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This document describes the indices subdirectories of the CPAN.

The directories contains various index views of CPAN.

  mirrors.json	CPAN mirrors list in JSON format
  RECENT-ls	the recent (7 days) arrivals to CPAN as seen by find -ls
  RECENT-print	ditto with find -print (the same file as CPAN/RECENT)
  du-k.gz	disk usage by directory (du -k)
  find-ls.gz	find -ls output (*)
  ls-R.gz	ls -R output
  ls-ltR	ls -ltR output


(*) find-ls format:

inode kB mode nlinks user group bytes mtime:ctime filename

for files and directories, and

inode 0 "l" 1 user group bytes mtime:ctime slinkname targetname

for symbolic links.

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