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By default, the kernel in Slackware supports SMP.  With as common as
multicore CPUs and SMP boards have become, this seems like the
obvious choice.  The kernels are probably better for single CPU
machines, too, if they will run them.

If you have to use one of the non SMP kernels (huge.s or generic.s),
then you will need to reconfigure your kernel sources to build any
additional kernel modules.  In order to compile outside kernel
modules and such, you *may* need to install non-SMP kernel-headers
(we're not entirely sure about this), and either build the kernel once
without SMP (which might take a while), or apply a patch to freshly
installed kernel sources to convert them from smp to non-SMP
(this is fast).

To switch your unmodified Slackware kernel sources from SMP to non-SMP,
run the following script in this directory:


If you'd rather apply these patches by hand, feel free.

At this point if you are running huge.s or generic.s, you should have
no problems building kernel modules.  This has been tested here with the
latest nVidia X.Org drivers.

Have fun! :-)


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