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Contents of README:
This directory contains snapshots and supporting tools for the
NetBSD/next68k experimental port.  For more information, see the port
web page at http://www.netbsd.org/Ports/next68k/index.html.

Darrin B. Jewell <dbj@netbsd.org> Sun Dec  6 02:13:27 EST 1998

subdirectory comments:
	tools:  a toolchain for cross compiling next68k on an i386
	snap-YYMMDD:  snapshots

Here's a note from Rolf Grossman
about setting up bootp to boot the NeXT:

>While I'm having problems getting boopd started from inetd, I've got
>it working when using bootpd as a daemon. The trick is to set the
>vendor magic to auto, because NeXT seem to use a different scheme
>than NetBSD. Here is the bootptab I'm using:
># bootptab
>        :ht=ether:\
>        :ha=00000F006695:\
>        :sm=\
>        :lg=\
>        :gw=\
>        :ip=\
>        :hn:\
>        :bf=/tftpboot/boot.netbsd:\
>        :rp=/export/src/devnetbsd/m68k-netbsd:\
>        :vm=auto:

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