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Contents of README:

This directory contains scripts for use with queuemh.  They are
unsupported hacks used at CU or contributed.  Consider them works in
progress.  here is no documentation, the code should be sufficient
since they're simple.  All scripts support the -help option typical to
MH commands.

Before using any of these scripts, look through them and customize
any site specific information like directory paths and queue names.

Send any bugs, suggestions, etc to queuemh-users@cs.colorado.edu.

Stuff here (in no particular order)

ptize - prioritize a message
	Basically takes any string given as a priority,
	upcases it, and annotates the message with it
	in the Priority header.  We use a two digit
	priority described in the -help.

assign - assign a message to a specific staff member
	Annotates the message with the name specified
	(suggest login) in the Assigned-to header.
packq - sorts the queue on Priority in reverse order
	Since new message come in the end, sort on
	priority is reverse order (high priority,
	low priority number last) so queue can always
	be read back to front.

dscan - scan messages with final msg# digits corresponding
	to those specified on command line
	This requires a little history.  Every once in
	a while our queue gets to big to manage well so
	we have a queue "party".  All staff come in and
	work on the queue until it's back down to a manageable
	size (fits on one screen, ~24 entries).  Pizza is
	provided for the duration.  During the "party" the messages
	are evenly distributed amoung those attending.  We assign
	messages by final msg# digit, eg. someone gets ones:
	11 21 31 41, etc.  That ensures an even spread of new/easy
	stuff and moldy hard stuff.  dscan was written for queue
	parties and scans the "ones" and "twos" etc.
myscan - scans only those message assigned to current user

pland  - directory of stuff to implement dynamic queue status
	via finger
plum   - directory of plum libraries to implement queuemh commands

pscan.form - format file for pscan and myscan which shows
	Priority and Assigned-to

scan.form - format file which shows Priority

Barbara J. Dyker                       Department of Computer Science
Computer Systems Manager               Campus Box 430B, ECEE00-69
barb@cs.colorado.edu                   University of Colorado
(303) 492-2545                         Boulder, CO  80309-0430

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