have him fired." -- Dave Packard
Marendat YvesLAMDY
Margie Kruse"in tears"
Mari-Anne Hartig"Furious activity is no substitute for understanding." - H. L. Mencken
Maria DeStefanoNo Escape
Maria W. BennettJust because your paranoid doesn't mean they are not out to get you!
Mariana FlintaThere's nothing impossible!
Marie SeibelEven if you are on the right track, you will get run over if you just sit there. (Will Rogers)
Marijn SchooHP prefers to Move On
Marilyn Potterinterest in openview NNM multicast
Marilyn R. JohnsonIt beats working for a living.
Marilyn RappHappiness is a journey, not a destination
Marin Purgarwe-go-we-fly
Marina Rodriguezinvestigator
Marina SchiavoniMarina
Marino Melonihttp://www.geocities.com/iw2ejh/index.html
Mariojust me
Marioyou'll never have enough IT experience
Mario Augusto Grigioni0cool)
Mario Bucsicsnever touch a running system :-)
Mario CabrejoMarioCabrejo
Mario Morellimario.morelli@eoh.co.za
Mario Roberto PedrozoRoberto Pedrozo
Mario SantosMario Santos
Mario Uma±aThe best of the life is win that you want
Mario UmañaHello World
Mario UmañaIs the world a better place to live thet the internet?
Mario UmañaHello World
Marius BothaDont ask for permission, ask for forgiveness
Marius Pana"The Linux philosophy is 'Laugh in the face of danger'. Oops. Wrong One. 'Do it yourself'. Yes, that's it." --Linus Torvalds
Marius Paulauskashi
Mariusz LinknerNothing in the world can take the place of persistence.
Marja KivilahtiMary
MarkDoes a PC with a faster CPU crash quicker ?
MarkHave a nice day...
MarkDo in Rome as the Romans do.
Mark WhetzelBeam me up Scotty!
Mark Aldermanare we having fun yet?
Mark AndersonKeeping busy
Mark Anthony HardingWe are powerful creations of Love. To Love we are destined, and in this reality lies our joy.
Mark Bakunix is a non-checking league
Mark Balunisthe installation person
Mark BarefootIf we don't succeed, we run the risk of failure.---Dan Quayle
Mark BellBetter to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt.
Mark BentleyEnjoy it, you're a long time dead.
Mark BlondeIf you don't have what you want, want what you have.
Mark BlyRemember to think before you react................but always make sure there is still time to react
Mark BoudoinNothing is Impossible!
Mark BridgettThink first, beer later.
Mark BrownNetwork Management
Mark BurmeiHello
Mark C. LaFevreAnyone for fishing?
Mark ChildressToo much of anything is not a good thing.
Mark CloutierWe are here for a good time, not a long time!
Mark De MoorTo LDAP or not to LDAP
Mark DerouenPlotters Plotters Plotters
Mark DowsonDoh!
Mark EardleyLife is for fun, not for Arcserve
Mark EisenhardtAlways on HP-UX Sys Admin
Mark EreksonA search for the truth ....
Mark EverettEsse Quam Videri
Mark F Johnsonlike the monkey said when his tail got ran over by the lawn mower... It won't be long now!
Mark FerrarettoI would rate your answers but Mozilla won't let me!
Mark FrederickKeep it Real !
Mark G.I have no IDEA what this charater is!
Mark GaffneyWork hard, play hard. Wear glasses if you need 'em.
Mark GillHello!
Mark GodfreyDon't light lady fingers in fresh dog poop the fuses are too short
Mark GrahamNo Bucks, No Buck Rogers...
Mark GrantNever preceed any demonstration with anything more predictive than "watch this"
Mark GrayEvent ID 15 on w2k server
Mark Greenethe future will be a lot like now, only later
Mark GrossI love to work!
Mark H SmithSupposing is good, but finding out is better. --Mark Twain
Mark HarshmanNever underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups
Mark HopkinsOnly the dead see the end of war!
Mark Hudson'twas brillig and the slithy toves...
Mark Huff IIHe who fails to plan, plans to fail.
Mark Irvineaspire to perfection
Mark J FredericksenEver learning, never quite getting it
Mark JeanmouginIt's easier to get forgiveness than permission!
Mark JohnstoneProblems installing Scanjet 3300c under windows 2000
Mark KahrenMore light
Mark KildooBe pessimistic...then when its works...what a rush.
Mark Killenlife is too short to work so long
Mark KinoshitaFree your heel and Free your mind...
Mark LathamThe Tax Man Commeth! Yikes!
Mark LilleySystems Developer, Novice with HP kit
Mark McD"click to insert witty remark"
Mark Meyerson"I used to be with it, then they changed what 'it' was. now what I'm with,  isn't 'it.' and what 'it' is, scares me." -Abe Simpson
Mark NeumannLego is good
Mark NewtonLive life, taste death!
Mark NierthIt's always something
Mark Osborne"Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there."
Mark P.Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler
Mark ParadowskiWhat goes around comes around.
Mark ParlbyLost and Confused.
Mark PartainIf it ain't broke, I'm not done yet!
Mark PartlettCochran" that does NOT MAKE SENSE!"
Mark PayneIf it ain't broke, fix it anyway!
Mark PezziNewbee looking to help you soon!
Mark PezziI'm new so please be patient .
Mark PisanoThe Day Is Almost Over
Mark PowellVive como si fueras a morir mañana, aprende como si fueras a vivir para siempre...
Mark Prado"What comes around, goes around!"
Mark Rainfordqualified by experience, ie not much
Mark RicheyGreater the Risk... Greater the Glory
Mark Rozendal"You cannot solve a problem with the same thinking that got you into the problem in the first place !"
Mark S MeadowsAdministrating HP-UX systems for more years than I care to admit, but still enjoying it (most of the time!).
Mark Saintywhat is my mothers maiden name?
Mark SawyerEvery day is a learning experience
Mark Simpsonif in doubt do the right thing !
Mark SmithYoung at Heart
Mark SosaI am no Sammy Sosa
Mark StanleyQuality is a Result of Ownership not Process
Mark StewartLive by the sword. Die by by the sword.
Mark SullivanIf I had more hands life would be alot more fun!
Mark Sullivan"The harder I work... the luckier I get!"
Mark TadayeskiGood Boy!
Mark TevisAin't broke don't mess with it
Mark TomlinsonPillage before you burn.
Mark TreenMark Treen
Mark UyDoes someone know where I can find the partition manager configuration/users guide for a RP7410. I would like to remove the hardware partitions currently installed? Thanks
Mark VineGarLive Long And Prosper
Mark Vollmermvollmer@csc.com
Mark Vollmers"We apologize for the inconvience" -God's last message to all creation, from Douglas Adams "So Long and Thanks for all the Fish"
Mark W. FarrellIf it's not broken now, it will be soon.
Mark W.A. HinkleFreedom is the prize, responsibility is the price.
Mark WarnerCan't? I don't know the meaning of the word.
Mark WatersThe Agony of Delete...
Mark WatkinsMirosoft- You can't get there from here!
Mark Whitlowdo it right or do it again!
Mark WismerIt's always simple...after the fact.
Mark van HasselThe surest sign that life exists elsewhere in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us
Mark van LeeuwenFac Diem Meam
Mark van Proctor"Son, you tried and failed. The lesson is: never try."
Mark...if you have nothing useful to say, say nothing...
MarkSyderThe triumph of evil requires only that good men do nothing
MarkTomlinsonLoadRunner Product Manager
Marko KeisuMake
Marko VirtanenMarko
Markus BanfiAnalyse - Simplify - Automate
Markus BenteleM. Bentele
Markus BuehlMarkus Buehl
Markus KaltenggerCluster-Buster
Markus PihlI try hard...
Markus StranglOh theou mou! Echo ten labrida en te mou kephale!
Marlin BergDo it!
Marlon R. Trujillo"Computers in the future may weigh no more than 1.5 tons." -Popular Mechanics 1943
Marlon SantosI want it that way
Marlos SoaresMarlos Soares
Marques de Melo FilhoMarques de Melo Filho
Mars EngineConquer thy Ascension!
Marshall BelewWhere ever you go, there you are.
Marshall WilliamsIf you think you can, you can
Martien KorenblomI don't have a solution, but I admire the problem
Martijn BosJust don't call a file -rf
Martijn BosWhy use computers when you can go walking on the beach?
Martijn DekkersUse Debian!
Martijn StuartOn the brink of the abyss, a step forward is not always advancement
MartinMe gustan los fierros
Martin AyalaMartin
Martin BezemerFree?! Does that mean I can't get a Discount?!
Martin BorneIt's better to burn out than fade away!
Martin BurnettYou can learn from anyone, if you listen.
Martin BurnettChaos reigns within. Reflect, repent, and reboot. Order shall return.
Martin ChristiansenMartin Christiansen
Martin Christovsudo question
Martin DanceImpossible is a word to be found only in the dictionary of fools
Martin Falconeroh god not again
Martin GeilCogito Eggo Sum (I think, therefore, I am a waffle)
Martin Hamiltonif it ain't broke don't fix it!!!
Martin HoogenboomThis must be Thursday, I never could get the hang of Thursdays.
Martin HughesFor the fashion of Minas Tirith was such that it was built on seven levels, each delved into a hill, and about each was set a wall, and in each wall was a gate. (J.R.R. Tolkien). Quote stolen from VAX/VMS IDSM 5.2
Martin Jean-Charlesmjch23
Martin KnoblauchJust that you are paranoid doesn't mean we are not after you !!!
Martin Kropiklife is to short for microsoft
Martin MABIKAmmabika
Martin MadesVPO / TopTools Beginner
Martin MooreEvery complex problem has a solution that is simple, elegant--and utterly wrong.
Martin Moriyama NakaokaMoriyama
Martin NadeauMartinMedia
Martin PhillipsThe mind is a terrible thing to waste
Martin ScharkTo be or not to be !
Martin SchmitterReality is an Illusion, caused on to less alcohol.
Martin StaafSe inte ett problem i uppgifte, utan en uppgift i problemet.
Martin VorlaenderCetero censeo Redmondem delendam esse.
Martin WestHelp for the Youngsters
Martin WesterveldAs finishing touch God created the Dutch
Martina" it wasn't me "
Marton FerencJ5000
Martonoc'mon man, give me some points .. :-)
Marty JohnstonIf it ain't broke, look again!
Marty KuhrtCan't keep it up? You need VMS!
Marty MetrasThe only thing that always remain the same are the changes.
Marty MlynarikI have been repairing HP printers since the LaserJet II
Marty Weghorn"They'll never care how much we know until they know how much we care."
Martyn FosterTough times don't last, tough people do!
Martyn SmithHow many IT people does it take tto change a Light Bulb
Marv CowlesYou cannot make a baby in one month by getting nine women pregnant.
Marvin Loftiswhat ya dont know wont hurt ya but it might yer puter
Marvin Weissimage analysis
Marvyn TorresNewbie over here!
Mary Englundcomputers are our friends
Mary Gilmorenone
Mary JacksonEveryone believes in something, I believe I'll go fishing
Mary SieckUse HP R80
MassimilianoAlia iacta est
MassimoHi all
Massimo BianchiNO!!! NOT THAT BUTTON !!!!!!!
Mathew AbrahamTroubleshooting is not for the impatient
Mathias Johansson"I trust your trust in me to misstrust you!"
Matias Di BlasiMatias Di Blasi
Matjaz ObstetarTo sem jaz
Mats LarssonIt's never to late to give up...
MattNothing's easy, is it?
Matt Getty9350i
Matt HearnNot a dummy, just a newbie!
Matt HolboCuss factor is high!
Matt Hoyleif it's not one thing, it's 30 thousand others
Matt MartinNo Worries...
Matt Ohmstedeuhh. . .got any gum?
Matt StandageWhassup!
Matt Sweetnamjava.......
Matt Tourneyhuh?
Matt Vanderwall"Pe oad out, Brammig?"
Matt WilliamsonShow me your certification and I'll show you mine!
MattBHave we hit the bottom yet?
Matthew Ausmus"What the gods get away with, the cows dont."
Matthew BennettsBlah, Blah, Blah...
Matthew Carpenter"Charles Darwin had the balls to ask" ~REM
Matthew Clarkeif you dont ask, you will never know :)
Matthew D Millertantum relegio potuit suadere malorum.
Matthew Delaney"In my office the defecation regularly hits the rotary oscillator"
Matthew Edwards-WinserInto everything todo with Storage
Matthew FaganHmmm...Well...
Matthew FarrellMatt
Matthew FranklinNever do today that which will become someone else's responsibility tommorow.
Matthew FrazierMagna est veritas et prevalbit
Matthew Frye"There's nothing that can't be accomplished through the use of brute force."
Matthew GhofraniLife is full of bugs
Matthew HartelIs it plugged in?
Matthew Horistneed a break? listen to some opera... it's a source...
Matthew J Warrick"Did you get that memo?"
Matthew LeggIBM Suck
Matthew McNallyarrgh help its all gone wrong
Matthew MckenzieOh hell!! Not again
Matthew MurdockKeep it simple
Matthew NewbyHeart, soul, mind, and strength
Matthew Perduenever say "if" - say "when"
Matthew RichinsI did it all for the Wookie
Matthew RogersonWhat's puzzling you, is the nature of my game.
Matthew ToddThat which does not kill me, makes me say, "ow."
Matthew YatesNo it wont be ready today and the longer you keep hassling me the longer it will take !
Matthias Barrebarresi
Matthias LocherBy idealist, save environment
Matthias Oswaldmabios
Matthias, Koh.Enjoy every situation!!!!
Matthieu Lamblotsurf the techno wave
Matti KurkelaWhile good documentation is a great thing to have, it's no substitute for understanding what you're doing.
Mattias DouhanMaking the impossible possible
Mattie Van de WallGet help from someone else, If you don't know it by your self
Maureen CampbellMay everyday be the first day of the rest of your life.
Maureen GunkelNo matter where you go, there you are.
Maurice ReedI hate bl**dy computers!!!
Maurice RichardUnix Rules!
Maurice SkivingtonCheer up. It'll get worse.
Maurice SkubskiTIP: ITO was renamed to VPO. And now with Version 7 it is renamed to OVO (OpenView Operations)
Maurice van Heesmy email address: maurice.vanhees@getronics.com
Mauricio AnayaMANAYA
Mauro GattiUbi maior, minor cessat!
Mauro PerezMauro
Mauro Rusignuolo<<Il voto nasce quando la speranza more!>> Leonardo da Vinci
Mauro SacconiMauro Sacconi
Mauro ZabaletUnix Adiministrator
MaxThe only dumb question is the one not asked
Max WibergOh my God, it's full of stars...
Maxi G.ITIL Foundation, SC 6.X Foundation, SC 6.X Tailoring
Maxwell Shantar"Don't eat lead"
Maynor Carcamosolo tu y nadie mas
McCreadycheck out evamgt.wetpaint.com and evamgt google group
McIntoshHP 2562c
Md. Khairul Alam Prodhankhairul
Mehdi DIBdibmehdi@free.fr
Mehmet Ali ErsoyKundun
Mehrdad Sheikgood to go
Meirone LucaMeirone Luca
Mel BeckmanFor every problem there is one solution that is simple, neat, and wrong.
Mel BurslanUNIX because I majored in cryptology...
Mel HaylazBegin at the begining and go on till the end, then stop.
Mel NiemczykCan You Hear Me Now?
Mel YarieWhat you see is what you get
Melanaenjoy your job and it will pay off in the end. if you don't enjoy your job...find a new one!
Melinda JacksonHP4500 can not remove duplex option
MelissaLaserJet 3300
Melissa McCurleyUUCP
MercadieEmmanuel Mercadie
Merlin M.self-promoting
Merlin the happy pigA Headless Chicken does not stop for a Haircut
MervinEach One Helps the other
Mic GalvinIn my next life, I will be much smrater!
Mic V.What kind of a name is 'Wolverine'?
MichaelStill Learning
Michael"no thanks"
MichaelNothing in the world can take the place of persistence.
MichaelIt is what it is.
Michael...somtimes your No has to sound like a Yes
MichaelWe are born naked, wet and hungry. Then things get worse.
Michaelspeak "friend" and enter
Michael AlbrechtIn pepperland all things are possible
Michael ArmbrechtNever be afraid to try something new. Remember, amateurs built the ark. Professionals built the Titanic.
Michael Barnesjust tryin to get by here :)
Michael Baumhauermichaelb
Michael BierwischServiceDesk Administrator
Michael Bluemm... still trying ...
Michael BootsDo you know Prov0?
Michael BorowskiI miss Ultrix.
Michael BouwmaRoad Rage makes me soo MAD!
Michael Brown"Orare et Vastare"
Michael C. MetaliosIf I can't fix it, I'll find someone who can.
Michael Cameron"It is utterly implausible that a mathematical formula should make the future known to us, and those who think it can would once have believed in witchcraft." Betrand de Jouvenel,The Art of Conjecture
Michael CaninoI know nothing and now I now nothing but you think you know everything there for i am smarter
Michael CannardLifes Pretty straight without a Twistie !
Michael CastroNetworking is key to success.
Michael Cavedoncav
Michael D'AulerioEmail: michael.n.daulerio@lmco.com
Michael D. WigalHelp Needed
Michael DalyHow fortunate we are...
Michael DeMaraisWhy make this so hard?
Michael DillmanIf at first you don't succeed, you must be installing Windows
Michael DobalaSystem Administrator
Michael DunTry not! Do, or Do Not - there is no "Try."
Michael DuthieNever touched it
Michael E. CollinsJust another HPUX Admin
Michael Elleby IIIIf I can't be part of the Greatest, I just have to be the Greatest myself!
Michael Elleby IIIKnowledge Is Power
Michael F. DickWell, thats all just my $.02
Michael F. SteeleEvery Tekkie Wants to Be Right
Michael FinckYou can do it !
Michael FitzgibbonsSo many printers, so little time!
Michael Funke"Sleep, who needs sleep?"
Michael GauntYou've gotta' spread your arms, hold your breath, and always trust your cape.
Michael GormanHow this works?
Michael Gormanpanopticon is the era's rationale
Michael GoughSecure or be hacked !
Michael H. SmithIf it's worth doing, it's worth doing right.
Michael Hardingtime to go
Michael Hauckmichael hauck
Michael HayesThose of you who say it cant be doen, should get out of the way of those who are doing it!!
Michael HeepWhere's da food...?
Michael HemmingsenWhy take your-/myself so seriously?
Michael HicksComputers: Tools of Satan
Michael Hogan=8-))
Michael HuttnerWherever I go, there I am.
Michael Ingensandnever change a running system,except of a failure
Michael JaegerfeldtOK I'm all full...can I have some more?
Michael JohnssonBeer is my friend
Michael JonesThe scales of experience vs. paper should always tip towards experience. Who has time to certify?
Michael KanPls help me!
Michael KellyThe nice thing about computers is that they do exactly what you tell them. The problem with computers is that they do EXACTLY what you tell them.
Michael KindermannMK
Michael Kinooto regret is better then to resist.
Michael KloseWeihnachtsmann
Michael Knight"There are ten types of person in this country: those that understand binary, and those that don't." Jeremy Paxman, 2003
Michael L. HancockUnix a little bit difficult, yes but oh my god the power
Michael LaRocheHey who took the cork off my lunch? - W.C. Fields
Michael LampiA journey of 1000 steps ends in a mile.
Michael LampiA journey of 1000 steps ends in a mile.
Michael LappenUnix for Dummies was written for me
Michael LeeYou are never to old to learn something new.
Michael LeeMichael
Michael Leuhis eyes they are sane and his speech it is plain
Michael LimMike
Michael LinderHP simply doesn't care.
Michael MartzConcentrate on the solution, not the problem.
Michael MayneThe significant problems we face cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them.
Michael McCammackThe Forestry Service is looking better every day.
Michael McGrathdon't believe everything you think
Michael McIntoshTo be or Not to be what is the point?
Michael MoormanOne man's groove is another man's rut.
Michael NießMichael
Michael NobleSuccess comes from Failures.
Michael PatrickSysAdmin
Michael PehboeckYou cannot know everything
Michael PenzaThose who hear not the music think the dancers mad.
Michael RaabeIf you stare at it long enough, you'll go blind
Michael RichardsonComputers are such a pain!
Michael Robertsetouq ot hguone revelc ton m'i
Michael RumsbyMichael in need of help
Michael S O'NeillBeing computer literate can be a REAL curse
Michael Schulte zur SurlIf you want your words to count, count your words!
Michael ScotsonTo many computers!
Michael SheelerHELP
Michael SkoraNew Year's Resolution: 250 points by December
Michael SporerMPE forever
Michael SteeleSupport Fatherhood - Stop Family Law
Michael Stollaire"The Intelligent Man Admits Ignorance" - Mark Twain
Michael T......If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
Michael ThomasNew to HP,
Michael TillettHelp!
Michael Trann00bie :D
Michael TullyAnyone for a Mutiny ?
Michael V. JonesLive today as if there was no tomorrow.
Michael VamperAll's fair in LOVE & Computing!
Michael Van Peltanything worthwhile takes time
Michael VaughnThe truth is in the logs
Michael VorkapichIf the square of the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares of the other two sides, why is a mouse when it spins?
Michael W. WestNo Matter Where You Go, There You Are!
Michael WachsNothing is impossible (eq. Toyota syndrom)
Michael WallYou bet!!
Michael WardClowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right. and i'm stuck here in the middle with you. -Bob Dylan
Michael Wendelmwe
Michael WilliamsThe bigger they are, the harder they fall.
Michael WoloshynIf not broken, then do not fix
Michael WorshamBe lazy. Do it right the first time.
Michael WrightIt's all good !
Michael/Mike ReaserYes, I used to be on the old Dee Emm Ell team at the Atlanta Response Center
MichaelJRuffIf it not broken, don't repair it
Michal Krlínlife is fight
Michal LukaszekYou can learn everything if you need
Michal Malymichael
Micheal L McComberNothing says out of the box will be easy
MichelHave FUN
Michel Cormiercomputers...love em or hate em
Michel CoscovI am a Customer of OPENVIEW
Michel CoscovI a customer of OPENVIEW
Michel MEILINKwww.meilink.net
Michel MesedahlHello All
Michel St-Coeurstcoeurm@ntc.noranda.com
Micheleunless your coffee machine isn't connected to an ups, you are still ok!
Michele FritschBite Me
MichelePI was gratified to be able to answer promptly and I did. I said I didn't know."- Mark Twain
Michelle Craig"It's an ID10T error"
Michelle Daalmanthings aren't always what they apear to be...
Michelle DonnerGIGO
Michelle GordonSocket files
Michelle Popejoy"I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work." - Thomas Alva Edison (1847-1931)
Michelle WeissForgiveness is easier to get than permission.
Michiel LexmondDo computers realy make your life easier?
Michiel_sTrying to deal with it.
Mick RhodesA problem shared is someone elses problem
Midge BurtonI'm still lookin' for the ANYKEY!! :-)
Mieke OostveenFeel good
MiguelLearning never hurts.
MiguelLooking for help
Miguel A. JimenezWhy Me!
Miguel Angel AliagaS
Miguel Angel Burdalo-
Miguel Angel Ortegamortega
Miguel CazaresMiguel Cazares
Miguel GaytanMike15
Miguel Luaces Alonsomiguel luaces
Miguel Reboredamav2002
Miguel Simonmig0201
Miguel T. Velez-WhiteTeaching people how to fish
Miguel VelascoLa verdad nos hara libres
Mihails NikitinsKISS - Keep It Simple Stupid
Miikka SuvantoEagles may soar, but weasels don't get sucked into jet engines.
MijimbuI have purchased a used Laserjet 4 which works very good. But now it doesn't react anymore. I can only read the following message on the display " 50 Wartung". Wartung means in german Servicing.What can I do?
Mika HarkonenHP spice JAM
Mikael ForsIt's probably just a POC (piece of cake).
MikeEveryone is an idiot, and you are here to compensate.
MikeDepartment of Redundancy, Dept.
Mike AblesNew to NNM
Mike BestMy brain is E-ready
Mike BraatenI'd rather be beat to death with my own severed limb, than run that on Windows!
Mike BradleyFree the inodes!
Mike BrownThere's no substitute for experience
Mike BrunerYour word is what you are.
Mike ChavezWan Crazy
Mike Cheneydate
Mike CollardWhy keep it simple when complexity is possible?
Mike Donatucci“To be involved or to be committed to something are two very different behaviors. Take bacon and eggs, the chicken is involved but the pig is committed” - Cannot recall the source.
Mike DunneMr. Dunne
Mike EdwardsLife is a real balancing act!
Mike EhrmanToday I will know the joy of uninterrupted productivity!
Mike Evansevery time we make something idiotproof, god invents a better idiot
Mike FisherTime flies like an arrow. Fruit flies prefer a banana.
Mike Fisher"Where are they?" Fermi
Mike FisherThe best things in life aren't things
Mike FisherDon't get mad - get naked
Mike FrithThere is an exception to every rule, including this one.
Mike GanglerYour not late, unless you show up
Mike GentlesServers??? What's a server??
Mike Gilmore IS & Tmaking computing safe for albertsons
Mike GradyWherever you go, there you are.
Mike GriffinJust another day in Paradise
Mike HassellThe network is the computer, yeah I stole it from Sun, so what?
Mike HoldingNEVER SAY NEVER !!
Mike Hornsbycreeping elegance becomes creeping elephants
Mike IngramDon't be shy to ask if you don't know the answer
Mike JonesComputers are great, when they work.
Mike JungertI'D rather be flying
Mike Keighleynil illegitimi root-andum
Mike KierPractice Random Acts of VMS Marketing
Mike Kissinger"Just do it"
Mike KruzelBrothers and Sisters All Rise!
Mike KruzelHi!
Mike KruzelHi
Mike LaceyIs that a haiku? I never could get the hang of writing those things.
Mike Lacey"No No! *NOT* like that!!" (overheard on phone to an IT helpdesk)
Mike LingerI Love Computers ... Sometimes
Mike Maherna
Mike MarshHeal the past, live the present, dream the future.
Mike MatthewsYou're only as good as your last backup
Mike MayerSystem Administrator
Mike McBurneyFarting is fun, and it makes the room warmer.
Mike McCabeDown today Up tomorrow
Mike McCormickIt's not over tell its over!
Mike McKinlay"Hope springs eternal."
Mike MetzOh, another code change?
Mike MillerAlways have a backup plan.
Mike MuddTweak it 'till it's broke!
Mike MurphreeToday is the tomorrow we worried about yesterday... and all is well.
Mike MyersChange is constant
Mike NaimeVMS SAN mechanic
Mike Northfast, cheap and good...pick any two
Mike PillaProblem printing from Windows 2000 Professional To a HP 4 Plus Printer connected to a Windows 95 workstation
Mike PlunkettDon't Panic!
Mike RailtonWe can change anything and frequently do
Mike RedaDownloading Printer Settings via NDPS
Mike ReynoldsNow is a good time
Mike Reznak...and I think to myself, what a wonderful world ;o)
Mike Rightmire"If we treated each person we met as if they were carrying an unspeakable burden, we might almost treat each other as we should." Dale Carnegie
Mike Rightmire"If we treated each person we met as if they were carrying an unspeakable burden, we might treat each other as we should" - Dale Carnegie
Mike Rileyour service is like fine art!
Mike Rollinsalways learning my limits
Mike SandersIts all out there somewhere
Mike Seohi
Mike Shaferantigravity is possible because science fiction told us so
Mike Shearerlive respected and die regreted
Mike SheckelsThanks in advance for your assistance
Mike ShilladayIf it aint broke - Dont fix it
Mike Shumatebah-i fix things
Mike Singleton-- I bent my wookie --
Mike SmithI cannot provide a list of obvious things that shouldn't be overlooked
Mike StormsWhat gets measured gets done!
Mike StoumbaI'll Try
Mike StrakoLife is like a circle, what once was will be again!
Mike SvobodaSAN ADMIN
Mike TerryEditor of Terry Family Historian
Mike Van HoffLife is ...
Mike WalkerPersistence is everything
Mike WilliamsFormer CE
Mike02xAll my posts are ideas, not related to HP, HP is not responsible to any damage done if you follow instructions provided by Forum posters.
MikecGo HP All the way ! Love HP Printers!
Mikhail IvanovHP OV Competence Center : openview@i-teco.ru - Ask&Learn
Mikhail Mamaevuser
Miki AlkalyMiki Alkalay
Mikko J PartanenJust another rookie
Miklos HAJDUMy self is also Managed by Operations
Milan Antunovic"The truth is out there"
Milan MuralidharanKnowledge grows with Sharing
Milana GiuseppeWherever you go... there you are!
MillaLive life to the fullest for the future is scarce!
Milly Dreleozis"What is NOT my job?"
Mindaugas ArdaviciusEverything is possible !
Ming-Wen SungBe precise and flexible
MiriamMiriam 80
Miro VranCan't wait for the day to finish ....
Miroslav KelavaKelly
Miroslav SedlarikMise
Miroslav Vulovic"The warriors of the flat earth have become the tyrants of the globe?" (Deep Purple, Soon Forgotten)
MisaqAll in 86400s
Misbakhul MunirBeginner
Mischa Andreas Finschiin vino veritas!
Mitch JonesDoes anything stand still?
Mitch MohlmanMeasure twice, cut once
Mitch RerekIf it's running don't fix it!
Mitja Zigante2
Mitwalli EmadMurphy was an Optimist !!!!
Mladen Despicmdespic@agricoreunited.com
Modestas KrauzlysWhat was your username?
Modi Bittermanmodi
MoektiIt will be better to share both your knowledge and experiences
Mogamat KahaarI do what I can !
Mohamedlive free or die
Mohamed Alhassanihp-ux is wunderfull
Mohamed KhalilWe take care of details
Mohammad AbdoM. Abdo
Mohammad KaleemMKQ
Mohammad Sajedidoing something all the time
Mohammad SanaullahAlive
Mohammed KhadirHey There
Mohammed Usman AliLife is what you make it!
MohanasundaramAttitude, Not aptitude, determines your altitude
Mohd EzreeTrial and Error
Mohieddin KharnoubScience for Everyone
Moises ApazaMoises Apaza
Moises BaumMoises
Mona Buck"No matter where you go, there you are"
Mona BuckNo matter where you go, there you are
Monette BellNetwork Problem
MonicaHard work always pays
MonicaBeing confident means knowing everything before the situation arrives
Monika HeimCuriositiy kills the cat
Monit KapoorIf You don't Know! Ask!!
MonloverTake a risky chance; join the club join the dance
Monsey ComputersShare your knowledge so other will do the same because there is not such a thing as a Know-It-All. And you never know maybe one day you’ll need some advice and if everyone is sharing knowledge you can use some one else’s knowledge!!!
MontesantiOne solution a day keeps the bugs away
Montserrat CaberoMonse
Monty Johns"The only difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits" --Einstein
MoodieI wish there was a knob on the TV to turn up the INTELLIGENCE
Moon Sang GukSang Guk Moon
Morgan"There are no dumb questions, only deadly mistakes"
Morgan Shorey"and shepards we shall be, for thee my lord for thee. Power hath decended from thy hand to my feet so i may swiftly carry out thy command. And we shall flow a river forth to thee, and teeming with souls shall it ever be.
Mork ForkHow do you tell a Communist? Well, it's someone who reads Marx and Lenin. And how do you tell an anti-Communist? It's someone who understands Marx and Lenin.
Morscher Bernhardmobe
Morscher Bernhardmobe
Morten Augestaddtmoraug
Morten BergsjoEverything with moderation
Morten KristensenMorten
Morten LangeIts a _N_Iceland
Moser HermannMoser Hermann
Moses OlivasMoses
Moses OnitiloSolaris 8 and VPO 6.0 Problem
Moshe KorachMosh
Moti ShapiraMoti Shapira
Mourad DerricheRead between the lines...
MoxieDo it right the first time
Mr Alan YipAlan
Mr FOREST MichelA rookie in the HP Forum :)
Mr John HeardMake sure you have a GOOD one.
Mr P Matthewsone good look is worth a thousand meter readings
Mr Patrice Saintongemay the force be with me
Mr. Akkapong PirachaiNo Have Problem from HP
Mr. CK LeeCat
Mr. John KerrI hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand
Mr.JamesLife move pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.
MrBillThe Computer will never catch up to the Mind
MrPrinceThink Forward, Think Backward, Think
Mridul ShrivastavaTime has a wonderful way of weeding out the trivial
Ms Nancy ChungDerrick Law
MsEThose who jump off a bridge in Paris are in Seine
Mueller AndreasNobody is perfect........ My name is nobody!!!
MugilvannanIf U need a helping hand, U will find one at the end of your arm
Muhammad Ali FarooqHi there
Muhammad Imran Hussain1 GOD 1 LIFE
Muhammad SyarifudinWelcome to my page
MuhammedFinally one gets God's help when one keeps trying for long time
Murali Bandarusolution to a problem is a recursive process which in turn generates more problems and solutions
Murali KanagaNothing to Add..
Murat SULUHANMurat Suluhan
MurgeshEnjoy Life
Muthu Kumar Rajurmuthu
MuthukumarEasy to suggest when don't know about the problem!
MuthukumarHard Diks problem in Presario 5004US
Myles McManusThere's no place like $HOME.
MynorHello there Unix gurus
Myrna Q DiazTo err is human, to forgive is divine
Mª José ManzanoI like to have freedom to make mistakes
Ngive it another shot...
N K MehtaNew Member
N.S. WARGHADEHello unix
N.SivaramaKrishnanLINUX never dies
NALINlearning is life long
NAT MILLER"Service" is gone from the pharse "Customer Service"
NITINBelieve in urself
NPS UnixThere are always two, no more no less, a Master and an Apprentice.
NSTake It Easy, Be Happy !
NSiSupportCapture --> Process --> Route
NTMGRiding on the Highway
Nadeem AfzalNadeem Afzal
Nadeem RahmanHello
Nadeem SiddiquiBe all you can be
Nader Qaid A.Enterprise Servers and Storages Engineer
NagamaniSmile, It increases your face value
Nagaraj DandeboyinaEverybody is ignorant, only on different subjects
Nagy ViktorTo Learn, To Learn, To Learn! Said Lenin...
NahPaul Weser
Nai Visuthizzz
Naj RanaTo share is to grow.
NajamNew to HP Unix
Najat EisaffiDau
Nalin UduwawalaLife long Learning
Nameesh NRNothing is too small to know, and nothing is too big to attempt.
NamitLive and let die
NancyLove my job
Nancy DawsonAlways learning!
Nancy Lee PopeOne for all and all for me
Nancy RyanI will survive the age of paying for customer service!
Nanda GopalLive and Let Live
Narasimha MurthyBelieve and Succeed
Narayanan GanesanDo it Unix Way !
Narendran.SViva HPUX
Naresh100 + computer assembled
Naresh KochharOld is gold!
Naseemuddin MohammedNothing is greater than knowledge
Nass Klaus-WernerK.-W. Nass
Nat GuytonNever underestimate the bandwidth of a station wagon filled with backup tapes
Nat MendiolaIt is better to know me and not need me, then to need me and not know me...
Natasha WhiteTech Tee
Nathan CockrumSweet, I didn't know it could do that.
Nathan HuntLong Live 3000!
Nathan KarrasMoo!
Nathan RosensheinGlory is fleeting, but obscurity is forever
Nathan SpitzerUNPRECEDENTED PERFORMANCE: nothing we had before ever worked this way
Nathan Ten HakenWhat do you mean, "Nothing works"?!
NathanKIf there is no solution then there is no problem
Nathanielpraise to the god of sex, video games and rock'n'roll
Naveejpractice makes a man perfect!!!
Naveen DograDare Mighty Things
Naveen JaiswalA customer is the most important visitor on our premises. He is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an interruption in our work. He is the purose of it. By MK Gandhi
Naveen ShettyQueries
Naveen kesariBe Positive
Navid HUSSAINTeamwork
Navied YousufKnowledge is useless unless shared.
Navin BhatAll's well that ends well
Neal Boxallnealb
Neal Fischer"I'm Omnipresent I just don't know it yet" - Monty Python
Neal KrawetzIf you can't say something nice, say what you're thinking nicely.
Neale MachinJust cos I look after Unix Boxes doesnt mean I wear sandals
Ned D. HanksMay fate favor the foolish
Neeraj JoshiHelp & Grow
NeilGlad to be here...
Neil ArmstrongThose that rely on technology are as lost as those who create it.
Neil Benzz
Neil BradleyUNIX Forever!
Neil Bradleydoes it have to be plugged in?
Neil ChurchillWould you like to ask a friend
Neil EdwardsIt wasn't me.
Neil HandNeil
Neil HarrisAn inveterate hacker
Neil HerringThe Fish
Neil John (H.P ProliantI help geeks !!
Neil KingNeil
Neil MacvicarIn a sorry sea of pale sound uplifting here, dark waters flow through the archways of silent dreams..
Neil Morris"If it aint broke" but it is....
Neil RichardsonStill supporting Bill, bless him.
Neil Ryan"There are 10 kinds of people in the world. Those who understand binary, and those who don't." - Lewis Finch
Neil WilsonThink Of Yourself As A Customer
NeiseHi :-)
Nelson PitaPita
Nelson PitaNPita
Nelson RibeiroGod doesn´t mess with computers and I don´t do miracles.
Nelson WongLife's a Beach
NenadAlways find a better way.
NesanEverything you don't know is an opportunity to learn
Network AdministratorQuis custodiet ipsos custodes?
Neuromancerlinux rules!
Neville DeardenThe true cost of anything is the cost of the foregone alternative
Neville PallettMy glass is always half full
Neville YoungI like strawberry yoghurt!
New userJust learning on typing
Ng Tarn NeeHow to make this world a better place to live
Ng Hak Soonhsng
Ng King WangWe master OpenView, my Lord masters us.
Nguyen Anh TienHP is simple
Nguyen Cam HanhBackup is successful but not all files restore
Nguyen Dinh Tamdinhtam
Nguyen PhuongYour knowledge is my knowledge !!!
NiCKjust for fun
Niall LynchYou're measured by your resolve
NicholasThe Technologist/Musician/Writer
Nicholas"Remember the eternity of your worst embarassment is but a moment of entertainment to the onlookers."
Nicholas Cross*NIX is user friendly, It's just selective on who it's friends with!
Nicholas FaberIt's important in life to always strike a happy medium, so if you see someone with a crystal ball, and a smile on their face ...
Nicholas Lain...and life carries on
Nicholas LeeA bit, a byte, what does it matter?
Nicholas MelvilleIn theory there is no difference between theory and practice, but in practice there is.
Nicholas MoranDont ask me ?
Nicholas SmithTechnology is cool
NicholeI just need a lot of help!
NickIt's not a fault, it's a feature!
Nick Bontrager"Do they speak English in What?" - Samuel L. Jackson
Nick BracePint of Carlsberg please?
Nick BrennanYeeee - Haaaaaaaaaa!
Nick ColemanIt's only funny until someone gets hurt, at which point it becomes hilarious
Nick CramerRetired. So little time, so much to learn!
Nick CrossContrary to popular belief, Unix is user friendly. It just happens to be very selective about who it decides to make friends with.
Nick CulpittSeek the treasure you value most dearly: if you bow your head, let it be to a lofty mountain.
Nick D'AngeloAlways learning
Nick FenwickSay Hello to my Lil' Friend!
Nick Gamroth"some people were made to rock and roll"
Nick GamrothLet the foxy boxing begin.
Nick GloverA problem shared!
Nick ShankSMP: Its not just an arch. Its a way of life...
Nick SopowskiManaged to survive another year .
Nick TarmeyDon't ask me I'm an Alien!
Nick WaltonIt's got two chances - it will either work or it won't!
Nick WarheadCisco is boring crap
Nick WickensHats ? We don't need no stinkin' hats !!
Nick Zraika'Everything is do-able'
Nicowhat is my love name
Nico van RoyenIf all else fails, try reading the manual...
NicolasWhat am i doing today? Nothing! And I am gonna do it all day!!
Nicolas DumeigeAll different, all Unix
Nicolas R.Nicolas
Nicolas THOMASNicolas THOMAS
Niculae DanielSomething new?
Nidal AliNidal Qashou
Nido" Let Villagers Be Happy!! "
Niel GreeffWell, we all try
Niels J. NielsenIT professional
Nigel BrownjohnIn Cyberspace nobody can hear you scream!
Nigel PoultonTalk about storage at http://blogs.rupturedmonkey.com
Nigel RichardsIf you're going to shoot, shoot. Don't talk.
Nigel TeowBe focus and keep your eyes on the ball, you will overcome it.
NightHawkBite Me
Nik BettamIsn't life wonderful?
Nikhil Chaudharinikhil
Nikhil MistryHi Sandeep,
Niki Thomas>sigh<
Niklaus SiegfriedNik
Nikolai MinevNikolai Minev
Nils BergstedtNils
Nils Herloff-PetersenKnow what you don't know
Nils Hoppe"Two things seem infinite: the universe and human stupidity. I am not entirely sure about the universe though." - Albert Einstein
Nils Puskeppeliesnever stop learning
Nina LoIt's NOT FUN
Nip Chi HoHo
Niraj Kumar VermaNiraj.Verma@philips.com
Niraj PalikheyAlways rembember the "KISS" principle in this business
Nishant BhaskarNetwork ALL
NissimC Nissim electronics
NitinKnowledge Update for NNM
Nitsulenko Sergeysin
Nivesh PatnaikI gave him his drink as usual. Some men can't hold their arsenic.
NixonTry to help ur friends as much u can
NkassasThere are no short cuts to anything worth doing
Noa HarelUnix dummie
Noam MeltzerHP engineers must live on Mars. Otherwise how can you explain the fact that they invented the wheel themselves?
Nobody's HeroUNIX IS GOOD
NoelTeachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself.
NoelNeed An Answer
Noel MirandaHave a great day
Noor ZainiNothing can I tell you about me.
Noorali PanjwaniWhere there is will, there is way!
Noppasoon Srinarangfrcorp
Noraseh SingholkaNoraseh
Norbert EngelBlack and White Copy with PSC 500
Norbert Rueckelplease help me
Norbert WalkaThey find all their problems Revenge is sweet Backup, backup
Norbert ZaschelIf you don't go, you'll never get there
Norm GeltzJust Do It
Norman AdelewitzBe methodical!
Norman BoyesI wish I had started that earlier
Norman L. WestergardOld Marine Needs Help.
Norman R.Knoedlercomputer locks up when exiting the HP Photo Printing software AMD600 Athlon
NotAGuruYetStop making excuses, start making progress
Nova Cuave MorganITT aboute to graduate YEAH!!!
Novonil ChoudhuriI was in HP before and now working in Symantec . Involved in Integration of Veritas Productcs and HPUX
Nuno MonteiroNuno
Nuno PereiraNuno Pereira
NuriaGSHe who asks a question may be a fool for five minutes, but he who never asks a question remains a fool forever
Nuvong S.All or none, good or evil.
Nuwan WijesunderaTo get out of a difficulty, one usually must go through it
OFC_EDMThe Devil is in the detail.
OLARU Dando switching and routing on Cisco
OSWALDO PRADOI'm just a beginner
OVSD 5.1 VictimI hope they don't rely on word of mouth for advertising.
ObliviousI Fu****** Hate computers...
Oceanisif you throw it in the trash can and it don't jump back out, you know its broken
Odd OlssonOJobb
Oded NunbergMachines are machines even though they are computers
Odie Cardenjack of all trades master off none
Oguz Kutlu AsikWhat's right is right, whether or not God exists
Oguz YilmazOguz Yilmaz
Oktay TasdemirLet the fun and games begin
Olaf FührerOlaf Fuehrer
Olaf HoerdingOlaf Hoerding
Olaf StranskyThe more i know NT, the more I love UNIX!
Olaf ThormählenSecurity is not a solution, but a lifestlye.
Ole HolmYou only live ones, so try everything ones!!
OlebilePerfomance Monitoring is not always easy
Oleg KhoroshylovNo RISC, no fun
Oleg ZieaevProfessionals will prevail ...
Oliver AntwerpenMurphy was an optimist.
Oliver Booth.
Oliver Charniif it smell's funny on the outside, it's worse on the inside
Oliver Haenseleverything is possible ...
Oliver SchmitzOliver Schmitz
Oliver SchultzIf you think you`re good enuogh-you had stop to get even better...
Oliver TianOracle DBA
Oliver VeitOliver
Oliver WriedtOliver Wriedt
Oliver ZimmermannAgitate, Educate, Liberate !
Olivier DecorseThey say "install windows 2k, xp or better", so i install unix !
Olivier MasseA random glitch makes common sense. http://omasse.blogspot.com
Ollie RTo err is human but to not award points is unforgivable
Olof NilssonBeen there, crashed that...
Omar Ab RahmanI try!
Omar Abharicarpe diem
Omar GhalibChange is the only constanT
Omar SenussiIf you can keep your head whilst all around you are losing theirs... You haven't understood the situation!
Omar Sharif ChaudhryA Newbie in IT
Omar Torreblanca V.Beware of programmers who carry a screwdriver.
OmegaDark Admin
Omer MuktharAll praises to Allah who created mankind and gave him knowledge
OmkarI am new here
Onan CocaHe who does not know is like a blind person.
Ondrej BrabecI'm still learning...
Ong Saw KeokSaw Keok
Orlando De Oliveira ROrlando Oliveira
Orlando Luiz VictorinoThere are only 10 types of people in the world: those who understand binary and those who don't
Orville McGrathfast cars ....fast bikes
Osamu MiharaMay the source be with you.
OsbaldoBe always prepared
Oscar Enrique Arias H.Oscar Arias
Oscar KoayFreshman in Unix World
Oscar PalomoHi there.
OswaldOh MAN!!!
Oswald SpiceIf it aint broke dont fix it.
OtteThe best way to solve problems is straigth through them
Ouri Daviddavid
Ove LindblomOve Lindblom
Ovidiu D. RaitaSimple solutions to complex problems
Oviwansay thanks for nothing
Owen SiddalsComputers are not time savers
OzCat5temp20041030 @ optusnet. com. au
Ozan PINARYours,
Oziel GarciaOziel
Ozzie VilomarNever too late
P Muralidhar KiniSweet Child Of Mine - Guns N' Roses
P Rollinsself breeds death
P V PatelPunjabhai
P. MijnheerR. Schwieters
P. PrinslooWally
P. de ClownP. de Clown
P.H. Vogtman man
PAMELA HUSBANDHumans should not allow their jobs to consume them. Jobs are created to be enjoyed!!!
PAUL BAKERIf at first you don't succeed, give up
PAULA BRINSONAttitude is everything. Pick a good one.
PAtrickCarry on regardless
PDTaylorBe careful of what you wish for
PFLUMIO Damiendamien
PIELbye, :)
PINGWhatever exists is changeable and what is not changeable does not exist.
PLAZALa perfection n'est jamais dans les Hommes mais parfois dans leurs intentions
PRAMOD KUMARMemory Problem
PVRDon't give up. Try till success...
Pa'Trice L. Pettaway"To Live and Learn"
PabloLoco por !! JAGA !!
Pablo ArnaldiPablux
Pablo Clifton"a job's not done, till it's done right"
Pablo JejcicStaroffice for HP-UX
Pablo RosaMari Mari Kom Pu Che
Pablo SalazarSaber lo que uno busca, es vivir con la conviccion de saber lo que uno es.
Packrat1947If man could be crossed with the cat, it would improve the man, but deteriorate the cat -- Mark Twain
PaddyThe sufficiency of my merit is to know that my merit is NOT sufficient
Padmaja Reddypaddy
PakBrainWe are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit - Aristotle
Palaniappan MahadevanWork while U work
Pallavi AkundiPeople with goals succeed because they know where they are going-- as quoted by some one
Pam WoolvertonHELLO ALL!!
Pamela J Goodwin"...it's turtles all the way down."
Pankaj ChawlaA deep chasm can't be crossed in two steps
Pankaj Patelthink simpler and achieve more
Panos Agoros"This is how the world works: all energy flows according to the wills of the great magnet... What a fool was I to defy him!" (Johnny Depp/Fear+Loathing In Las Vegas)
Paper KwokBlank Paper
Park Si HyunWhenever, Wherever, Whoever and Whatever I'll go.
Park Tai JunSoutn KOREA,SEOUL
Parthasarathi SenguptaHP TSE
PascalTout ça ne vaut pas un pastaga!
Pascal HaenyPascal Haeny
Pascal YuPascal
Pascal de JongeThe only thing we have fear for, is fear itself!!!
Pasi KoistinenAibo
Pasi SorsaNo Pain, No gain
PatKeep Smiling!
Pat BrammageHelp
Pat FlanaganIf it ain't broke, you're not trying hard enough
Pat HickeyAch ! That is not even rong?
Pat LimacoI'm always giving my best shot
Pat MorrisShould I have bought a Cannon!
Pat SheaAll that is necessary for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing.
Pat SmithI say unmount and newfs for a bit...It's the only way to be sure ; )
PatelHi, We are using HP 11 and multitech ZDX 5600 and have the same problem , do we need a getty pacth ?
Patrice Le GuyaderGood judgement comes with experience. Unfortunately, the experience usually comes from bad judgement.
Patricia ChanLive life to the fullest!
Patricia Pilarcikdiagonally parked in a parallel world
Patricia Troxellitwiz
PatrickI don't understand????
PatrickEasy Does It
PatrickComputers are like me so DUMB...
Patrick'No quote' is a good quote
Patrick BrunelleIT
Patrick Bruxelle1
Patrick ChestnutA Dumb Intern
Patrick CollinsI have miles to go before I sleep
Patrick D. GarveyI hate black boxes!
Patrick Ewalt"Everything SHOULD taste like chicken!"
Patrick Fergusonunix unit
Patrick FlynnCarpe Diem
Patrick GormanWe are what we repeatedly do, Excellence therefore is not an act but a habit - Aristotle
Patrick H HughesWe come into this world with nothing. Without an education, don't expect it to change.
Patrick HayesC'est plus drôle d'être un Américain à Paris qu'un Parisien en Amérique
Patrick HoldenMay GOD come and save the world NOW
Patrick J. BurwellThe key to success is persistence
Patrick John MifsudDon't leave for tomorrow what you can do today!
Patrick KaneI'm Here Because I Have Questions
Patrick LoyHe that hath knowledge spareth his words.
Patrick Marc PreussGoodbye Douglas! Whereever you are now, keep your towel and don't panic.
Patrick MatthewsOf course I don't lokk busy, I did it right the first time
Patrick Müller640K ought to be enough for anybody. -Bill Gates 1981
Patrick Nathanpnatha
Patrick Rafterylife is good
Patrick Ruaneworking harder, making better, doing faster makes us stronger
Patrick Terlisten"It doesn't work!" isn't a qualified problem report...
Patrick Vendas Fagetpfaget
Patrick WallekUnix is user friendly! It's just picky about who it is friends with.
Patrick WesselThere is no good troubleshooting with bad data
Patrick WestdorpPatrick
Patrick Williamsp2k.us
Patrik LindvallDo not take life too seriously; you will never get out of it alive.
Patrik Rybarpatrik rybar
Pattabhi RajanLove all whom he loves
Patti TechnicianThere's no better friend than your dog.
Paul"if it ain't broke, don't tempt fate and fix it"
PaulRepent, Reflect, Reboot! and all shall be well.
PaulPrinters are like women....Can take up a lot of time to get just right....and strip you of every penny !!!
PaulSuccess is a journey, not a destination
Paul"Never confuse motion with action" - Benjamin Franklin
Paul A. ChadwickIf it ain't broke fix it till it is!
Paul AlexMay the force be with you
Paul Andersonif it was easy, they'd do it themselves
Paul Anthony Meyersforum's developer
Paul Bouchie42
Paul Bowenshit happens - just deal with it
Paul Broomewhy me?
Paul C. GleimLie about ethics
Paul Cannon" make it so "
Paul ChanPaul
Paul ClarkThe Joy of HP-UX ain't nothing like it!
Paul EadingtonI had hair .. then I got into Unix
Paul F. CarlsonLink down -- cable problem?
Paul FreiHelipilot
Paul GHELP!!
Paul GibsonTo err is human.. to really fowl things up requires a computer
Paul GrigorenkoPPG
Paul HadrillS&NM Technical Consultant
Paul HadrillHelp Me!
Paul Hanson<a href="http://www.digimarc.com"><img src="https://www.mediamarc.net/watermarkregistration/images/logo.jpg" border="0" ></A>
Paul Harris"oh yeah!"
Paul HawkinsYou suck-diddly-uck, Flanders!
Paul HerndayMarianne Moore: "It's a privilege to see so much confustion".
Paul HoffmanKeep I.T. Simple
Paul Ironsstill learning
Paul JerromIf it can't be done with a VT220, who needs it?
Paul JohnsonHP:from the best to the worst in one decade.
Paul Jordanhannalex
Paul KameiGood Systems Management is a journey, not a destination
Paul KennedyNo matter where you go there you are! (Bonsi Bucaroo the 8th dim)
Paul KennedyTo err is human - to really f**k things up requires a computer!
Paul KerstenIf I don't know it, everybody else probably does.
Paul Knaublife is to short, eat desserts first
Paul KostrzewaThere's nothing so broken it can't be fixed.
Paul LakraIf it were not for the problems I would not have a job!
Paul Leclair"Information is not Knowledge, Knowledge is not Wisdom"
Paul MacAvaneyLet your workings remain a mystery; just show people the results.
Paul ManzoliIf it ain't broke, don't fix it.
Paul MarquardtThere are only 10 types of people in the world, those who understand binary, and those who don't.
Paul MeimarisWherever you go, there you are...
Paul MelarkeyQuiters never win, winners never quit, but those who never quit and never win are idiots, David Brent, The Office.
Paul Meyersim here and your there
Paul MiddletonDilligad - Do I Look Like I Give A Damn
Paul MirichIf all else fails, Anyone seen my Louisville slugger?
Paul MorrisLonliness and Cheeseburgers are a dangerous mix.
Paul MunozI will greatly appreciate your help
Paul MurrayMy Brain Hurts !!!!!
Paul MurrayJust remember, nobody knows everything !!
Paul MurrayHey, nobody knows EVERYthing !!!
Paul NoeldnerWin and Web Consultant
Paul PalmerThey call me "professor" for a reason !
Paul Pellegrini#6
Paul PlowmanGone but not forgotten
Paul QueneauNot an IT expert
Paul RockwellDamnat non intelligunt
Paul SImoesman's flight through life is sustained by the power of his knowledge
Paul SMiththis is stupid
Paul SlijkhuisIT Architect, contractor
Paul SoetemanKa
Paul SplietNo buisniss like snow buisness
Paul StarrRich or poor, it's good to have money.
Paul Stuhleyinacative user
Paul SzetoLive life well
Paul T. GreenWe'd like to know a little bit about you for our files.... Paul Simon
Paul Tannes"Opesouce is the Way!!"
Paul ThomsonArgh ye land lovers !
Paul Torp"sendmail is kind of fun..."
Paul W Gronbach Jr"if you are going to be somewhere, be there" auth. unknown
Paul WallaceWhen all else fails. Read the instructions!
Paul WinchcombeI have an above average QI
Paul YarboroughNo time like the present
Paul Youngwhy?
Paul petersPeace! Peace! Peace!
Paul van WesterlaakIf you must choose between two evils, pick the one you've never tried before
Paul van der HagenMr Fix-IT
Paul_GDamn Flanders!
Paula A. MoctezumaPaola Moctezuma
Paula J Frazer-CampbellIf you can spell SysAdmin then you is one - anon
Paula SuessStressed spelled backwards is desserts
Pauline BraschThe time is gone the song is over thought I'd something more to say.
Paulino SalcedaIf women were good, GOD wuld have one
Paulo A G FesselL'employé propose, le boss dispose.
Paulo Sárriapsarria
PavelWho knows...
Pavel ButorinQuo Vadis
Paweł KrakowianMake things better, not worst
Pedro CosmenNemo mortalium omnibus horis sapit
Pedro Costa"And when Alexander saw the breadth of his domain he wept, for there were no more worlds to conquer..."
Pedro Luis EstrañoHello everyone
Pedro RodriguezThere are no bugs, only undocumneted features
Peeyushany suggestion for my site.. http://geocities.com/peeyush_maurya/
Pelephone SystemHPUX sysadmin
Penelope Q. JacksonPenny Loves You!
Penny TappendenFrom Penny
Penona ChanSeek and ye shall find.
Pepe Jimenez Muñozppviso
Per Berger"I'm not called "Terminator" for nothing! :-)"
Per Engstrom1 test is better than 1000 experts testimony
Per GyllensteinWhy do it tomorrow when you can do it to day
Per LPer
Per Pagh-AndersenBR688431
Per Pagh-AndersenPer Pagh
PerignonFrustrations surmounted are paving the way to expertise.
Perryhi everybody
Perry WilliamsExperience is the comb that Nature gives us after we are bald.
Petar BajicThe quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog
Petchesi Gabriel HoratiuIt's been emotional
Pete BramwellTrust me, I'm certified!
Pete BurgessFor every action there is anequal and opposite reaction.
Pete KrohnHey, It worked before!
Pete RandallTo err is human, to moo: bovine
PeterI don't need a quote...
PeterLets be Careful out there !
Peter"Im trying"... ("very trying" some might say)
Peter A. Berger Jr.You can always retake a class, but you can never re-live a good party
Peter AlexovicTu a teraz
Peter AllenDefinition of success “Never Give Up�
Peter BarnardI haven't yet come across anything better since working on Hp Platform
Peter Bavister-Smithalways learning
Peter BenthamTechnology is easy until you open the book
Peter BergquistExactly where is Joe Merchant anyway?
Peter BilitchAlways on, always connected.
Peter Blythe"What did we do before the Internet ?"
Peter ChanHow could I send a mail to some body when alarm occur?
Peter D.peace, love and happiness...
Peter DavidsonEvo n610c, XP Pro, P4m 2ghz, 1GB RAM, 40GB HD
Peter DuncanMy HP printer always gives me problems. Sorry, will assign points once I have evaluated replies - going off on holiday may take some time.
Peter EllisPete - IT Engineer
Peter Fülöp:P
Peter HakesleyThe light at the end of tunnel has been switched off until further notice!
Peter HoytPlease encourage HP to provide an updated driver for the HP III-series laserjets so that they will print correctly under Windows XP.
Peter JansenTip
Peter KelloggTomorrow is another day!
Peter KlausnerBruce Schneier will beat me: I gave away my password...
Peter KloetgenI'm learning here as well as helping
Peter KloskyRunning HP-UX
Peter KöhnkeEvery step is one ahead
Peter LachnittPeter Lachnitt
Peter LiPeterLi
Peter Lipsy"If at first you don't succeed, ask the IT guys..."
Peter Lundquist"Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy." - Benjamin Franklin
Peter LyngsoeSeek perfection in everything you do
Peter MatteiI love storage
Peter McQuirkHi Oh Silver, Away
Peter MillingtonEverything in Moderation
Peter NikitkaThe Universe is a pretty big place, it's bigger than anything anyone has ever dreamed of before. So if it's just us, seems like an awful waste of space, right? Jodie Foster in "Contact"
Peter OndrejkovicPeter Ondrejkovic
Peter PapamichaelIf it's not on the fan, check your shoes.
Peter PerfettiFamous last words... "That's the way its suppose to work!?"
Peter QuodlingLeave the Money on the Fridge.
Peter ReedPCs ahhhhhhhhhh
Peter ReuschleinWer meint gut zu sein hat es verpasst besser zu werden!
Peter ReynoldsIts operationally challenged
Peter RivaIt's all Greek to me.
Peter Rocheaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!
Peter Schulzendorfno personal quote ;-)
Peter ScottLife is a terminal sexually transmitted disease, but hey, who wants to be cured!
Peter SedivyOmnia mea mecum porto
Peter SingletonI know just enough to be dangerous
Peter StoehrDont know what this mean
Peter Tan Hua Loonno promises, but i try my very best.
Peter Van NieuwenhovenIf it works, don't touch it, but allways stay at least one step ahead of trouble.
Peter Weibbrecht.... not this machine!!!
Peter Williamsjohnny75
Peter van RijswijkTo do or not to do is not the question
Petr HanzlikPetr
Petter TereniusAlmost always happy!
Phan Duc HungPhan Duc Hung
Phani V YenuguPhani
Phanibhushan RaoPhani
Pheilon Zhouuxnt
PhilWhether you think you can or you can't, you're right!
Phil"Your path will be arduous and amply rewarding"
PhilDr. Phil
Phil Corchary99% of the game is half mental. - Yogi Bera
Phil CornwallA closed mouth gathers no foot.
Phil GregoryAt the heart of problem blamed on the network, there lies at least two problems. One of which is blaming the network in the first place.
Phil KirbyHelp
Phil ParkPP
Phil RaakeOne Days at a time
Phil SquireUnix? Is that like Windows? Where's the mouse?
Phil VisNever give up
Phililp MeehanI didn't break it boss!!!! It just happend??
Philip BirchUp the Potters!
Philip C.O. Buela.MIS-TeCh
Philip CarmoAttitude is key, skills can be learned.
Philip DaviesConsultant
Philip E. SchwartzI always need answers
Philip G TaylorThe BOFH was right
Philip HoffmanLive life.
Philip KernohanIt's nice to be important but it's more important to be nice
Philip P. HartlDon't take life so seriously; nobody gets out alive.
Philip SharpA scientist discovers that which exists. An engineer creates that which never was.
Philip WangJust do it.
Philip WatersThere's No Place like root# cd ~/
PhilippDo printers ever work??
Philipp RiedoPhilipp Riedo
Philippe J. RousselImmaterial beings observe time-space differently. Ergo to them,creation is still going on!
Philippe MALINGEFido
Phillip AndersonWhy? Because. 42. Happy Birthday.
Phillip Culvergod is real unless defined as an integer
Phillip HubbardWeb-Java Pop-Up
Phillip Malphrus, Jr.It takes a big man to cry ... It takes an even bigger man to laugh at that man
Phillip MilneYou can only be young once but you can be immature forever
Phillip O'HaraIf helpful, provide points!
Phillip ThayerOnce it's in production it's all bugs after that.
Phillip WilliamsThe world is divided into 10 types of people: Those who understand binary and those who don't
PickachuSnakes, why'd it have to be snakes?
Pier Pasinibe yourself no matter what they say
Pierce JurisprudenciaLife is a mirror of your actions
Pierre BRUELDon't worry, be HP
Pierre Wolterspierre wolters
Pierrick hervelearn and explain
Pieter AucampCustomer Care is not a department, it is an attitude.
Pieter de MeyerBuyBuyBuyBuyByeByeByeByeBye
Pincholas FloydAlways at the edge of technology
Piotr Gorkapio_7@o2.pl
Piotr KirklewskiJesus is the King
Piotr SzmydCan't start command for application "Alarms Utility/NT". No such file or directory
PiterPiter Ostapowicz
Piyush AgrawalDo it Right the First Time.
Plank GuentherIsnoquote
Plenty GrooverYou can never be more than you wish to be...
Plessey MathewsSolve it today or your Plotter will break down at the next submission
Po-Shan ChangPo
Po-Shan ChangMaximizing Potential
Polly SimpsonNew and dumb
Pornsak LamaimuangHello World!!!
PostemaThe earth is but one country and mankind its citizens. Bahá'u'lláh
Pradeep Solankilive life as it comes
Pramodfor now a switcher
Pramod Raghavendra"If you are good at doing something never do it for free"
PrasadEquations are more important to me, because politics is for the present, but an equation is something for eternity
Prasad HebbarIts late into the night...
Prasad HolagundaKnowledge is a River, Drink a drop everyday!
Prasanth Vattolyprasanth.v.a
Prashant (I am Back)Nothing is impossible
Prashant Zanwar"Intellect distinguishes between the possible and the impossible; reason distinguishes between the sensible and the senseless. Even the possible can be senseless."
Prashanth WaughFor success, attitude is equally as important as ability
PrashantjGood judgment comes from experience and experience comes from bad judgment.
Pratyush PaulDie Hard
Praveen KumarWhen the going gets tough, the tough gets going...
Praveen Lawrenceஅகர முதல எழுத்தெல்லாம் ஆதி பகவன் முதற்றே உலகு.
PraveenKumarWhen the going gets tough, the tough gets going
Preet DhillonNothing succeeds like excess
Preeti KhannaMission Impossible
PremjithVMS is the best
Prince FonsekaPrincef
Printapornenjoy any little thing in my life
PrinterLabHong Kong
Priscilla Schneiderhelp!
PrissWhere does the extra points came from?
Priten ModiNothing in the world can take the place of
PriyaRejoice in the lord always
ProvencalD Provental
Pruthvi Simhabeleive thyself
PshedgesI haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work
Puff Chuangpuff
Puneet ChopraCommon experts, help me
PunithanSystem Engineer
PupilThere is always something new to learn everyday !!
Pål TorpHP HSC 100Base-TX Prototype card
Q4youMore you Share, More you Gain
Qamaruddin ShaikhGive me a star and I'll cruise you to north pole.
Qi Jian Gangpizza
Qi LinLynch
QuangNew Kid
Quay Lyquay
QueenieWinners never quit - Quitters never Win
Quincey Craig"Party Peanuts,” a culinary delight or just another example of food gone wild?
Quinten NorthfieldHaPPy
Quinting, Georgdon¦t use computers if you can avoid it
R A Bryanthelp
R WilliamsGo Browns
R. Allan Hicks"Only he who attempts the absurd is capable of achieving the impossible
R. Allan HicksOnly he who attempts the absurb is capable of achieving the impossible
R. BerendsenRemco Berendsen
R. ManickavelPractice makes a man perfect
R. Sri Ram Kishore"What goes up must come down. Ask any system administrator."
R. TavenerWhen the only tool you own is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail!
R. van HuisstedenYou never walk alone
R.K. #Don't fix that what ain't broke
R.Leijendekker"As a finishing touch, God created the Dutch"
R.M.PANDIANThere is a solution to every problem
R.MielenI haven't failed, I only found 10,000 way's that won't work
R.MohanrajNever never give up....
R.O."When you look into an abyss, the abyss also looks into you"
RACThere is no substitute to HARDWORK
RAJESH GANGADHARANLet the choices you make today be the choices you can live with tomorrow.
RAVIWhen Going becomes tough the Tough keep going
RAYMONDNever say Never...
RB GarthwaiteLife is a series of unexpected choices we have no possibility of foreseeing, yet we act as though it was all planned out
RBakerFreelance consultant
RC McMickenTo Burn is to LEarn
RICHARD A DOUGLASAlex DeLarge: "It's funny how the colors of the real world only seem really real when you viddy them on the screen." - A Clockwork Orange
RLS MDOTFor our wrestling is not against flesh and blood, but against the principalities, against the powers, against the world's rulers of the darkness of this age, and against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places.
RODTSHP for ever ! (almost as good as AT (Argentine Tango) o:)
ROGER HEILERHelp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ROSS E. JUDDI'm not very happy with HP 6640c or this so called forum that has no answers to anything!
RUSSOCKI Wladyslawhi!
R_LehrIn this age of technology, the computer may be the most important tool you will ever learn to use.
RaMpaNTeYou heve a question... I have an aswer!!!
Rachel AutersonIf something is worth doing...it is worth doing well.
Rachel PepperdineLife begins when you're born
Rachel Schumachersystem admin tasks
Rachel SunN/A
Rachelle ThorenEach day holds promise, purpose and possibility.
Radhakrishnan VenkataramNegative thinking is a highest form of Intelligence
Radnour Acton-PageA Unix Newbie
Rafael BritoUnix rules!
Rafael E. RosarioLet's try it again!
Rafael Esquivel Paredesin search of the wisdom and the internal peace
Rafael MoranHi! I'm keko
Raffaele BertoniRaffaele
Raghavendra R GamojiUnix is not for those who dont luv it!
Raghu Kanth C.Lhe who can does he who cannot, preaches
Raghuarch“A gift is pure when it is given from the heart to the right person at the right time and at the right place, and when we expect nothing in return" -->Bhagavad Gita
Raghuram Ollakalno personal quote
RaguShare and share alike
RaguDebian GNU/Linux for the Enterprise! Ask HP ...
RahulBe as radical as reality.
RahulSys Adm
RahulDravidZip Zap Zoom
Raimundo PereiraRaimundo Pereira
Rainer BeckerNothing in the world can take the place of persistence.
Rainer von BongartzHe's a real UNIX Man, sitting in his UNIX LAN making all his UNIX plans for nobody ...
RajLife's battles don't always go to the stronger and faster man,But sonner or later the man who win is the man who thinks he can.
Raj D." If u think u can , If u think u cannot , - You are always Right . "
Raj DhimanNothing is too big to climb
Raj Mithalaaa
Raj RaoIf only computers were as easy to sort out as babies
Rajanikantwe are learning every day
Rajasekhar.kKnowledge is power
RajeChange is inevitable
RajeChange is inevitable
Rajeev DuttLife's too short
Rajeev Kumarextract useful knowledge
RajeshI love world
Rajesh G. GhoneRajesh Ghone
Rajesh RaghavendranOracle Rules !!!
Rajesh SBLiving on edge is Adventure.
Rajesh TGShoot for the moon. Even if you miss it you will land among the stars.
Rajesh TarkundeRajesh
Raji Murthybe good and do good
Rajivi hate filling in forms
RajivDie Hard
Rajiv Thakur"And, when you want something, the whole universe conspires to help you get it."
Rajiv ThomasBelieve in the fact that technology shld work for people and notthe other way around
RajkumarOracle DBA
Rajkumar BasuveswaranWhen all else fails read the instructions
Rajsekhar ReddyThere is no such problem without a solution, All you have to do is find the solution.
Rajshree ShindeThere is always a way
RajuD“Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”
Ralfmerry christmas
Ralf BenderRalf
Ralf Fischerthe end justifies the means
Ralf Germannmara
Ralf Hessepatents are the only obstacle of an information-society
Ralf HildebrandtPostfix/BIND/Security/IDS/Scanner, you name it...
Ralf KorczykowskiJust do it.
Ralf OehlerichGet out of Neutral
Ralf PuchnerHelp() { FirstReadManual(urgently); Go_to_it;; }
Ralf ThierbachOmniback II 3.1
RalphIts better to try once than never
Ralph GrotheMadness, thy name is system administration
Ralph Hagansometimes you have to break it to figure out how it works
Ralph JordiStorage Consultant
Ralph McGranahanDamn, I'm good
Ralph RothVorne ist dort, wo sich keiner mehr auskennt.
Ralph SimonXP user
Ralph TaylorIt'll be fine!
Ram BalaJust Do it !
Ramakrishnan KellioProblem is easy to solve if you look at from all perspective
RamalingamWe Learn the most When We have to Invent
Ramboa man intetest in HP-UX
RameshWhatever it takes !
RameshKnowledge is Power
Ramesh DontiAlways Keep Smiling
Ramesh PakkathNothing is "imPOSSIBLE"
Rami Al-LolahIt is not too late to start.
Ramin Javid Milaniraminjm
Ramkumar DevanathanNo point being pessimistic. It doesn't work anyway!!!
Ramkumar SrinivasanRamthedba
Rammig ClausNo risc no fun
Ramon CristobalRemedy Rules!!!
Ramon GonzalezRamon Gonzalez
Ramon RubioRamon
Randall A. JordanPatience is a virtue.
Randall Leedba super hero
Randall MenkeI didn't delete that did I?
Randyzombie birdhouse
Randy AsplundYes, we have antiques!
Randy Bowiewhat has HP done to their web-site this time?!
Randy BradleyHave a blessed day!
Randy C.http://forums1.itrc.hp.com/service/forums/helptips.do?#33
Randy JonesLife is uncertain; eat dessert first.
Randy Kuitebeware of programmers that carry screwdrivers...
Randy LoweOnly two things wrong with women, everything they say and everything they do.
Randy Lyman"I don't need no silly quote"
Randy RayfieldI have neither the time, or the inclination to explain myself to you.
Randy RichardsonWillingness: A frame of mind that is open to every possible demand without reservation or refusal.
Randy Singh DhanjuElement
Randy TarrierDo it as long as you love it!
Randy Turzinskiround up the plants
Randy WeisExperience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes. Oscar Wilde.
Randy WilsonWhat, me worry?
RanjiNever say Never again
Raph Marinhocannot help but looking for answers
Rashid HamidI'm Parit Madirono/Parit Betak Boyz
Rashid Khanthe pursuit of happiness is the fun
RatkowskiFit in Netware
RatzieStop cooking with Cheese!
RaulGood things come to those who wait, "let the backups finish"
Raul DominguezRaul
Ravinever give up
RaviNjoy Life to the Fullest
RaviFailing to plan is planning to fail
Ravi Abrolworld needs a good debugger!
Ravi BodduGood judgement comes from experience and experince comes from the bad judgement
Ravi ChillikatilC/C++ Application Developer on HPUX
Ravi KiranNever Say Never
Ravi KondamuruManagement of All Devices
Ravi KumarKnowledge sharing is knowledge gaining
Ravi MeruguNothing is impossible
Ravi SankarNetwork The Whole World
Ravi Sharmaits my life
Ravi Sodhi"If only I could grow simpler, quieter, firmer, warmer". Vagmarken, Dag Hammarshold
Ravi prasadHandling ovpause & ov resume
RavikanthSystem Administrator
Ray BeersOne for all All in one
Ray Bellknowledge is power!!
Ray BroadbridgeI like fish, sheep and sex - but not at the same time
Ray CarterDenial is not a river in Egypt
Ray Debattistato be or not to be
Ray EakerMore like doors than windows...
Ray GroveAll good things come to those who focus
Ray JonesNothing is achieved before it is thourougly tried
Ray KleinTo err is human.
Ray LakhaniGet your knowledge to work
Ray RodriguezEvery day has it's own challenges.
Ray SalterDon't Worry - You are unlikely to die as a result of an IT problem !!
Ray VisserI like challenge
Ray WardTo err is human. To realy c**k things up you need a computer!
Ray Watkinssweet old bear
Ray Yerbylife is like a party mix.. you never know which nut your going to get
Raymond CrijnenYou can contact me at raymond || @ || smt-x || . || com
Raymond FordI'm an apprentice among journeymen who spend a lot of time on the virtual road.
Raymond FournierGreen
Raymond Kleinachtung
Raymond MarxHP Sucks
Raymond RamaekersLive life to the MAX
Raymond Rigo Sr.We can not change the direction of the wind, we can only adjust our sails.
Raymond RugemaliraKnowledge can be shared without being diminished!
Raymond van WonterghemRaymond is on
Raymond van den HeuvelOkey that's it I quit ;op
Raymund EscasaAlas! I'm done...
Raynald BoucherThere is never enough time to do it right but always enough time to do it again.
Redwhats red is zie
Reginald D'souzaForget it
Regis T.:-)
Rehakwhat ever
Reinhard Burgerkeep it simple
Reinhard Posmykrpos
Reinhold Fleckeno work no fun
Reiß, ThomasThomas Reiß
Reju Georgehttp://learnqtponline.blogspot.com
Reju John MathewReju
Remco D'haenenNever a white whiteboard
Remco DhaenenNever a white whiteboard
Remco KootEnjoy!
RemigijusEverytime is a first time
RemigijusIn God we trust, everything else we are verifying with PGP
Remko OosenbrugOH No. It's happening again
Remko van TongerenNever give up trying
Remko vd Peppelknow-how about computing
Remote Systems Supporttesting is for wimps.....
Renlive is a game
Renaat DumonAw well, it's not the end of the world ... :-)
Renante M. YuOnly dead people have seen peace
Renato BeranaKeyboard not functioning, press F1 to continue
Renato Moranolot of fun
Renaud GILLONDedicated to develop modelling and characterisation know-how in micro-electronics
Rene Decker8
Rene Enriquezdogs name
Rene HermannThere is something more in space than stars and galaxies.
Rene Hermann# cd pub # more beer
Rene NagelRené
Rene UlbrichtOVO can do
Reno MastrocolaBurhan Halilov
Resolution GauranteedNever become so much of an expert that you stop gaining expertise. View life as a continuous learning experience.
Reston Tech SupportWhere's the beef?
Reuben M. OrdonioTIMTOWTDI
Rex LeeTrue friends look past the broken down gate and only see the flowers in the window boxes.
Rey PegaridoRey
Reynaldo Sal y Rosasnettl
Reynaldo Sal y Rosas ReyReynaldo
Reynaldo TorresReynaldo Torres
Reza PakdelChaos reigns within. Reflect, repent, and reboot. Order shall return.
Rheal CharbonneauKasmutt
Rhett Redelings"All that good men need do to let evil succeed, is remain silent."
Rhoda Cooperpatience is the key
Rhonda ThorneSharing my knowledge of UNIX flavors
RicardoJust do it
RicardoRicardo V. C.
RicardoWeb Master - Alphaville
Ricardo BassoiIf you never try, never will work
Ricardo Friasnone
Ricardo Garcia CarrilloRich
Ricardo GuardiaRichy
Ricardo HurtarteExpertise in Cisco, Hp Open View, Checkpoint and ISS
Ricardo L."The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low, and we achieve it." Michaelangelo
Ricardo R PeiranoMr.
Ricardo Rocha"there is this old man who spent so much of his life sleeping that he is able to keep awake for the rest of his years"
Ricardo VazquezThink big!
Riccardo BIgoniRiccardo Bigoni
Rich DoweyAll factors within my control are at or near nominal values
Rich KloempkenFixing bugs only reveals larger bugs that were hidden by the current bug
Rich MuesRichM
Rich PearsonYee-argh!
Rich PurvisWhy does my tivo keep recording Nickelodeon?
Rich SidellaRich Sidella
Rich VrbaNew User
RichardIf at 1st you don't succeed - smack it with a hammer !
RichardIf it's not broken LEAVE IT ALONE!
RichardPlan the work, work the plan...
Richardwanting to meet an author because you like his work is like wanting to meet a goose because you like pate
Richardnetwork probles
Richard A BestIt's a Beautiful Thing
Richard A. MarxJust another person with an opinion.
Richard BanksI'll try and do better with assigning points in the future, sorry!
Richard BarcellanoChange is the world's constant
Richard BarcellanoChange is the world's constant
Richard Bentzit's easier to beg forgiveness than get permission
Richard BergRight the first time!
Richard BettsHP OpenView Radia Consultant
Richard BickersIt's more interesting when it's gone wrong
Richard BowesHard Telling not Knowing
Richard BrakStill a Cowboy fan
Richard Briggs#find / -name coffee | cup < cream
Richard Darlingrdarling@southwickclothing.com
Richard DelPivoIndependent service provider- Meriden, Connecticut
Richard DreherFrustrated Windows XP owmer
Richard DroletI'd rather be Flying
Richard E Kidder JrBR730597
Richard Eklund"Everytime you do a good deed, you kick the devil in the butt." Tim Allen
Richard EvansThe only stupid question is the one never asked.
Richard Fohrenbach"To venture causes anxiety, but not to venture is not to live."
Richard GaleAm mostly remotely omnterseted
Richard GrahamAre we there yet?
Richard Greauxin life
Richard GuiboratI'm only here till I win the lottery
Richard GustafssonDa man da myth
Richard HaighIf it ain't broke don't fix it!
Richard Haytereschew obfuscation
Richard HillA Day without Sunshine is like a Day without TASM
Richard HoodIf it ain't broke - Don't fix it
Richard HortonSCO veteran converting to HP UX
Richard J WhitakerWhen we got into office, the thing that surprised me the most was that things were as bad as we'd been saying they were. --JFK
Richard J. AnthonyDum vivimus vivamus
Richard JordanThe package said "Use Windows 98 or better" so I installed VMS
Richard K HillIf at first you don't succeed, use a hammer
Richard L. CookDon't believe, necessarily, what you see, hear, or read.
Richard Learya dead whale or a stove boat
Richard Lightrelax, it's all just 1's and 0's
Richard Luros, MDWe have to be vewy, vewy quiet...
Richard LutkusI un-status the quo.
Richard MangruRichard
Richard MartinJust do it!
Richard MasonIf it isn't broke don't fix it.
Richard MertzWhat anybody thinks of me is none of my business.
Richard MetzShoot for the moon , even if you miss you will land among the stars
Richard MillerThere are three kinds of people in this world: Those who make things happen; Those who watch things happen; And those that wonder what happen."
Richard MosesA journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
Richard OldhamThis machine is going to go out of the window!
Richard Pacebloop! bloop! bloop!
Richard PlourdeSwanson's theorem: Murphy was an optimist.
Richard PorterWindows 2000 Shares not working
Richard PreugschatIf you've thought of it someone's done it!
Richard Quinn"Though this be madness, yet there is method in 't." !!
Richard R. DunnRecycle now
Richard RaehalIt is amazing curiosity survives formal education. - AE - It is really true.
Richard RoseWork for the fun of it.
Richard RotenEverydays School day
Richard SantosTenacity not temper :)
Richard SmitAssumption is the mother of all fuck-ups
Richard SnaderWhere did that thing go?
Richard SorgmannRichard Sorgmann
Richard StevenIf you don't ask you don't get!
Richard TaftSometimes your the windshield, sometimes your the bug
Richard Tate"The oxen are slow, but the earth is patient"
Richard Toland"Nothing is so good as it seems before hand"
Richard TschidaIf its not broke don't fix it.
Richard W HuntSr. Systems Janitor
Richard WardRW
Richard Warwickdon't panic-it's just a computer!
Richard Whalenhttp://www.linkedin.com/in/rvwhalen
Richard WhitlockOnly I am Sancho!........Is Scott Baio Sancho.....NO He is not!!!!!
Richard WigmanShare your live.
Richard WilliamsNetwork Systems Administrator
RichardGKeep it simple and enjoy life
RichelleLife-Live it, Love it, Be it
Richelle Spafford"It's Microsoft. It will work tomorrow."
Richie VineI was once thrown out of a mental hospital for depressing the other patients.
RickThe certainty of pain is far better than, the pain of uncertainty.
Rick AtkinsNever trust computer programmers that carry a screwdriver.
Rick Balanetskyeperious emptom
Rick Balanetskyempus errier
Rick Barrrbarr
Rick BeldinNecessary questions: Why? What? How? When?
Rick BoivinTechnology is a wonderful thing...when it all works!
Rick BowlesThere's know place like ~/.
Rick HippKnow your limitations.
Rick KniselyDon't Sweat the Small Stuff!
Rick LangIT Manager
Rick LevelChaos ensues, repent reboot, and order will return.
Rick Longorialife is funny! so live it,as if it was your last day.
Rick NelsonWhat is this four letter word UNIX
Rick OttenO=='=+
Rick PrestonTrying is the first step towards failure
Rick RoweWhere ever ya go-There you are.
Rick TweedyOf all the times in my life I have had, this has got to be one of them
Rick TweedyShared LVM
Rick WilsonHubris, laziness, impatience.
Rickard FernstromI belive what i Trust and Trust what I belive
Ricklihu rickli
RickyThe greatest trick the devil ever pulled,was convincing the world he did not exist
Ricky B. NinoOpportunities expand for people willing to put time and effort into learning new skills.
Ricky JemmottA backup is only as good as the last successful restore
Ricky RuslandKeep on smiling...
Rico DieballI don't know?!?
Rico LeenartsNothing is impossible
Rico TsangNew features, new problems; more functions, more problems !!
RiderA Real man makes his own luck
Ridzuan Zakariaquest for perfections
Rikard EkmanComputers are evil, destroy them, destroy them all!
Rinendra ShakyaNewbie with an old hp-ux machine
RingenbachChuck Circlecreek
Ristagno LorenzoRistagno Lorenzo
Rita C Workman..enough said
Rita C WorkmanSometimes, the best job is the one you create.
Rita Thellatrees are always green
Rito DelgadoThe difficult we do immediately, the impossible takes a little longer.
Ritva LönnbergRitva Lonnberg
Rizwan Chaudhry.
Rizwan MohammedKnow ?Urself before judging others
RoMa64If you're out there you're vulnerable. People prefer to disappear in life , to repress their personality. That's not living,it's dying. I see them all over the place, the walking dead.
RobA conclusion is where you ran out of ideas
RobThere are 10 types of people in the world; those that understand binary, and those that do not.
Rob BaileyNice guys get screwed. Bastards Get Laid.
Rob BoorIt's not a BUG, but a FEATURE
Rob FisherMay the winds of life keep you on the right tack
Rob GallowayVery funny scotty --- now beam down my clothes!
Rob GallowayExperience is a hard teacher. It tests first and teaches afterward.
Rob Higareda-Thrive to Customiza
Rob HughesEvents occur
Rob JansIf you think education is expensive, try ignorance
Rob KempSleep is over rated...
Rob KerseyRAOTFL
Rob LeadbeaterWhat do the log files say ?
Rob McCoyMaterialists and madmen never have doubts. -Chesterton
Rob MelocheTwo Wrongs do not make a right but four rights make a square.
Rob MilmanDo your best!
Rob MottramNothing is ever done until it is done completely.
Rob Nowakright
Rob PointerLive long......and have many laughs
Rob SmithLearn the rules so you can break them properly.
Rob VIt's all fun and games, until someone pokes an i-mac out.
Rob West"make due with what you got"
Rob Wilbanksshoot the trouble
Rob't D Pearmanone must live in harmony w/ our mother the earth
RobbynThe help desk is only as good as the IT department that stands behind it
Robertseek and ye shall find
RobertIf it ain't broke, don't fix it
Robertprinter problems
Roberthow to disable onboard video
RobertDr.Jeckle sat on his Hyde
RobertI'll make it work ...grrrrrrr
Robert SGoSlow
Robert A KirkpatrickWhich does not kill you only makes you stronger
Robert A. PierceSome people claim that the UNIX learning curve is steep, but at least you only have to climb it once.
Robert AbbottShiver me timbers!
Robert Akintundewazzzzup !
Robert AndersonDon't think meat! It can only hurt the team!
Robert AtkinsonLife is like a roll of toilet paper., the closer it gets to the end, the faster it goes
Robert AtnipDr.Jeckle sat on his Hyde
Robert BartonLet not your heart be troubled!!!!!
Robert BellHello mum
Robert Bennett"All there is to thinking is seeing something noticeable which makes you see something you weren't noticing which makes you see something that isn't even visible." - Norman Maclean
Robert BernardThe whole world is a very narrow bridge, the important thing is never to be afraid.
Robert Binkhorstlinux: the choice of a GNU generation
Robert BjaerumLife is too short!
Robert BoydMaster you were right about 1 thing -- the negotiations were SHORT!
Robert BusickSysAdmin
Robert CamachoDont ask a taylor to perform brain surgery!
Robert CundyHP Printers Rock
Robert CurreyI can tell you where to go today ...
Robert D. ArchardI'm the last IT guy here!
Robert DakeRevenge is a dish best served cold!
Robert Daly"Global Focus" is an Oxymoron
Robert Dinakaran JRobert DJ
Robert DoyleWhat!
Robert EnbodyIlligitime Non Carbarundum
Robert F. MeleghLead, follow or get out of the way.
Robert FarajWhen in doubt ask the experts....
Robert FosterOnly in computer support will someone come to you with a problem and then refuse to answer your questions in any polite way.
Robert FritzThose Who Would Sacrifice Liberty for Security Deserve Neither." - Benjamin Franklin
Robert GambleGood Luck!
Robert Gezelter"Architecture is leverage"
Robert GodoyRobert Godoy
Robert Griffin"stupid is as stupid does" -- anonymous
Robert GroomYoung, free & single, girls :)
Robert HaneyThe whole of man is to obey God.
Robert HauboldAs a last resort read the instructions
Robert Hearnwww.deploymentguru.com
Robert HerreraWhy do I have to dig so much for an answer?
Robert HollidayFaith is hoping a crashed machine comes up when the command line says: Press any key to continue!"
Robert HuberYou know how that rabbit feels going under your spinning wheels.
Robert J. LafayetteHe who risks, wins
Robert Jewell"..teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime" - not mine
Robert JonesLive each day to the fullest, because tommorrow is never promised
Robert K.Scrimger...a little of what you fancy does you good, or so it should
Robert KennedyPain is evil and deserves to be punished..
Robert KingJust keep on keeping on!
Robert KingDont judge a book by its cover until youve read its contents
Robert KrawczykRobert Krawczyk
Robert KrebsAdmission of wrongdoing is not an admission of weakness, but a sign of strength - Author Unknown
Robert Lafayettewhen you give up your dreams you die
Robert LandstrumIf I thought the answer was easy, I would have called HP.
Robert LeBlancJust do it!