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	    ORCA - English-Spanish Glossary of Computing

This directory (ftp://quark.fe.up.pt/pub/orca/) contains the current
version of the ORCA glossary and other versions of it in various

    glosario.dict     Text version; it can be used with the dict
    glosario.index    Index of glosario.dict, to be used by the dict
    glosario.sgml     SGML version using DocBook's DTD.

    glosario.tex      LaTeX version (obtained directly from
                      glosario.dict, using dict2latex).
    glosario.ps       PostScript version generated from glosario.tex

    glosario.pdf      PDF version generated from glosario.tex

    glosario.html     HTML version

The different versions are labelled by a set of three numbers: XX.XX.XX
The first number corresponds to major changes, the second one
increases every time the editor reviews the glossary, and the third
number increases every time the general public modifies the glossary
(a value of 0 means that the glossary has just been reviewed by the
editor). The .dict and .index versions are updated every time the
glossary is modified, while the other versions are updated only when
the editor reviews the glossary; the file glosario.dict can contain
errors which have not been corrected by the editor; nevertheless,
you may use the programs dict2latex and dict2docbook to obtain the
updated version in the other formats.

Other files in this directory are the following (all text files,
except this one and fdl.txt, are in Spanish):

    Historia          List of changes introduced in the glossary

    fuentes           Bibliography used for the glossary

    colaboradores     List of people who have contributed

    Copyright         Copyright notice for the glossary

    Prefacio          General information about the glossary

    dict2index        Program to generate the index glosario.index

    dict2latex        Program to create the LaTeX version from
                      glosario.dict, Prefacio, fuentes and colaboradores
    dict2docbook      Program to create the SGML version from
                      glosario.dict, Prefacio, fuentes and colaboradores
    fdl.txt           The GNU Free Documentation License

    gples.txt         Spanish translation of the GNU Free Software
    ORCA.ps           ORCA's logo in PostScript format (used in
    ORCA.pdf          ORCA's logo in PDF format (used in
    orca-button.gif   Button with the logo,  used in the HTML version

    LEEME             Spanish translation of this file

The glossary can be accessed (including searches) and modified
through the www, at ORCA project's web page:

Jaime Villate
Porto, June 21, 2000 

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