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The files here implement a dynamic queuemh queue status without the
end-user having to know anything about MH or even have a .mh_profile.

How it works:

The end user runs a script called "status".  That script simply
fingers the queuemh user (troubmh@cs.colorado.edu if you want
an example).  The .plan file for the queuemh user is a fifo.
A daemon on your queuemh user home system watches the fifo
and executes a local status command when it is opened.

This is real generic stuff and can be used for any user and
in fact the original pland is intended for general users.


pland.c		source code for the pland daemon which watches fifo
pland.sun4	sun4 binary of pland.c
rc.pland	script to be run at boot time to start pland
status.server	script executed by pland
status.client	script executed by user


Install pland and status.server in either ~quser, /usr/local/etc,
or some other appropriate place.

Put rc.pland wherever you want and modify one of your rc files
to execute it at boot time.  Modify rc.plans for the correct
paths to pland, the status server program, and the .plan file
to watch.

Don't worry about the .plan fifo, pland creates it.

Install status.client in /usr/local/bin or somewhere else readily
accessible to users.

Barbara J. Dyker                       Department of Computer Science
Computer Systems Manager               Campus Box 430B, ECEE00-69
barb@cs.colorado.edu                   University of Colorado
(303) 492-2545                         Boulder, CO  80309-0430

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