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Contents of README:
This directory contains archives for the online MH/xmh/mh-e/exmh book.

Note that the tarred and zipped archives, like mhbk9910.tgz, may be
slightly out of date.  When minor problems are found in individual
files (like a page of the book or a script in the split/ directory)
the complete archive files usually aren't updated.  If you grab the
archive and find a problem, please check the individual file to see
if it's been corrected.  If it has, get that individual file; if it
hasn't, please tell me so I can fix it!  (My address is below.)

The files in this directory are:


mhbk9910.tgz    - This book's HTML text and graphics (GIF files) in a
                  tar-format file compressed with gzip.  Includes the
                  "download" files (mhex9910.tgz).  See directions
                  below, then extract the file with a command like:
                      tar xzvf mhbk9910.tgz            (GNU tar)
                      gzcat mhbk9910.tgz | tar xvf -   (other tars)

mhbk9910.zip    - As above, but ZIP format for DOS and Windows computers.
                  Extract it with a command that preserves directory
                  structure, like "pkunzip -d".  (Unfortunately, there
                  are a few filename conflicts caused by the short DOS
                  filenames.  See note below.)

original.tar.gz - original HTML version of "MH & xmh" Nutshell Handbook
                  (this is available live on the Web from
                  which is the O'Reilly & Associates Web server.)


split/          - Individual files for each book section.

mhex9910.tgz    - gzipped tar file of above directory

MHxmh3.tar.Z    - example archive file for original version of "MH & xmh"
                  Nutshell Handbook (you don't need this archive unless
                  you have the original book; get mhex9910.tgz instead)


mh-mime-sample  - sample MIME email message (also available from
                  email autoresponder at mh-mime-sample@ics.uci.edu)

README          - this file

_read_me        - a link to the README file (because some browser
                  programs hide README and make it hard to download)


These instructions tell you how to browse the book from your local
hard disk.  This will probably be faster than getting book pages via
the Web, but it also means you won't get the updates (which, I hope,
will happen pretty often!).  If you need to use this offline version,
check this site once in a while to see if there are new files.
Also, send me email and tell me you're using the offline version. 
I'll add your email address to a list of people who get notified
about major updates.

1. Choose the best mhbk* archive for your host (.tgz or .zip) and copy
   it to your host with FTP or FTPMAIL.  (Some Web browsers or servers
   seem to have trouble with large files; FTP seems more reliable.)

2. Extract the file into a directory on your hard disk.

3. Please read the top-level copying.htm file.  It has terms for
   copying and distribution under the GNU General Public License.

4. Point your Web browser at the top-level directory.  Depending on your
   browser and filesystem, the URL will probably be like one of these:


   where "X" is the drive letter on DOS hosts (may not be required),
   and path-to-directory is the pathname of the top-level directory.
   The word "localhost", if you use it, is literal; don't change it.

5. If you want to be able to use the searchable index on the www.ics.uci.edu
   Web server with your local version, edit the file indx-map.htm and
   also the files named map.htm in the */indexes subdirectories.

   Change this link:
        <A HREF="/cgi-bin/cgiwrap/mh/mh-index">
   to look like this instead:
        <A HREF="http://w3.ics.uci.edu/cgi-bin/cgiwrap/mh/mh-index/EDIT/ME">
   where /EDIT/ME is the pathname of the MH book directory on your
   local filesystem.  For instance, if you extracted the files into the
   directory C:\BOOK-MH, you would edit the URL to look like this:
        <A HREF="http://w3.ics.uci.edu/cgi-bin/cgiwrap/mh/mh-index/BOOK-MH">

   If you have a closer HTTP server (the latest list of servers is in:
   ) you could use a URL pointing to that HTTP server for better service.

   When you click on that link, it will tell the remote Web server
   to search its index and return links to you that look like these:
   plugging in the extra path you specified (here, "book-mh"), instead
   of a path to files on the server.  Tricky, eh?

6. If you have the DOS version from the .zip file, there will be a few
   filename conflicts in the new download/split directory.  They're
   because the short DOS filenames can't handle the actual names of
   the UNIX files, and some filenames overlap.  I'll try to fix these
   by the next edition.  For now, when you find a conflict, please just
   rename the file and edit the link that points to it.  Or use UNIX. :-}

Sorry, I can't give a lot of support on this; just like MH, you'll
need to do some local hacking.  But I'd appreciate your comments on
instructions here and anything else that you think would make this
book easier for people to use.  This is a volunteer project, but
I'll do my best to keep it in good shape!  Thanks.

--Jerry Peek, jpeek@jpeek.com, http://www.jpeek.com/

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