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Contents of README:
This directory contains tools usefull for bootstrapping NetBSD/amiga

loadbsd-2.13.gz		Boots NetBSD. (AmigaOS)
loadbsd-2.13		non-compressed version.

loadbsd-2.14.gz		Boots NetBSD, even on DraCo; no ixemul required.

loadbsd-2.16.gz		Boots NetBSD, even on DraCo; no ixemul required;
			some new options.  (AmigaOS)

rawwrite.gz		transfer a disk image to a floppy. (AmigaOS)
rawwrite		non-compressed version.

saveme-image.gz		This is an image of a ~4M scsi disk.  It contains
			and AmigaOS partition with vlt (terminal),
			xprzmodem (zmodem for vlt) and rdprep (hd
			partition tool).  You can dd this onto any scsi
			disk and hopefully use it to bootstrap your amiga.

			Note that I have no idea whether rdprep will correctly
			handle >4GB disks!

device-streams.tar.gz	source to xstreamtodev and friends.
xstreamtodev.gz		copy AmigaDOS file to a raw RDB partition. (AmigaOS)
xstreamtodev		non-compressed version.

dcp1.1.lha		similar to xstreamtodev.
dcp.README		documentation.

runbootblock		Run the bootblock loader in a similar manner to the
			AmigaOS bootblock booting process.  This should allow
			booting NetBSD from a bootblock on machines that cannot
			or will not boot using bootblocks.
runbootblock.README	documentation

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