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Contributed Python Software

PLEASE READ http://www.python.org/download/Contributed.html for our
new policy regarding anonymous FTP of contributed modules!

As of 09-Dec-1999, we will no longer be providing general anonymous
FTP services.  It just costs too much for us to maintain, and there
are countless other free or near-free alternatives (including, joining
the PSA, with it's free Starship account).

For a very few special cases, where you absolutely cannot get Web or
FTP space anywhere else, we will consider accepting your Python
software for FTP access..

All contributed modules live in this directory now, there are no
longer any subdirectory classifications.  Also, as of this date we've
wiped the slate clean so as to get rid of all obsolete modules.  Let
us know if there's something old that you absolutely must get a hold


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