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NEdit 5.1.1 binary kits.

Standard binary distributions in gzipped tar file format (see below for more
information).  On systems where Motif is not standard, these are statically
linked, so separate Motif or Lesstif installation is not required.

  nedit-5.1.1-hpux.tar.gz     	   HP Unix systems
  nedit-5.1.1-linux-glibc.tar.gz   Most PC Linux systems (x86, glibc)
  nedit-5.1.1-linux-libc5.tar.gz   Older PC Linux systems (x86 libc5)
  nedit-5.1.1-linux-alpha.tar.gz   Alpha Linux systems
  nedit-5.1.1-linux-ppc.tar.gz	   PowerPC Linux systems
  nedit-5.1.1-linux-arm.tar.gz	   ARM Linux systems
  nedit-5.1.1-freebsd-elf.tar.gz   FreeBSD 3.0+ (x86)
  nedit-5.1.1-freebsd-aout.tar.gz  FreeBSD 2.2.x (x86)
  nedit-5.1.1-bsdi.tar.gz 	   BSDI BSD/OS 4.x (x86)
  nedit-5.1.1-sgi.tar.gz	   Silicon Graphics, all systems, IRIX 5 and up
  nedit-5.1.1-solaris-sparc.tar.gz Solaris, all SPARC systems 2.5.1 and up
  nedit-5.1.1-solaris-x86.tar.gz   Solaris, all Intel x86 systems 2.5.1 and up
  nedit-5.1.1-sunos.tar.gz         SunOS 4.1.4
  nedit-5.1.1-dec.tar.gz    	   OSF-1 / Digital Unix / Tru64 v3.2 and up

Kits for automated installation tools.  NEdit is trivial to install from the
above standard tar file kits, so these are mostly for system administrators who
want the additional tracking they get from the tools.

  nedit-5.1.1-1.glibc.i386.rpm	   Linux/x86/glibc RPM
  nedit-5.1.1-1.libc5.i386.rpm	   Linux/x86/libc5 RPM
  nedit-5.1.1-1.alpha.rpm 	   Linux/Alpha RPM
  nedit-5.1.1-1.ppc.rpm		   Linux/PowerPC RPM
  nedit-5.1.1-1.armv4l.rpm	   Linux/ARM (NetWinder) RPM
  nedit-5.1.1-elf.tgz		   FreeBSD pkg_add package for FreeBSD 3.0+
  nedit-5.1.1-aout.tgz		   FreeBSD pkg_add package for FreeBSD 2.2.x
  nedit_5.1.1-1.glibc_i386.deb	   Debian Linux x86


NEdit consists of a single, stand-alone executable file which does not require
any special installation beyond copying it to your system and making it
accessible to users.  

To Install NEdit on Unix Systems:

    1) Copy the appropriate archive file to your system using ftp in binary
       mode, and use gunzip and tar to expand the archive.  For example:
           % gunzip nedit-5.1.1-sgi.tar.gz
           % tar xvf nedit-5.1.1-sgi.tar

    2) Copy the files, nedit and nc, to a directory which is referenced in
       the paths of the target users.  The usual location for installing
       nedit for system-wide use is /usr/local/bin, or for individual use,
To Install NEdit on VMS Systems:

    1) Copy the appropriate backup saveset to your system using ftp in
       binary mode.

           FTP> binary

    2) After copying the backup save set to your VMS system, you must re-set
       the file attributes so that backup can restore the file properly.  To
       do this use the SET FILE/ATTRIBUTE command:

           $ SET FILE/ATTRIBUTE=(RFM:FIX,LRL:32256)
    3) Use backup to expand the saveset.
    4) Copy nc.exe and nedit.exe to the directory where you want them to
       reside, and define foreign commands (either in login.com for
       yourself, or in sys$manager: sylogin.com for all users) to invoke
       each executable.  For example, if nedit.exe were in the directory
       mydir on the disk called mydev, adding the following line to your
       login.com file would define the nedit command:

            $ ned*it :== $mydev:[mydir]nedit.exe

These instructions are repeated in the README file included in each archive.
Be sure to check for additional platform specific information in the enclosed
README files.

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